reddig33, in Opinion: Bring back the 20-plus-episode TV season

8 is definitely too short unless it’s a one season mini series. 13 is probably just right. Anything longer seems like it’s going to be full of filler material to stretch things out. Remember that older shows with 20 episodes often had one or two clip show/flashback episodes to meet their longer season order.

blivet, (edited )
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In the past couple of years I’ve seen a few cases where 8-episode seasons contain a lot of filler, maybe because the writers felt like they couldn’t bring in more than one major plot point in so few installments.

Lophostemon, in Kevin Spacey and Tucker Carlson Release Bizarre Christmas Video Slamming 2024 Election and ‘House of Cards’: ‘Netflix Exists Because of Me’

Wow. Spacey is really fucking losing it now.


You would think he would hide underbabrock for the rest of his life.

pastaPersona, in What We Do in the Shadows’ Sixth Season Will Be Its Last

Well shit, that’s a damn shame. Hopefully they can resolve some plot lines and give the characters a satisfying ending in any case.

Better to make 6 great seasons than to end up like The Walking Dead or similar


Plus if you count the movie that inspired the series then they'll have hit the six seasons and a movie goal

GeekFTW, in What are some of your lesser-known, favourite TV series?
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Low budget, Canadian sci-fi which is slapped together with duct tape, bad CGI, and every ounce of pure unadulterated horny that the 90's could muster!

Semi-Hemi-Demigod avatar

And it's got Tim Curry!

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I remember kind of loving but kind of hating Lexx, and always being incredibly confused about what the hell was going on.

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The average LEXX fan! lmao

Taleya, in What TV series would you like to see a revival, or reimagining of?

Better Off Ted

Arotrios, in 'Over the Garden Wall' is being removed from streaming on Max, and fans aren't happy
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NewPerspective, in ‘The Umbrella Academy’: Netflix Sets Premiere Date For Fourth And Final Season

August 8th, 2024

alquicksilver, avatar

Thank you. There was only one piece of information wanted from this article, so no way was I going to bother reading it.

wintermutehal, in Netflix is different now — and there’s no going back

It‘s interesting to me that Netflix sees itself as a must have streaming service (per the article, that may have been the writer‘s quote), when I find Hulu and Tubi to be much more necessary for my viewing preferences. Besides Fall of the House of Usher, I haven’t given one care for most of Netflix‘s output recently.

snooggums avatar

While there is a lot more that I enjoy on Netflix, they are rapidly doing everything they can to ruin any positive reputation they had while increasing prices which is just shooting themselves in both feet.

southsamurai, avatar

The only thing I’m interested in from Netflix now is the final season of stranger things, and I’ll gladly pirate that.


This, I literally only ever watched Bojack and Trailer Park Boys on Netflix. Got rid of it recently and do not regret it. Can find anything worth watching on netflix for free elsewhere. Been a Netflix customer for 14 years and should have ditched them after the first price hike.


Sounds like our taste in media is probably not very similar, but out of curiosity, what kind of content do you find that’s so compelling on Hulu that you deem it more necessary?

In my household, we rotate services and currently the service du jour is Hulu (mostly because we haven’t had it in a long time and figured there must be a bunch of stuff to watch). I’m just not seeing much of interest on there and the couple things we did want to see, we’ve already finished. So, I’m thinking maybe I’ve overlooked something obvious.


I Like old shows and It‘s Always Sunny; so Xfiles, Buffy, Frasier, MASH, Hulu is great for many classic tv shows!

rtxn, in Halo Actor Pablo Schreiber: ‘If You Don’t Agree With the Helmet Coming Off in the Show, You Don’t Like Our Show’

Um… yeah? His bastardized version of Master Chief is nothing like the source material. He’s playing something different that borrowed the name. That makes me dislike the show. It’s not the slam-dunk argument he thinks it is.

themeatbridge, in ‘Game of Thrones’ Showrunners Reveal One Thing They’d Change About the Show

They wanted to bring back Mord the Jailer as a background extra, showing that he took the bag of gold Tyrion gave him as a bribe and bought a tavern.


snooggums avatar

So it wasn't slowing down the ending instead of rushing it, because they learned nothing.


It wasn’t anything that might have improved the show or at least mitigated the disaster.


Because theyre idiots…

GoTs success was because of the source material. Once they ran out of that, they shit the bed. And they rushed the ending because they wanted to jump over to Star Wars before people realized how bad they were.

Even this, their big regret is not following the books. Martin straight up gave him a gold grill when he showed up again.

southsamurai, in Nick Offerman Wins the 2023 Emmy for Outstanding Guest Actor in Drama Series for 'The Last of Us' avatar

Yeah, he fucking killed that role.

jordanlund, in Seth MacFarlane Says The Orville Isn't Canceled Yet avatar

The cast is released from their contracts and are off working other projects, and have been for a couple of years now. That’s pretty much the end.…/the-orville-cast-have-be…

Even MacFarlane has been off doing other things. Pre-production on a Naked Gun reboot.

snooggums, in Opinion: Bring back the 20-plus-episode TV season
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I just want the run time to match the stories they are ready to tell instead of trying to fit everything into a tidy number of episodes at a set episode length.

LanternEverywhere, in Opinion: Bring back the 20-plus-episode TV season

NO! Fuck no! I'd MUCH rather have a fewer number of episodes that are all good instead of many episodes watered down by filler all throughout. It is a certainty that making more episodes per time period causes the episodes to be less good.


I grew up during the heyday of 20+ episode seasons. This season length only works well if it's something like a sitcom, police procedural, or mystery of the week with only loose continuity. And let's not forget the reason for 20+ episode seasons was to quickly make it to the 80+ episode limit to get into syndication. Back then when you wanted tight, focused storytelling you did mini-series which could be as short as 2 nights of 2 hours or even in some extreme cases be week long with hour or two episodes. On very, very rare occasions these would lead to a regular series but those would almost always pan out to be weak washed out shadows of the mini-series.


Also, who has time to watch all the content we already have? Certainly not fucking me.

Nougat, in Opinion: Bring back the 20-plus-episode TV season

Let's not forget that even the 20-episode season greats had their fair share of real stinker episodes, those stinkers increasing in frequency as the series dragged on several seasons longer than it should have due to sheer momentum. And that a huge proportion of 20 episode season television series just sucked and were forgotten about.

We've also moved beyond the three-camera stage plays with very few sets to television shows where one episode is shot on more sets than Friends used for its entire run - because it makes better television. Episodes are also longer than 22 minutes now. (That's what YouTube is for.) These factors demand a lot more effort, which means there's not enough time or labor to pull together 20 episodes in a year.


It’s also worth keeping in mind that the goal of television for much of its recent history was to hit the right number of episodes that you could get picked up for re-run syndication, which was a cash-cow. Quantity mattered more than quality after a certain point.


I think it’s that we miss those three camera stage plays.

Atleast I do.

Those long seasons let us have silly, off the wall and yes, sometimes plain bad episodes.

But I’ll take them for the extra world building, character development and slower pacing that we get in return.

I don’t want or need television to be movie quality. I’m fine taking a hit in production quality if it gets us back some of those lost elements.

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