NYPD captain charged with kidnapping, brutal assault on girlfriend


… The victim — a woman with whom Marachilian had allegedly been “having an affair” — got into an argument with the NYPD officer in his vehicle after they left a restaurant in Paterson, according to court documents.

Marachilian slammed the woman’s head into the car’s dashboard, the documents said.

She escaped from the vehicle — but Marachilian chased her down, picked her up over his head and slammed her to the ground, the documents said.

The NYPD officer then allegedly dragged her back to the vehicle, drove to another location and repeatedly punched her.

The captain allegedly took the woman’s phone, but the documents said a witness called police after the woman “begged” for help. …


@chemical_cutthroat@lemmy.world avatar

I smell a stern administrative leave with pay in this man’s future.


That guy doesn’t need to be a cop ever again. Anyone who can brutalize another without regard over an argument…they do not belong in a position of power charged with keeping peace.


Dont you worry pal. He’ll be shuffled off to some other police force after a sabbatical.


That’s why there needs to be a national database on bad cops, like the database on finger prints and guns.


He needs to be in prison.


Why not prison first, then never a cop again?

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