Nintendo Is Telling Game Publishers Switch 2 Will Be Delayed

Nintendo Co. is advising game publishers that its next-generation console will be delayed until the early months of 2025, according to people with knowledge of the matter.

“Nintendo is likely looking at a pretty dry pipeline this year,” Toto said. “The company will still try to keep the blockbusters for the next console, so 2024 might see more remakes of old Nintendo hits. In any case, 2024 will be a lot tougher for Nintendo without a new device.”

jordanlund, avatar

“Was targeted for the end of 2024…”

No it wasn’t. If it was coming out this year, there would have been an official announcement. There hasn’t been.

QuarterSwede, avatar

Right. This happens all the time with Nintendo. The reason their hardware and games are so good is because they spend the time to get it right before releasing it. Expect for online, they just always suck at that.


But their hardware isn’t good. Recently, the hardware has been more of a gimmick than anything. Not to mention the infamous issue of joycon drift, and keep in mind this is hardly the first time they’ve had issues with low quality parts, either.

I agree about them taking the time to make sure their games are as good they can make em.

Bugger, avatar

The low quality parts thing can’t be overstated. The original DS was really the last “Nintendium” quality hardware in my book. The DS Lite had a ton of issues people tend to forget about. Extremely flaky shoulder buttons, yellowed screens, and cracked hinges were not a question of if, but when. Mine lasted about 6 months before the R button stopped working reliably. The first generation 3DS was a step back in the right direction, and mine is still going strong, but the circle pad longevity is dubious and the bottom screen plastic scratches if you look at it wrong. Then came the New 3DS, which looked good on paper but the New 3DS LL was a huge disappointment. The backplate cracks around the screws, the hinge has tons of flop in it, and within a year the paint and coating was flaking off of the top shell leaving a ~2cm patch of bare metal. Then came the Switch, with the lowest quality sticks I’ve ever seen. Even my Switch Pro Controller drifts like crazy.

Knowing Nintendo the Switch 2 will already be obsolete at launch and power users will get better performance emulating the damn thing on modern hardware instead. Fool me twice, I, uh, won’t get fooled again, or something.

randomaside, avatar

Knowing Nintendo the Switch 2 will already be obsolete at launch

This is the reason I believe it’s delayed. Tinfoil hat rant incoming:

Nintendo usually is ready to go for obsolete cheaper designs to maximize profit on hardware. However the Nvidia tegra family successor for entertainment devices never materialized (I won’t count anything on the Jetson platform). These chips never came down in price either. Nvidia pretty much dropped everything related to gaming once deep learning became its future cash cow. No shield tablets, android TV’s, or gaming devices anymore. Nvidia has disappeared from the consumer arm market.

Until now. Nvidia recently been looking to bring derivatives of its Grace Hopper platform to desktops and laptops in the near future. I’m sure the timing has to do with the rumors that Qualcomm is going out as M$oft’s exclusive arm for windows partner. There is a major urge in the AI field to have development uniformity across platforms and therefore arm coming directly to the developer is speeding up everyday (apple is the only name in the game atm).

That puts Nintendo in a place where to get priority, they will need to bid high for hardware. I don’t think they will. They know they make toys and they will just keep stretching the life span of the switch. It’s probably a better strategy anyway as Nintendo Remains in demand and they have no need to be a loss leader on hardware.

We think 8 years is long for a console but Nintendo dragged out it’s Gamcube, Wii, Wii U dynasty of hardware for almost 16 years before moving to a new platform. The DS hardware line lasted much longer.

We’ll get a switch 2 when Nintendo can get cheap Arm Chips.

End of rant.


Knowing Nintendo the Switch 2 will already be obsolete at launch and power users will get better performance emulating the damn thing on modern hardware instead. Fool me twice, I, uh, won’t get fooled again, or something.

Tell me about. I can almost emulate the Switch on my rather ancient Pixel 4a.


Stick drift is a solved problem. All manufacturers need to just accept it and pay the additional cost for the better technology.

Potentiometers wear out, causing stick drift. Hall effect sensors don’t experience wear like that.

Anyone looking to replace a controller of any kind needs to ignore most controllers and focus on ones with Hall effect sensors instead, the other components will likely be higher quality as well simply because the manufacturer isn’t focusing on cost reduction to an extreme.

GuliKit even makes drop-in replacement Hall effect sticks you can put into your existing joy-cons.

M137, avatar

Nintendo hardware is crap though… the switch feels like a crappy knockoff of something that doesn’t exist. And the software itself is crap too, it’s only the games that are good.


it’s only the games that are good.

Well that’s good then. As that’s kinda the point of this thing…

altima_neo, avatar

It would have been announced direct to you!


Its completely believable that it was targeted for fall of this year to be announced in this months nintendo direct, but they ran into complications.


I’m still waiting on the Switch Pro that’s been clickbaited by so many “insiders” and analysts over the years.

jordanlund, avatar

The thing you learn by watching all of this for decades is that the “insiders” and “analysts” are talking out their ass most of the time.

My favorite was a guy named Michael Pachter, back in the PS2 era he was saying “Oh yeah, there won’t be a shortage of PS2s because Sony can just re-direct some from Europe…”

Forgetting that neither the European PAL video standard nor the 220 voltage system will work in the US…


I agree that they shouldn’t say that,it wasn’t announced. But your wording you make it sound like that would be impossible like they would have announced it already, maybe is just me making up things on my mind sorry if that was not your intention.

We are on just February… like you don’t have to announce it on Jan 1, if it releases around Q4 for example.

jordanlund, avatar

If you’re releasing a console in a specific year, the announcement to publishers and vendors has to happen the year before.

There has been no announcement.

If it’s coming in '25, there will be an announcement sometime this year, and this aint it.


If you’re releasing a console in a specific year, the announcement to publishers and vendors has to happen the year before.

Why? In any case when you say publisher and vendors you mean a close doors thing? Or a public one which is basically the announcement for everybody? Because if it was a private thing…it could have happened no? I don’t think the previous Switch was leaked with something like that so earlier…but maybe I misremember.

In any case for the rest the timing could have been fine, the Switch for example was announced to the general public barely 5 months before release, October 2016 and released March 2017.

Like the new one could have been announced in the next months and release after the summer for example without much issue.

jordanlund, avatar

Publishers need time to develop the software, distributors need time to merchandise and sell the product, retailers need time to prepare the display space.

None of this is instant. A console launch is a year long project.


Well if we were to believe the rumors some developers already had dev kits of it. And that also Nintendo might have done demos to them. Of course nothing is confirmed so take it as you wish.

And again all you said could perfectly been talked it’s not publicl knowledge.

mintiefresh, (edited )

Just come out when it’s ready. Nothing wrong with that.

I kind of wish more gaming companies would be like this rather than release a buggy mess.

Linkerbaan, avatar

The latest Zelda game runs like garbage cause the Switch still has a GPU from 2014.

Nintendo needs a new Switch fast.


Well, it’s coming. With that in mind it’s better for it to be done well than come out underbaked.

Tears of the Kingdom is less beautiful or smooth than it could have been but it’s definitely not garbage. Not like Pokémon Scarlet/Violet or Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity.

Linkerbaan, avatar

It dips to like 5 fps when you activate the floaty hand ability which is pretty crucial to the gameplay


Ultrahand? I used it plenty but it never got that bad for me.


And clocked at under half the low power mode frequency the chip was designed fornwhen used in tablets and handheld devices.


Go play some Steam Deck

XTornado, (edited )

I am curious if even just a minimal part of it has anything to do with MigSwitch.

If the MigSwitch is really emulating a physical cartridge perfectly and the Switch can’t detect it… it can be an issue for a new one, either because they use the same cartridges/security for the new games, as let’s be honest I don’t see why Nintendo would need a new physical cartridge for this revision, at best a tab like in the 3Ds to not allow them on the old Switch.

And even if it does not affect the new games, the retrocompatible games could be affected and be playable by it.

So some changes could be required physically or by software.

bruhduh, avatar

Seeing all the recent controversial trends in video game related companies, i think they just go full digital, without cartridges at all


I hope not, they are the last bastion.

stopthatgirl7 avatar

I’m not really surprised. Nintendo tends to run on its own schedule. They also might be hoping the yen strengthens so it won’t cost them as much to produce new consoles. Knowing Nintendo, they’ll want to have enough in stock to not have supply problems like Sony did with the PS5.

Octopus1348, avatar

I’m curious what it will be called, because it will definitely not be Switch 2.


New Nintendo Switch


Anything is possible, including Switch 2.


It is always a gamble.

Linkerbaan, avatar

Nintendo Swiitch


Switch U

rem26_art avatar

New Super 64 Switch U eReader Color & Knuckles

altima_neo, avatar

Featuring Dante from the Devil May Cry series

rustydrd, avatar

No U

finthechat avatar

Nintendo Wii^2

The Nintendo Wii Wii

altima_neo, avatar

That’s nec’s thing


After the Wii U and the New 3DS both causing a lot of consumer confusion, I could easily see the going with a very boring and conservative name like that.

altima_neo, avatar

I’m surprised they haven’t released a New Nintendo Switch yet. They did it for the 2ds, 3ds, DS, etc…


They did the OLED and the mini

Nima, avatar

switch lite, switch oled

altima_neo, avatar

Yeah but that’s the same spec with quality of life improvements. The “New” systems were spec boosts that had games that could only run on that hardware and weren’t backwards compatible in some cases.


I vote for Super Switch


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