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STUPIDVIPGUY, in TIL that in the US, liberal adolescents are much more likely to experience depression than their conservative counterparts. This divergence in depression rates only started recently and is growing

most relevant example of “ignorance is bliss”

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I remember crying as a kid when I first understood this saying, it made me so mad to know that some people get to remain stupidly ignorant


I recall being pretty upset when I wrapped my head around that saying as a kid, too.


You all sound so humble. I was literal trash and asked “why must I be cursed to be such a geeeeeenius??!”




Even explaining it sounds like a garbage humble brag — let me assure you I’m no genius. What I meant was, when I first understood “ignorance is bliss”, I was like “well, I’m particularly cursed because I am very smart”


Did you read my fucking journal?


We all have.

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Could also be described as “Too thick to know how fucked you are”.

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it's really much more aggressive than that at this point.. it actually is a game of "give the liberals all the worry" for them.. or, act like a screaming child, and treat liberals like mommy..

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Expecting mommy to fix everything while at the same time throwing endless tantrums making it harder if not impossible?

Yeah, that checks out.

Niello, (edited ) in TIL in Japan raw eggs are generally safe to eat. This is because the country has developed a "super egg machine" that checks the inside of the eggs for salmonella using spectroscopic analysis. It a...

Actually, the main reason they are safe to eat if you compare them to the US is because chickens in Japan are vaccinated against salmonella. This is more of a quality check and likely not used extensively everywhere, especially on smaller farms or those who personally keep chickens.

ForgetReddit, in TIL that in the US, liberal adolescents are much more likely to experience depression than their conservative counterparts. This divergence in depression rates only started recently and is growing

An understanding of the world at large is overwhelming versus remaining in a bubble.


I think caring what happens to the world at large is a pretty big emotional burden to carry.


So the takeaway is children who are taught to care about others are more depressed?

Makes sense given the world we’re in.


Yeah, I think that’s what it is. Take climate change for example. These days, even denier of climate change aren’t usually denying that it exists, but rather that humans are causing it, that we can do anything about it, or that it matters. For those deniers, climate change isn’t stressful or depressing at all. If anything, to them it’s just an annoyance that people are trying to get them to make changes.

But to people who don’t bury their head in the sand, climate change is terrifying. The idea that we’re making the world less hospitable to ourselves and our children is horrible enough, but it’s made worse by the fact that we could be taking action to reduce it… but don’t.

And then there’s dozens of similar issues besides climate change, like access to healthcare, LGBT rights, genocides occuring around the world, the growing wealth inequality, police violence, etc etc etc.

expatriado, in TIL yawning is observed in almost all vertebrate animals and is "contagious" across species. There is no consensus on why yawning occurs.

it exists to make evident it’s time to end the meeting

BaroqueInMind, in TIL about vitrification of nuclear waste, wherein nuclear waste is melted down and combined with molten glass. The mixture is cooled in stainless steel canisters where it becomes a solid and can be...
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I'm going to continue the post title with the following: administered anally.

jeena, in TIL that because of the amount of time it saves, the washing machine has been called "the greatest invention of the industrial revolution.” Others have considered it a key driver of women’s liberat...
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Back when he was alive Hans Rossling gave a great TED talk about it: ted.com/…/hans_rosling_the_magic_washing_machine

mawkishdave, in TIL that in the US, liberal adolescents are much more likely to experience depression than their conservative counterparts. This divergence in depression rates only started recently and is growing
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I would say some of this depends on the reaction of the family and peers. If you are a child in a liberal family and said you need help with depression the chances of you getting help and it getting reported is much greater than if your are in a consecutive family.


I’m quite sure most liberal families are consecutive, too. :D


Parallel families are a thing, following a divorce where custody is shared for example. :)


I grew up very conservative with a very conservative father. I was severely depressed. My father straight up used to say that mental health issues were not real and believed therapy was bad thing. He once yelled at an allergist that prescribed me Zyrtec because he got it confused with Zoloft. 16 year old me would have killed myself before admitting to him or anyone else that I was thinking about suicide.

I’m much better now, on the whole, but sometimes I do wonder how I managed to get through my teen years alive. I think I honestly was just stubborn. My father takes a much more relaxed view of mental health now, and had even offered to go to therapy with my mother before he filed for divorce (she was worse than him and refused to see a therapist even to save their marriage). But yeah, teens in conservative households are going to toe the line for what they are taught. Even if they know there’s something wrong they aren’t going to ask for help for their parents if they feel their parents reaction will be negative. This was my lived experience anyway.

Happy to report I’m a raging liberal now and my father and I don’t discuss politics in order to maintain our familial relationship. Occasionally I’ll trick him into agreeing with a principal that conservatives say they support and then bring up some legislation from the GOP that directly contradicts that principal. I don’t press it though and he doesn’t seem to absorb it much, but that’s just how it is for people convinced the GOP are the good guys.

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I am glad you made it and are doing well.

BraveSirZaphod, in TIL - "Mage" derives from Magush, the old persian name for Zoroastrian priests, which means "Fire worshipper"
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Old Arabian speaks “majus” because they lack a hard G sound, similar to Japanese lacking L sound

This isn't quite right. We start with Old Persian (not Arabic) maguš, pronounced like mag-ush. That gets loaned into Ancient Greek as μάγος (mágos), originally referring to Zoroastrian priests and then generally to magicians, sorcerers, and tricksters in general. This gets carried over to Latin as magus (still pronounced with a 'hard' g). The plural of this form is magi, pronounced in Antiquity as mag-ee. As we enter into the Middle Ages, some sound changes happen and most Latin pronunciations soften the G, producing something like maj-ee. At some point in Middle English, the Latin -i plural ending gets replaced with the native English -es plural, producing mages . The singular mage is then derived from that. There's also undoubtedly an influence from French, where an -age ending would always be pronounced with a soft G (ie, the word age).

Looking a bit deeper, the Bible plays a big role here, as the plural of the Greek word, μάγοι (magoi) is used in the original text of Matthew 2:1. That gets translated in the Latin Vulgate as magi, and then I'd presume a Middle English gospel translation as 'mages'. The singular 'mage' then gets derived from that.

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We start with Old Persian (not Arabic) maguš

I didn’t try to imply that we should start with arabic, or that that is the source of the current spelling, I left that arabic bit there because of the wiki page being Majus. I did try to be clear in the title: “derives from magush, the old persian name(…)”.

BraveSirZaphod avatar

Ah, my bad there, I though you were implying that the reason why the English word has a soft G is because Arabic doesn't have a hard G sound. Those are actually independent developments. Arabic actually used to have a standard hard G sound (and in Egypt it still does!), but it shifted to the J sound at some point (wanna say vaguely Middle Ages?).

phthalocyanin, in TIL - during her reign Queen Victoria survived eight assassination attempts
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“…frustrated at Britain’s attempts to help Ireland during the Irish famine…”

lol. was this written by an English aristocrat?


Just like Soviets helped Ukraine in the 30s, eh


It is a UK history site that open with this:

Queen Victoria had a majestic sixty-three-year reign... (majestic despite 1-2 million irish starving to death, the majority a direct result of British government policy to use the famine to reform the Irish)

So I don't expect anything close to historical balance.

radialmonster, in TIL lemmy.ml is a pro-authoritarian CCP shill instance

When i first learned of lemmy i made an account there. i have since made an account on kbin.social. should i just delete my .ml account?

HarkMahlberg avatar

Never leave accounts open you don't plan to use. It becomes something a bad actor could take over.


Deleting your account wouldn’t really change anything. There’s no reason to unless you have some very strong moral problem with being associated with them in any way.

By the way, you can definitely have a Lemmy account on a different instance, no need for kbin (unless you like it there, then that’s great). Their views shouldn’t have any effect on the other Lemmy instances.


Though it does seem good to be on a federated instance that has no direct affiliation (or control) by tankies.

Tigbitties, in TIL: The average single male changes his sheets just four times a year.
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Don't they stink after a while?

delial, in TIL Disney refused to let a father use a Spiderman headstone for his 4 year old son’s funeral.
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copyright law separates people from their own culture

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What a thought provoking comment. You're not wrong..

givesomefucks, in TIL of The Business Plot of 1933, a failed attempt to overthrow FDR and install a dictator. Led by a covertly bankrolled Wall Street coalition of affluent businessmen

Some say Prescott Bush was supposed to be the liaison between this new government and the nazis, but experts have said it was unlikely because Prescott was already directly working with the nazis and focused on Europe.

His son became CIA director than later President, then one of his sons was president, and another has come close.

Republicans have been loving far right authoritarian governments for decades. trump just did it publicly which is why the party establishment still doesn’t like him. They agree with him, just think he’s too blatant and that will motivate people to vote D.

Fondots, in TIL that there are two words in the English language that rhyme with 'purple'



Please use nurple in a sentence.


She gave me a purple nurple.

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Please use nurple in a sentence.


You mean to tell me you’ve never slurpled a nurple?


Good morning, that’s a nurple tnetennba.


I love burple nurples

Endorkend, in TIL about Earl Silverman, a domestic abuse survivor who founded a shelter for men. It was denied funding from the government and he was ridiculed. The shelter went bankrupt and he died by suicide
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Every fracture, bruise and STABWOUND I've had as a 6ft1 230lbs dude, in my 45 years on this earth were caused by one 5ft2 woman.

That 18 year relationship left me with serious PTSD, constant anxiety I'll get a call she killed herself, constant anxiety she may seek contact again and severely aggravated my pre-existing dislike for any sort of physical contact.

It took well over a year before I was able to even hug the woman that is now my wife.


Have you tried any of the new MDMA-enhanced psychotherapy techniques for PTSD?

Even when the waters have calmed down, and a person is functional again, the shit is still there. But the shit itself can be actually cleaned up, to make space for more of the good things.

Endorkend avatar

I've been looking into that here and so far it's not accepted as valid (or legal to use MDMA) and while it looks promising, me being neurodivergent has my psychiatrist and psyhcologist a bit apprehensive to experiment with it.


Hey man, I’m really hoping you have been able to get someone to speak to about your situation as well as medication to help manage your symptoms. I did not take those options, and it has taken me years to recover.

It sounds like you’re still carrying a lot of that weight, and I hope you can put it down.


Sounds like you were able to find a real keeper of a wife in her place, proud of ya


We are taught from a very young age to not hit people smaller and weaker than us, even in self defense. And it happens a lot more than people realize.


Im so sorry yo hear this. Be aware that ither men can always help you! We are here united!!!

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