What is Christian nationalism and why it raises concerns about threats to democracy (

White Christian nationalism has been in the headlines quite a lot as of late. Brad Onishi is a former evangelical minister who once identified as a Christian nationalist himself. He left the church in 2005 and began studying religion and extremism. Laura Barrón-López spoke with Onishi to better understand the concept and its...

Maine to become 27th state to ban paramilitary training under bill passed by House (

Maine would become the 27th state to ban paramilitary training, under a bill the House narrowly passed Wednesday. The proposal, designed to block groups hoping to create civil unrest, passed 66-60. It was sponsored by Democratic Rep. Laurie Osher of Orono. The measure comes in the wake of a rise in public demonstrations by white...

Judge says Texas school district can punish Black student for his hairstyle (

By Pooja Salhotra, The Texas Tribune Feb. 22, 2024 Sign up for The Brief, The Texas Tribune’s daily newsletter that keeps readers up to speed on the most essential Texas news. A Texas judge on Thursday said the Barbers Hill Independent School District...

Libs of TikTok targeted a district, then a non-binary student was killed on campus (

According to the Max Planck Institute for the Study of Crime, Security, and Law: “stochas­tic terrorism involves ‘the use of mass media to provoke random acts of ideolog­i­cally motivated violence that are statistically predictable but individually...

Chiefs fan gets death threats after GOP congressman falsely IDs him as shooter: report (

U.S Rep. Tim Burchett (R-TN) is being criticized for wrongly identifying the suspect in last week's Super Bowl Parade shooting in Kansas City, Missouri, and also claiming he is an "illegal Alien." That mass shooting left one person dead and 22 others, including 11 children, injured.Congressman Burch...

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