Interestingly last week a UK network provider had a day - 2 day outage across the entire UK by the sounds of it.


Oh so it’s a day ending in Y?


Is AT&T known for having shitty service nationwide or something or is this just a “big company bad durhur” meme? Where I live, they’re easily the best of the big carriers. I’d love to switch to someone else, but they have the best coverage by far and I honestly can’t remember the last time I had a service outage. I despise them as a company, but I can’t complain a bit about their service and I’ve had an account with them since 2001.


In the middle. Big telecom companies are shitty and infamous for bad service.


I guess my 23 years of reliable service was just a fluke or something.


Or something

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I’ve had an account with them since 2001.

Oh so your phone habits and data were totally illegally spied on.

Funny how you have been a customer that long and have missed that. AT&T isn’t just any old phone company, it is one that facilitates illegal domestic spying on US citizens.

Don’t forget they were never prosecuted because the Bush admin granted them retroactive immunity for their part in a warrantless domestic spying program.

AT&T is about as evil as you can get in a phone company.


All carriers do this. The hilarious part is you pretend you’re protected because you switched providers. What a lol


Hey assclown, I was asking about their service. I even said I would love to switch to another company for a multitude of reasons, but they are the only provider in my area that provides reliable service. They are literally the only company that has a tower close enough to my work to penetrate the walls and work inside so almost everyone there is forced to have them if they want them or not.

Chill with your condescending holier than thou attitude about what I do and don’t know. I was referring directly to the service, which, all other issues aside, has been absolutely great for me across the period of 23 years and half a dozen different cities of varying sizes.

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Wow pretty fuckin angry at a valid reason to dislike AT&T. Do you spend all your time online jerking off the companies you already pay money to? You asked for why people don’t like them, I gave you a reason. Sorry you think warrantless spying isn’t that big of a fucking deal. That was the day I changed providers and never looked back.


I’m not angry at your valid reason to dislike them, I’m annoyed at you being too stupid to discuss the actual topic that I was asking about.

It must be hard going through life being an absolute moron.

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Maybe if you hadn’t been a condescending jackass in your first comment, he wouldn’t be angry at you. You didn’t just give a reason to hate AT&T; you made some unwarranted remarks about what you perceived the OP to think and were speaking down to them.

@SnotFlickerman@lemmy.blahaj.zone avatar

Honestly, anyone who still uses AT&T must be oblivious or not care, so I stand by my condescending attitude. Sorry, buddy, go cry about it.


You’re not even condescending. You’re just painting the picture accurately and he’s a sensitive shitty little brat taking it like your personality is even at all relevant. You’re being down voted and he’s being upvoted.

Lemmy ain’t shit better than reddit when all the same jackass dumbasses keep crying about information being given to them on their behalf and benefit. Then they ignore that and cry.

Seriously, keep it up. Some day some one will accept intelligence being delivered and thank you for being educative.

I really wish I wasn’t being sarcastic.


I asked a question about THE SERVICE and this dumbass responded talking about something completely different. That’s not an accurate picture of the topic at hand, that’s changing the topic and then grabbing a soapbox and preaching things that I already know and wasn’t trying to discuss in the first place. There’s no intelligence being delivered here, which is pretty unfortunate for you because if you’re on his side you could surely use some.


You’re right. There’s no intelligence speaking knowledge worth acquiring to a dumbass like you.


I mean, feel free to tell me exactly what I’ve said that you think is stupid. I’ve already done you, now it’s your turn.


Btdt. You’re so fucking stupid I ain’t wasting any more of my time talking to you. By all means, continue running your mouth, sucker.


So you can’t give an example. Gotcha. Run along now, dumbfuck.


Last time I had a service outage was in 2020, but you can’t blame that on AT&T


Huh was it really that long ago


I think their cell service is pretty bad. I have their fiber and it’s great.


$20 says BGP misconfig.


Another 20 on DNS

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I would have also put 20 down on an expired certificate


It was BGP

"According to an industry source who spoke on the condition of anonymity, the root of the outage appeared to be related to how cellular services hand off calls from one network to the next, a process known as peering. "



A communication disruption can mean only one thing: INVASION!


I can’t wait to hear all the conspiracy theories and references to “Leave the World Behind.”


You didn’t react at all differently this time around after having seen it?


Oh thank god


Right? Like don’t get my hopes up


Not only ATT but T-Mobile and Verizon customers too.

Primarily looks to be in the south from what heat maps I saw, kinda sorta near backbone hubs.

Could be a result of shit infrastructure/weather or an attack (which is also a result of shit infrastructure) but no real info afaik has been released.


Didn’t a solar flare just hit us today? I assume that’s the reason


That would disproportionately impact further north not south.


Dam Yankee solar flare, always trying to take down the south. /s

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I live in the upper midwest and we were hit by it too. Myself and a bunch of my co-workers were without service until about an hour ago. We’re mostly AT&T and Verizon around here


I’m in Seattle, and cell service was out too. However, I do have a southern number. That couldn’t be it, could it?


No I don’t believe so, but the south wasn’t the only area with reports, just had some of the largest counts in the south

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Is AT&T not known for not working in general?

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That's how I know them


It depends. Every carrier has better or worse spectrum and/or tower coverage depending on where you are.

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Where I am they’re pretty reliable, and have better coverage than Verizon. My company provides a Verizon hotspot for work on the road, but I had to add hotspot to my at&t plan because Verizon leaves me without service too often.

I’m not affected by this outage where I’m at, but my wife at home lost service and had to restart her phone to get it back.


I’m not affected by this outage where I’m at,

This didn’t appear to be location based. I’m on a family vacation with 7 total people on AT&T and 3 of us were affected and 4 were fine. Didn’t have anything to do with the model of phone, the plan you were on, or your location/tower you were connected to. Seemed to just straight up be random. Also a reboot fixed one phone, but not the other 2.

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I’m not from the US, I only know AT&T from Last Week Tonight where John Oliver made fun of them many many times.

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Actually now that I think about it, they’re probably talking about it being unreliable in larger cities. I know I get much slower internet speed whenever I go to any larger cities due to network congestion.

But outside of major population areas they’ve been really good in my experience.

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Last time I had anything less then 5G full bars was when I traveled across Europe to the middle of the desert in Portugal, to a festival of 40.000 people. The cell towers there weren’t built for that many people.


First time in 15y I had issues.


Last time I had issues was because I was still using my original sim from over a decade ago


And before anyone starts the discussion all over again… That’s 70,000 customers who have reported outages on a single site, and is by no means indicative of the total number of customers who are actually without service.

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Can't even sign into AT&T to view/report the outage. You can (conveniently enough) sign in to pay your bill if you want. AFAIK, the 70k number is the number of reports at Downdetector. It's probably 100s of thousands affected, if not millions.


Honestly, that makes sense. Outage reporting service is nice to have. A way to pay your bills is a requirement. They clearly have different SLAs.


The other commenter said “bill”, but you added the S. I got the impression that you could log in to pay your AT&T bill and nothing else. And if the service being billed for is down, maybe it’s ok if people don’t pay that particular bill right away…


Doesn’t help that the title implies that’s the actual count, not the number of reported problems from one website.

Normally ArsT is pretty good about that, but I guess in the race to publish first, they put up a poor title.


Yeah I agree, it should have at least said something like “have reported service issues…” Of course the article makes that more obvious, but even the comments below the original article were filled with people who didn’t read it.


“If we stop counting, then the problem will stay small.” - an “unpresidented” cheeto


Thanks, I forgot about that.


Yeah that worked out so well…


I mean, it did. It made republicans even more averse to facts.


Dammit. Now I want Cheetos…

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very exciting!

are we taking bets? i have 20 dogecoin on an expired certificate. any takers?


Do you take Shiba Inu? Or Reddit Moons?

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Smart man. When the Coinpocalypse comes, Doge will be the only thing left. It’s the cockroach of Crypto (which is a compliment, in this case)

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bad bot

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HEY! not nice!

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