Awesome! But we’re not done. Keep going.


Seems like this dude is way better than the last guy.


Yup. But that won’t change the rabid fascists claim both sides are basically the same.

It’s the same thing they’re doing across the political spectrum in many countries today, like the united states, the UK, Italy, etc


Tho now the deforestation in the cerrado (another bio system near the amazon), has gone up dramatically.


Are they allowing the Amazon rainforest to reconstitute itself? Is this a net gain or is the total area of rainforest still shrinking?

Things getting worse a bit more slowly is not that uplifting tbh.


It’s a step in the right direction, at least


No it’s a step in the wrong direction at a slower speed


Reducing deforestation speed is the right direction. The wrong direction would be increasing it.


Reducing speed doesn’t change the direction, heading way other way does, but that’s just semantic so have a nice day


If everything is not PERFECT it’s HORRIBLE and there’s NO POINT in even TRYING


I see this sort of thing on social media so often. Making good the enemy of perfect. It drives me crazy. It’s so defeatist.


Stop putting words in my mouth.

Just said we’re still heading in the wrong direction braking is nice but not the same as turning the wheel and driving in the right direction.

We NEED to TRY HARDER and don’t stop because hey guess they done something already


Ok fair enough. I think it’s important to encourage change by acknowledging that we’re now braking instead of accelerating though. There’s no incentive to change if people give you no active feedback when you make no change, but give you negative feedback when you change something for the better because now it’s in the news.


In order for the forest to no longer shrink, the decrease in deforestation would have to be at least 100%.


Or the rate of reforestation must be greater than the rate of deforestation.


I assumed the deforestation was a net measurement to begin with. Good point though, maybe I shouldn’t have.


That ignores the complexity of forests, however (and not just your comment).

Young forests aren’t nearly as diverse, it takes a long time for the complexity to come back. Otherwise we would just plant shitty pine trees everywhere (a terrible idea!)


Forest still exists (positive)

Forest is shrinking (first derivative is negative)

Forest shrank less than it did previously (second derivative is positive)

Naich avatar

Better than getting worse more quickly, which is what was happening.

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