meta: you might want to remove some tags

There's no real activity on this magazine yet, though we have 69 (nice) subscribers at the time I'm writing this. All of the content is from federated posts coming from mastodon. @cowleggies you might want to remove some of the tags because most of the people using them on mastodon are just complaining about Elon musk, it's not really relevant to this magazine.

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the pulled microblogs are always going to be a bit "off topic" since the mastodon users don't have this same splitting of magazine/communities. posts about elon musk are relevant to tesla. though elon musk is involved in other stuff so it might not be wanted by /m/tesla subscribers. just depends on the community and their preferences.

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that's true, maybe rather than relevant, I should have used the word productive?

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I just took a look at the microblog section and oh, I see what you mean now haha. Yeah it's pretty apparent that the fediverse is filled with people on the more progressive/liberal side of things, who aren't exactly fans of tesla/musk, but since it's pulling in those tags, even the negative comments come in.

the microblog section is always gonna be like that though, because many people there aren't posting it with the intent of their post going into "kbin's tesla magazine" they're thinking of it and going about it as "posting their thoughts on mastodon". but since it's tagged tesla or musk, it gets pulled into here. not really a way around it, it's just all or nothing.

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