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Strategic Taiwanese-American communication play just got initiated


If real, then you mean “President Biden’s social media coordinator is now posting into the Fediverse.”

I’m pretty sure the annoying orange is the only pres/ex-prez who wasted time on official social media.

ahriboy, avatar

As well as Alejandra Caraballo.


Threads is not the fediverse


You’re right. But, the Fediverse is ActivityPub, and Threads is using ActivityPub, therefore Threads is part of the Fediverse.

The beauty of the Fediverse is you can defederate from whoever you want. But don’t confuse that with thinking that you can change the definition and rules of what the Fediverse is.


That’s just my cousin Nick!


Pandering scent in the air.

ZombieMantis, avatar

A nice first step. Here’s hoping they make a Mastodon account next.

mlg, avatar

Might actually take this opportunity to spam the crap out his account before Facebook inevitably adds their regular content filter to prevent actual conversations from occurring.


No chance anyone with power is monitoring the Biden Threads account


Threads != Fediverse

Fuck meta

Mubelotix, avatar

Threads ⊆ Fediverse


What’s that sign?


It’s a symbol for subset


Oh god, please make this a strict inclusion

Mubelotix, avatar

It already is


Fuck meta!


I like how his name is “President Joe Biden” as if not to be confused with the other Joe Biden. Also this insinuates that he is the president of Threads, or the Fediverse, or even the world maybe?

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My cousin is phil collins.

Zehzin, avatar

“Look me over, if you like what you see, help out. If not, vote for the other Biden”

He’s definitely making sure everyone knows it’s him and not the other Biden

ObviouslyNotBanana, avatar

Wait there’s no other Joe Biden?


That’s standard for the potus account. The name changes to who is current and that’s the channel used for presidential statements*. A president still has their own account, not named as president, and is used for personal statements.

  • rule not applicable 2016-2020 when a personal account was retconned to be an official channel

Ah I see, understandable. Still it’s presented like he’s the universal/everyone’s president.

ricdeh, avatar

I don’t know why you are getting downvoted. He is definitely not my president, I am not from that country!


Because it’s his title. Regardless of where you live.

We still say King Charles or President Macron.


Fair point. Can’t argue with that.


King Charles III isn't my king either. Still a king though. And doing a much better job than King Charles I


Some other countries have the decency to add something like “of the USA” to the name. But this being the USA, of course he is just “the” president.

ObviouslyNotBanana, avatar

While it is of course disappointing that he’s doing it on threads it is very nice to see how Twitter is slowly starting to move from being market dominant to being just one of many.

We all hope to see politicians shitpost on Mastodon one day, but it’s obvious why threads is drawing a crowd. Because people have heard of it, and it’s easy to get into.


Imagine if twitter some day opens its gates and starts federating with everyone. Then the musk takeover would have actually improved the world. Even though it hurt his purse a lot, but that is also an improvement I believe.


If he can’t nickel and dime every single thing, he won’t do it. Right now the fediverse isn’t very monetised for him to consider. Among social media platform, old twitter was not excellent but open. Under musk, x is insular and lonely…'cause who tf wants to share data with it.


Threads? How disappointing. The White House would do better to operate its own fediverse presence.


Like the EU does


Ignacio avatar

And some governments, like Germany and The Netherlands.


It’s generally accepted wisdom that the American government is bad at doing anything at all and therefore should suck as much corporate dick as possible to get the corporations to do things instead. A flawless system to be sure.


Good. Fuck Twitter.

tal, avatar

I mean, messaging on the Fediverse and on Twitter are not mutually-exclusive activities. I’d assume that messages go out on both.

sab avatar

But Twitter used to have a monopoly, and it doesn't any more.

I can now follow an official white house account directly from Kbin, whereas yesterday i would have had to sign up for either Twitter or Threads. That makes a difference. :)

tal, avatar

Fair enough!


How do you do that?

sab avatar

You go to @potus and follow him from there. :)


What will win? People’s hated of Threads or Their love of Biden?

nyahlathotep, avatar

Like ten people in all of the US love Biden, others just understand that he’s the lesser of two evils


I love Biden. Although I love Bernie more. Can you name any president in the last 50 years better than Biden? I can't. And I've known every president since Nixon.


People love Biden?

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