This country is a steaming pile of shit and I’m so worried about my children’s future here.


Can the President overrule civil cases?

ook_the_librarian, avatar

I’m sure a lot of potential cases would actually be filed in state courts where he would not have much power over, at least directly.

As far as civil vs. criminal, ianal, but

Under traditional English common laws, a doctrine called sovereign immunity prevented citizens from suing the king. Sovereign immunity was incorporated into American law as well, imposing limits on lawsuits against government agencies or employees. source:

So basically, the government has to grant you permission to sue it. If a president decrees that the government is immune in a civil case, there is little legal recourse. (Reminder: ianal, I want everyone to know ianal.)

But the big picture: regardless of whether efforts to interfere could be successful, this announcement will increase police brutality.


The party of small government


Please lose

be_excellent_to_each_other avatar

Hey Trump - you already had the cop vote.


Oh he knows, this phase is part of the “owning the libs” macro strategy.

doublejay1999, avatar

A lot people would vote for this without the tiniest understanding of what it means.

FatTony, avatar

Sounds reasonable. No wait, the absolute opposite of that and then some.


What about if instead of giving police a free reign to commit brutality, he said something like “we’re going to vastly increase the funding that goes towards quality training; we’re going to reduce reliance on old military weapons and tactics; there will be less lawsuits because our police will be given a quality education.”

How about wanting the police to be the best at their jobs, rather than the most brutal?


“are you suggesting our brave police are dumb?”

Then quickly pivot to “classic coastal academic elite, assuming everyone needs more education to work an honest job they already hold.”

When they’re about to blow hit em with "education? More like indoctrination "


Trump wants violent and brainless brown shirts.


A UPS army? Now I know what brown can do for me.


The more black people killed the better his polling percentage is.


You mean, just like European police forces? Some of which don’t even carry guns on the job?


I’m not sure which countries don’t - the UK doesn’t. Germany does.

But German police seem to be eminently better trained than the US cops.


But German police seem to be eminently better trained than the US cops.

Well, it is not really difficult to have police that is better trained than in the US. Which is a big part of the problem.

problematicPanther, avatar

How are we in a timeline where the only alternative to a neolib shit stain like Joe Biden is a literal fascist?

Gradually_Adjusting, avatar

It’s the voting system


First past the post voting systems make sure there are only two parties and two candidates. A third party doesn’t stand a chance.

Of course neither party wants to change things because it works for them.


Overthrowing the whole broken system is also an alternative. The sheeple are too comfortable with their neolib and fascist overlords though.


We did it once. We should do it again.


They shot John, Bobby, Martin, and Malcolm. They probably would have shot Bernie too if he won the primary.


Great. Literal license to kill.


He is recruiting brown shirts.


I’d argue he’s setting the stage for einsatzgruppen, like the infamous Reserve Police Battalion 101.

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