YouTube is finally cracking down on third-party apps that enable ad-blocking

The company’s team clarified that their terms prohibit third-party apps from disabling ads, as it denies creators their due reward for viewership. Although the announcement did not specify any app by name, it’s plausible to presume that third-party YouTube apps such as NewPipe, YouTube ReVanced, Piped, and others might be implicated.


NewPipe works by fetching the required data from the official API (e.g. PeerTube) of the service you're using. If the official API is restricted (e.g. YouTube) for our purposes, or is proprietary, the app parses the website or uses an internal API instead. This means that you don't need an account on any service to use NewPipe.

So NewPipe doesn't use yt API and it never accepted its terms, so NewPipe is safe (from my understanding)


What about ReVanced? Should be safe, since it’s just a modded version of the official YT app, right?

skulblaka, avatar

Unfortunately that’s more likely a strike against them than in their favor


Yep in a technical sense they are except they could get sued to hell idk how anonymous the newpipe devs kepp them selves but if they are not I’d say they don’t stand a chance to win a lawsuit against google .


Good thing Firefox for Android allows plug-ins now. That’s been my go-to mobile YouTube viewer ever since. It’s almost as good as my desktop experience.


YouTube already denies many creators of their due rewards from viewership over trivial things like saying the word “hell” in a video. it’s obviously something more considering it’s Google we’re talking about.


Honestly, I pay for YouTube Premium but I still use Revanced and NewPipe for the extra features. Why can’t they just leave me alone?




Am I weird? I don’t mean ads, I have no problem with them.
Just make me use an open source client.


They’re not doing a very good job


And I’m here for it. uBlock Origin, NewPipe, and Grayjay all work fine. If those stop working, I’ll also stop using YouTube.


But Youtube already take more than half of what creator should earn.


I googled. Isn’t it 45% Youtube and 55% vid producer?


If they don’t get demonitized or falsely copyright claimed.


Which is at least less than all the other big platforms are taking.


Do you know how much it costs to build and host a video platform?

lvxferre, avatar

Is “creators” Youtube’s version of “think on the children”?


Yes it is

bruhduh, avatar
Oha, avatar

The company’s team clarified that their terms prohibit third-party apps from disabling ads

Most 3rd party apps dont disable it. They just dont implement it


I googled. I read that Youtube took down Vanced. True? Can Youtube use the way they took down Vanced for Revanced?

stardreamer, avatar

Vanced got taken down due to trademark violations.

They need something more substantial for revanced. Especially since it’s only a set of binary patches and there is no redistribution of YT source code.




We have all been waiting patiently for it to finally happen


I knew it was only a matter of time before alternative YouTube clients started getting banned. You can’t “stick it to Google” while still relying on their servers to host the videos. We need to support Lemmy-like services that are distributed and host their own content and communities for video.


Revanced still works fine for me Idk why people are losing their minds


That’s peertube, right? A slight problem is that a lot of the popular content is only on YouTube for the money. Better patronage or sponsoring systems would help with that. For ones not in it for the money, knowing there’s a solid service with community would probably suffice.

bluGill avatar

There is more cntent than you hake time to watch. Look to peertube and suyport what is there.


I’m not going to watch terrible content for the sake of watching terrible content.

bluGill avatar

I'm not asking that. I'm asking you to find the good content when it is there and wetch that instead. I do watch youtube when I'm out of interesting things on peertube but peertube gets first obportunity for my eyes.


The only way to “support peertube by watching there” is to watch bad content.

There isn’t any meaningful amount of good content there.


Get off of Chrome

Get off of YouTube

Get off of gmail

Get off of Google

Theres a whole big internet out there. You don’t have to limit yourself to one single company.


google meet and google forms are the only thing that still makes me use google from time to time. youtube is another story since idt there is a good alternative for that, nope not peertube sorry.


That’s a stupid point to make tbh, because the most important information, knowledge and entertainment is on their platforms in a quality and quantity that is unprecedented. Meaning you can try to avoid it, but from time to time you have to use google/gmaps/yt/…

And that’s coming from me… someone who degoogled their smartphone.

I_Miss_Daniel avatar

Did you De-qualcomm it too, or not affected?




Realistically Google Search and Google Maps don’t provide anything unique that isn’t provided by competitors, although a) they may provide a superior experience, and b) the competitors are not necessarily much more palatable (that is, Bing Search and Bing Maps are hardly a great ethical improvement).

YouTube is probably the only Google service where this is a genuine monopoly of sorts. That is, content that is on YouTube is not generally available on other platforms, and if you want to watch that content you have to watch it on YouTube. We might all live for the day when all content creators are dual-hosting in PeerTube or the like too, but we’re a long long way from that right now.

Although I write that as someone who only very rarely actually uses YouTube, because largely the content isn’t to my interest. Other than my local football club’s channel, I can’t think of anything on there that I actually seek out.


They do provide sth unique, because open source/privacy friendly alternatives are not supporting the same features to a full extent in one solution with a simple UX. And even Bing, as you mentioned and other competitors, fall short. I’m using Startpage (based on Google) and OSM most of the times and I’m happy with it, but sometimes I gotta check restaurant ratings or satellite view etc. Also route planning is way more convenient on gmaps even if I don’t use it. There’s probably more as well, which I’m not aware of.

Yes exactly, YouTube is the only google service I use almost everyday (besides Startpage)… but I wouldn’t know what to do without it.

Fair enough :)


Ratings on Google maps are less informative than having no information. An absolute dumpster fire with no value in any context.


Agree to disagree. Was really helpful in Vietnam e.g., and I also don’t have problems with it in Germany.

Kolanaki, avatar

YouTube is the only one that doesn’t have an alternative. I mean, there are other video hosts yes, but the content isn’t there.

The creators need to start moving. Their fans will likely follow, since it’s not YouTube they are there for. But I don’t think anyone else offering free, large scale video hosting does much more, if even that, than what YouTube does. Even if it sucks, it’s better than nothing, so there is no incentive to move for anyone.


Some of the creators I follow are moving… Kind of. Most of their videos get taken down for some stupid ass reason so they’re going to places like patreon and whatever other platform you have to pay a monthly sub to. Which at that point, I just don’t watch them.

Akasazh, avatar

Nebula is trying to be the alternative. It’s a paid subscription and not as plentiful as YouTube is (and maybe never will be).

But it’s a good try, give it some support, if you can


It isn’t much better in terms of content moderation though. In fact probably worst.

They kicked off JT, of Second Thought one of the original creators, for refusing to make a both sides statement about Palestine.


With the news of Google’s new deal with Israel, I was considering Nebula. That is sad to hear.


Consider MeansTV instead


Most of their fans won’t follow. Convenience is a powerful thing.

There also really aren’t other options. Anyone being able to sign up and host video for free is an extremely expensive service to provide if people take you up on it.


If enough creators moved, the fans would follow.

Unfortunately, the creators won’t move to a platform that doesn’t have users to watch them. And users won’t bother with a platform that doesn’t have creators to watch.

While this can be overcome… Yeah, I think googie will need to fork up yootoob a lot more before enough on both sides are willing to jump ship en masse


Some fans would follow. If 100% of their subscribed channels moved tomorrow, 90% still wouldn’t move to the new platform for a meaningful length of time.


Problem being that there is no real incentive to do so, unless PeerTube finds a way to pay content creators. Until then, switching away from YouTube means loosig their revenue stream…requiring them to take up jobs to pay the bills and eventually have less time for content creation.

Living on donations and patreon alone is hard…

Ignacio avatar

unless PeerTube finds a way to pay content creators

Google is a for-profit organization. Framasoft, which developed PeerTube, is a non-profit one. The only way to pay content creators is when people donate money to PeerTube and then PeerTube share that money with creators. Which is also difficult because there are no trackers to know internally who has more subscribers or which video has more views, etc. Internally as using a tracker, but you have to visit one by one every channel and every video to know its numbers.


I tried Nabula twice. The latest in 2020.

Service is fine but their UI + search and discover is awful. Like I can barely find creators I like when I search for their exact channel name.

starman, avatar

There is also PeerTube and Odysee.

But I have a mixed feelings on the latter.


Getting off youtube is pretty difficult with no true alternative.

You forgot to add get off Android, which would also mean just going Apple. There is no good alternative there either.


I guess an AOSP-based rom, if one exists for your phone?


I’m excited about Linux phones like the Pinephone, but they’re really not ready for anything more than Linux enthusiasts to flex. I was hoping to switch, but I need a new phone now, so I’ll probably get a Pixel and put GrapheneOS on it. At least that way I control what data Google gets access to.


YouTube is not a mandatory necessity. We live in a world of infinite sources of recreation. Get off YouTube has absolutely no requirement for an alternative to exist. Like alcohol, music, books, or whatever, you can only just not do it.

PhAzE, (edited )

Youtube is a fantastic learning tool for diy, how to vids, reviews, education, etc. The lost goes on, and yea it has crap too, but there’s so much use for it in every day life also. Brushing it off would be literally like saying “dlstay away from books, there’s so many other things you could be looking at”.


It’s more like saying, “stay away from that particular publisher, because it’s abusive to the authors and steals from the readers”.

I do agree that I could look to so many thongs.


No, GrapheneOS is a great Android OS tbh


I use GOS but… Google phone…


Theres always Apple

EngineerGaming, avatar

Thanks, I like having control over my own device. And having both kidneys.


I honestly don’t have a problem buying stuff from Google, provided they don’t get to hoover up my data. And I can buy that Google Phone from eBay or something instead.

EngineerGaming, avatar

My main issue is not that the phones are Google but that they are flagships only. Completely unaffordable new, cost like a normal phone when used thus overpriced for their condition, and the only ones that cost somewhat like a normal phone new are the ones on which Graphene is EOL. I guess EOL Graphene is still better than a stock OS with updates, but a full phone price for something out of support is still massive overpaying.

DMBFFF, avatar

We have to make the alternatives. As Lemmy is an alternative to reddit, PeerTube could be an alternative to YouTube.


YouTube is the internet for me. Of my internet usage over 95% is watching YouTube


Same; ever since I left reddit I just can’t find any other platform besides YT that satisfies my need to be addicted to a website.

kokesh, (edited ) avatar

Sort of true, except YouTube. I watch almost exclusively YouTube few hours every day. If it opens by mistake in a browser, it is totally unwatchable with ads inserted even in short videos. I hope reVanced will manage to avoid detection somehow, otherwise it is quite hopeless. Yes, I can pay for premium, but the app will be full of stupid crap and no gesture controls.


There is also newpipe

kokesh, avatar

Does it show my subscriptions, etc?


No, it does not access your account at all and stores subscribed channels locally within the app. But there might be a way to transfer your subscriptions over if you can find a way to export them from your youtube account.


You can def export your subs. I did it when I set up freetube originally. So it should just be a question of if the other program will import them.


Youtube in the Browser? uBlock Origin. Never have any ads.

Edit: I am on Firefox.

kokesh, avatar

Installed. Thanks!


Same here. I have yet to experience any issues on firefox+ublock, newpipe, or revanced.


Off Google - super easy Off Gmail - you’ll still be fighting to get into someone inbox but there are many options still Off Chrome - getting harder and harder, the only option is Firefox Off YouTube - sorry, nowhere to go

bruhduh, avatar

Problem is, there’s shitton of content that needs to be archived and moved from YouTube, if YouTube stops to exist then all tutorials and teaching videos and all previously produced content will be gone, people want this content, so only true solution is somehow archive all YouTube videos and move them from YouTube, until it’s done, YouTube will have monopoly, and it’s bad situation we’ve found ourselves in

DMBFFF, avatar

If it’s educational, it could go to Wikicommons.


Peertube might be a fediverse-friendly place to archive such content.

bruhduh, avatar

Yes, the only problem is storage, with development of bcachefs it could be possible to have raid6 and block level deduplication and transparent compression, because content would be archived by the community after all and common people like you and me can’t build whole datacenters, but just homelabs from used PCs and secondhand server HDDs

bluGill avatar

The bigger proplem is copyright. Google will fight for 'their' creators if they discover you archiving anything. They don't own copyrights but will tell the court that if the creator wanted their content on peertube they would have put it there.

bruhduh, avatar


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    Not hard to trace down who is seeding a torrent and deal with them.

    bruhduh, avatar


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  • bluGill,
    bluGill avatar

    I'm not saying give up. There are answers, just not easyones.


    I can’t get off of YouTube because there’s 20+ creators that are like family to me.

    DMBFFF, avatar

    Keep those, but find new ones elsewhere.


    Check if they have channels elsewhere, a few of mine are on Odysee or Nebula. If that’s the case, look into Grayjay, which is an Android app to access a bunch of video services with one interface. It’s still a bit rough, but it’s serviceable, and it allows downloading videos, which is cool.

    umbrella, avatar

    they still havent cracked down on firefox + ublock


    But they tried so hard…


    And got so far, but in the end it doesn’t really matter


    One thing, I don’t know why

    I bought a PS5 with no games to buy

    TheFeatureCreature, avatar

    They probably will eventually, but it’s just not priority. Most people interact with YouTube via Chrome (or one of the 400,000 rebranded Chromimum browsers) or the YouTube app, both of which Google can more tightly control. Firefox, with it’s smaller market share, just isn’t worth chasing… yet.



    Don’t tell the holy secret to the world!


    Still dont know what the big deal is, libretube and freetube still work fine. Same with firefox and uBlock.


    I use Revanced. Out of curiosity, I tried going to on Firefox + Ublock origin on my Samsung a70. Full screen, “double tap to forward 10 seconds”, “double tap to back 10 seconds” and captions work.


    even though this may be inconvenient, it will likely help migrating good content to less shitty platforms/companies in the long run.


    I admire your optimism. I don’t share it, but I admire it.

    kokesh, avatar

    How? Do you think channel with 2M subs will move to Vimeo? Why would anyone do that?

    lurch, (edited )

    once the 2M subs are inactive because they got annoyed its the logical step to move to regain them

    kokesh, avatar

    Not really likely.


    Unfortunately that’s hard to happen


    everything dies

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