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Actually, you tagged this post with #fediverse in the creation form. The hashtag added this way appears in the sidebar under the tags section. You can also tag within the content of the article like in a regular microblog post. You can find your thread here ;) Tags page and tag filtering are another thing I'll be working on - currently, sometimes it's quicker to use the search function.

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thank you! 💡
@Gamers_Mate @pixiecata


I think the hashtags are for the microblog section.
Unless it is not working in the microblog section either?

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kbin is great, as it posits itself at the intersection of threadiverse and microblogging fedi > hence, adding hashtags to articles helps making them visible on microblogging fedi > sadly, this does not work the way i expected ...

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    you can add so-called "tags" aka hashtags to each kbin magazine > posts thereby fetched are visible in the microblogging section of the respective kbin magazine 🧷

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