American Chocolatier Behind Brutal Killing of Canadian Millionaires, Authorities Say

The two wealthy estate owners were in a years-long feud over the use of a public road which ran through the chocolatier’s property.

An American chocolatier has been charged in connection to the murder of two Canadian millionaires in the Caribbean.

Quebec entrepreneur Daniel Langlois and his wife Dominique Marchand were found dead in a charred-out vehicle near a luxury “eco-resort” on the tropical island of Dominica.

Langlois and Marchand were enjoying a nice day on the island when they were “ambushed” by hitmen who shot them and then torched their car, the Daily Mail reported the Dominica Police said. The inferno that engulfed the car reportedly destroyed the bodies to the extent they are impossible to identify, forcing police to rely on “circumstantial evidence” to connect them to Langloid and Marchand.

“This type of terrible and brutal crime cannot be ignored and we cannot allow those responsible to get away with it,” Dominica’s Minister of National Security Rayburn Blackmoore said on national radio. ”The government will provide investigators with everything they need to solve this crime.”

Police have detained four people in the death of the two wealthy Canadians, including American chocolatier Jonathan Lehrer.

Leher owns a 53-acre chocolate and coffee plantation on the island near the resort Langlois was developing. The businessmen and the Langlois had been in a feud for years over a road that passed through the chocolatier’s estate, court documents report the Journal de Montreal. Lehrer objected to the use road, which was public, being used by Langlois for his resort.

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Instead of hiring hitmen he should have just invited them on a tour of his chocolate factory.


I’d be interested to know if an American who owns a chocolate and coffee plantation in another country is also a millionaire.


So Canada just got richer by some billions doesn’t it?


A canadian billionaire, struggling to breathe: I’d pay, I’d pay! Let me be!

An american chocolatier: Fine, I’ll choke you later.


This is good


Since the article doesn’t mention it, Langlois founded Softimage before selling it to Microsoft in 1994 (who sold it to Avid, who sold it on to Autodesk). The chocolate plantation is Bois Cotlette, which seems mostly to offer tours.


Yeah, that actually connects it to my life. Imagine calling John McAffee just a gun, boat and prostitute enthusiast.


John McAffee just a gun, boat and prostitute enthusiast

I mean…


Holy shit. So this is how the rich get their kicks. But also this story is definitely the type of story someone’s gonna make into a movie in the next 10-20 years


I'd watch it.

medicsofanarchy, avatar

Willy Whacka, is that you?


I’m sorry, but it looks like they got their faces swapped in the thumbnail.

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