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If you never watched The , just lock yourself up until you're done watching the six seasons.



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@hyde Well this was an unexpected change from my intention of the post 😄.

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The Bear Season 3 | Official Trailer | Hulu | June 27
FX’s The Bear returns 6.27. Stream all episodes, only on Hulu.
#TheBear #FX #Hulu #OfficialTrailer #Entertainment #Television #TV #Streaming

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Oglądałem wczoraj „Fallouta” na Prime Video, kiedy uderzyli mnie reklamą w środku odcinka. Prawdopodobnie podziękuję za więcej seriali tam. Trochę szkoda, bo HDR mają zgodny z moim telewizorem, ale takich rzeczy w subskrypcji się nie wybacza.

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Marvel is rebranding its TV shows to show fans that they don't necessarily have to watch everything in order to understand what's going on. “The hope is that, like the comics, you can just pop in anywhere and have a satisfying experience. We’re trying to dispel the idea that you need to do any kind of setup work to watch anything else,” says Brad Winderbaum, Marvel's head of streaming, TV and animation. Here's more detail from Variety. What's your take on the MCU these days?

#Television #Marvel #MCU #Streaming #TV #Entertainment #TuneIn

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@CultureDesk @billyjoebowers I wouldn’t mind keeping up if the stories felt different and took more story-telling risks. The sameness and lack of depth got super boring. Even if the quality fluctuated or the stories didn’t always land for me, it would have been better than the surface-level stories that never got deeper than “look at our snarky action heroes.”

CultureDesk, avatar

@queenofnewyork @billyjoebowers Not enough "WandaVision," too much "The Falcon and the Winter Soldier."

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Was all geared up for another viewing of Gene Roddenberry’s only to discover it has vanished from

As has

Just after adding an extra charge for the “privilege” of ad-free viewing

thephoeron, avatar

@rayckeith Yeah, it is frustrating. I find Tubi to be unwatchable precisely because of the ads. Product placements in shows are offensive enough, y’know?

At least here in Canada, only the latest season is on Disney+. We were promised all 13 seasons of the reboot, with Classic Who still in talks. It was pulled from Crave, so I cancelled Crave, signed up for Disney+, and binged The Orville, Futurama, and all the Star Wars I could stomach waiting for RTD’s specials and the new season (and what a season!).

Still no sign of any other seasons.

As for Androneda, only the first season is available to buy outright on the Apple TV store, which is a little suspicious. This reminds me of the time they “replaced” Farscape with the new remastered versions by deleting the series from the store, AND my library, then re-adding it as a new show to force repurchase when I already own a license. Okay, I admit it, I did it for Farscape because it’s Farscape.

So on THAT note… I know what I’m watching tonight. Y’know. Assuming I can manage to put Starfield down before falling asleep at the console.

rayckeith, avatar

@thephoeron I purchased all of new dr who on dvds just before the disney+ announcements happened.

I have found the old dr who unwatchable (not because of ads). sometimes it feels like they hate their audience. surprising because I watched tom baker when I was a kid, on public tv.

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Remaining on brand for me, I found a person to talk #kdrama with at my sister-in-law's baby shower. 🤭

JillsJoy, avatar

@AnnaAnthro she said she loved A Business Proposal and King: Eternal Monarch! But hadn't seen Crash Landing On You yet...

AnnaAnthro, avatar

@JillsJoy lol - sounds like a Netflix-initiated addict! Get her onto My Sunshine!

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MoviePass, MovieCrash | Official Trailer | HBO | May 29
MoviePass, MovieCrash goes behind the scenes to reveal the meteoric rise and stranger-than-fiction implosion of the theatrical movie subscription app.

stefan, avatar

@Hotchka I was hoping this was fictionalized like we work!

paul_denton, French avatar

Valls et Sarah Knafo invités sur RTL dans Le Grand Jury demain. La compagne de Zemmour et candidate aux Européennes puis l'ex-conseiller de Barcelone redevenu simple citoyen depuis son naufrage aux législatives (ne me demandez pas pourquoi il est invité, c'est un mystère pour moi, le bon réseau sûrement). Bon dimanche en perspective!

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Finished watching Cafe Minamdang yesterday, and loved it. Are there other out there with a similar vibe?

AnnaAnthro, avatar

@commonst Hyena. Gauss Electronics.

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Whenever I'm really enjoying a Drama like #CDrama 'Fake It Till You Make It", I get nervous nearing the end: "Will it stick the landing?" It did & gave me the rare treat continually upping it's score its score right to the end, finishing on 10.25/10 - SMART dialog, sweet, stunning chemistry between 2 skilled leads, the bonus is for the perfectly grounded feelgood realism of the very end. It's also seen #CDrama move from 4th to 2nd in my average ratings, bumping #KDrama into 3rd

AnnaAnthro, avatar

@ronsboy67 I was quite surprised at how good it was! Trailer wasn’t great but actors were good so I gave it a try. Really enjoyed it!

Arataka, avatar

I wonder, are dubs licensed differently compared to the original Japanese cast on Anime shows? Like I have found a few shows now on HIDIVE that have English dubs and the same show are on Crunchy Roll but with no dubs, or is Crunchy Roll just dropping the ball here?

anianimalsmoe, avatar

It's complicated.

HiDIVE's dubs are mostly by Sentai Filmworks in the US, whereas Crunchyroll seems to have shifted to mostly using their own in-house dubbing studio.

Shows that already have dubs e.g. Delicious in Dungeon are purchased with the dub.

mariatta, avatar

Today at PyCon US lunch, for the first time I met other people IRL (two people) who also watched the kdrama The Glory on Netflix and that made me so happy 😊
#PyConUS #kdrama

pythonbynight, avatar

@mariatta Lol, I would have been the third!

I think I may have caught it off your recommendation a while back.


MisuseCase, avatar

MDL has the trailer for HIJACKING and it looks like Yeo Jin-goo is the villain/antagonist in it!

#kdrama #kdramas

MisuseCase, avatar

@AnnaAnthro Probably on purpose because he likes trying different things and I think also he doesn’t want to be pigeonholed. So it’s very on-brand for him to do Something Completely Different for what’s essentially a comeback role.

I think he’ll be the lead in a romantic comedy sageuk set to air later this year, which is a little more conventional, for him.

AnnaAnthro, avatar

@MisuseCase Will watch him try anything. Enjoy his acting a lot.

CultureDesk, (edited ) avatar

"Baby Reindeer" is a massive hit for Netflix, and its creator and star, Richard Gadd, is now grappling with fame, a loss of anonymity, and criticisms that he failed to protect the identity of his alleged stalker. He talked to the Hollywood Reporter about how he became a performer, his early failures, and how he feels about internet sleuths. Have you watched the series? What did you think?

#Television #Entertainment #BabyReindeer #Netflix

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Okidoki. :) More #Characters - more #Farscape.
A couple more to go and this couch #doodle is also done.
Should I already think about the next one?

#tvshow #art #ink #drawing

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