polish train manufacturer newag used geolocation to lock-up trains at 3rd party service depots

from the “i’ll drm your arse” and “industrial sabotage r us” department, a true scandal: a polish train manufacturer used firmware to lock out trains at 3rd party service depots in order to disrupt the operations of the trains for the railways who did not choose to service the trains at the manufacturer’s; at the same time they blamed the 3rd parties for their inability to properly service the trains.

further reading in polish (but translates via google well): more technical and less technical, but with more political/economical details.

@mrtick@infosec.exchange in front of an Impuls.
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i keep updating links to the original media coverage on in this mastodon thread; this now reached the parliamentary group of the left coalition, also there are new details in the oko.press article, including statement from their legal team. (in polish, google translate-able).


That is between anti-competitive-activity & national-economic-terrorism…

They cross the line…

_ /\ _

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when internet of shit gets real

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holy shit brother, i sure hope that UOKIK unleashes all legal hell on them (or maybe other agencies as well, considering strategic importance of railways and possibility of basically bricking trains via GSM by the most probable adversary)

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