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TIL I just need to turn off Fox News^1 and I’ll be able to afford to live like I did for the first 26 years of my life.

What the fuck is up with this gaslighting. If, by all measurements, the economy is doing great, but people still report “historic pessimism,” then maybe the ways we measure the economy are flawed.


  1. I don’t watch fox news.

Many things are more expensive. Boomers can watch Fox talk about which politician to blame. I’ll stick to blaming the CEOs

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I’ll stick to blaming the CEOs

Okay, then say it with me:

The Economy Isn’t Doing Great.


Government is weak in the sense that it can’t effectively check corporate power and tax its richest citizens. The knock-on effect is that corporations can more easily lobby for legislation that benefits them (read: at the expense of the average citizen) and the lack of tax funds prevents us from investing in our children in the form of education and infrastructure.

Then again, most boomers were raised with high quality, inexpensive education and they collectively ended up selfish and willingly naive. Maybe more funding for schools isn’t the silver bullet I hope it could be.

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Yeah, I usually love Chris Hayes, but I thought this was weird. He does have a bit of a debate-lord gene in him, so I can kind of see him wanting to "prove Fox wrong" with technicalities. But I think you're spot on in that the way we measure the economy is fucked. It has nothing to do with material conditions for the citizens in the economy.


This. Fox News didn’t brainwash me either, the economy sucks ass and I can’t afford shit even though I make good money.


This is how democrats lose. Just because inflation is down, doesn’t mean wages have adjusted for people to afford the permanent price increases from when inflation was high. Maybe they stopped the bleeding but the people are still wounded


How dare Biden cause a bird flu outbreak leading to a decrease in egg supply. This wouldn’t have happened under Trump.


It’s everyone’s fault but republicans. Always. No matter what.

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