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By Grabthar's Hammer.... what a savings.


The utter defeat in his voice as he gives up the last of his dignity delivering this line was by itself worth the price of admission.

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"Please remember that revenge is a dish best served cold. Also, who are you?

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I wish this movie got a sequel. Or even a TV series would be great. Doesn’t even have to be that specific universe; just the concept of actors having to experience the roles of their characters for real like that would be great.


just the concept of actors having to experience the roles of their characters for real like that would be great.

That would make a fantastic comedy series!


How great was Galaxy Quest?

I mean, they set up that line as a joke, an actor cursed with his own success to repeat the same fucking line over and over and over. It could have easily been a one-note punchline, the catchphrase that made the creator cringe.

But it is because of his success that the line takes on a meaning for all the fans, inspiring a generation of followers to live better lives and engage with the community they love. So he must endure the cringe, because it pays the bills.

And then someone takes it seriously. Like, they create the thing he imagined, and now the line is fucking real. Real people (aliens) believe in Grabthar and Warvan, and truly believe that it means something to swear by Grabthar’s hammer and the sons of Warvan. And it’s Alexander’s worst fucking nightmare, because he can’t say it was all made up. Lives depend on believing their shared fiction. He must endure the cringe or people will die.

And then someone does die. Quelleck lived his life by the fictional code of the Mak’Tar, because he believed with all of his soul that it was the honorable life worth living. And it wasn’t religion or revelation, it was just Alexander’s acting, the role he embodied, playing out on an old tv show. That formed the basis for Quelleck’s life, and now that life was being sacrificed.

Alexander looked into Quelleck’s eyes and said the fucking line, because for the first time, maybe ever, he actually meant it. It was the greatest, and final, moment of Quelleck’s life. It was real. It wasn’t acting, it wasn’t art, it wasn’t a job. Dr. Lazarus stood up and avenged Quelleck.

Galaxy Quest was a much better movie than it had any right to be.


One of the best Star Trek movies. Even if you like Khan or whales better, you can’t deny that Galaxy Quest has the best plucky comic relief.


Tooting your own horn I see


the best plucky comic relief.

Easily some of the best in sci-fi.

Guy Fleegman: HEY! Don’t open that! It’s an alien planet! Is there air? You don’t know!

[Guy holds his breath. Kwan sniffs the air and shrugs]

Fred Kwan: Seems okay.

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Tony Shalhoub is pretty much great in anything he’s in.

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How great was Galaxy Quest?

Very simple answer: Tim Allen was in it but it was still very funny.

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Ngl I still love Tim Allen. Never understood why people shit all over him nowadays.

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He always came across as an asshole to me (which made him perfect for the part) and he apparently is, so that’s probably why. I never thought his standup or his sitcom were especially funny either.

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What did he do? Was he hard to work with or just a general asshole? I’ve never really looked into him tbh

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That’s… upsetting. I hate finding out my childhood favorites are dicks.

Edit: Also I appreciate the effort to provide sources

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No problem. I do my best to try to back up my claims.

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