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Windows is shitty—don’t get me wrong. But for all my coursework it’s pretty annoying to do on Linux. Especially Office, and yes I am well aware it’s a MS product and that Linux-support will likely never come. Though the limited online version of Office or LibreOffice don’t quite cut it for me. Besides, running it with Wine or in a VM is too much of a hassle.

So “Switch to Linux!” is not really a solution for some. Let’s hope that’ll change in the future.

With that said, fuck Microsoft! I use NixOS btw.


Hurr dürr Linux improves me cognitive mental gymnastics skills deep.

Rootiest, avatar

I like LibreOffice but if your goal is MS Office compatibility you are better off trying OnlyOffice


they are really tempting me to switch to linux already

Rootiest, avatar

Clippy never really went away, he’s just been evolving this whole time into something more and more annoying with each new iteration.


Honestly If it was branded as clippy I’d at least get a chuckle instead of distain at first glance lol


They’re signaling that you don’t need a desktop anymore, only chat bot. Your device will be a kiosk where you ask Microsoft for favours.

SpaceCowboy, avatar

Microsoft, please google “dystopia”

“I’m sorry Dave, I can’t do that. Perhaps you want me to Bing “dystopia” instead?”


Shit. Is this the future.

Che_Donkey, avatar

Clippy’s evil face?

Che_Donkey, avatar

The non denominational diety in THX 1138 (George lucas’ first film?)


Im still rocking my win 10 with the beta release of copilot


Same lol


The only thing keeping me on windows is EFT.




Escape from Tarkov?


Electronic Funds Transfer?


Erectile frenulum tickle?

DacoTaco, avatar



You can’t just drop an acronym and expect people to understand


Windows 11 offers nothing better than Windows 10, but there’s a few key things that don’t work as good/bugged on win11 for me. Should have not updated I think


Honestly If I’m going to upgrade my OS it’s gonna be Linux not Windows 11


There’s performance issues with this years windows updates especially if you have an amd CPU

This is the Last time I update win 11, only exception is their security patches they not buggy.


Bluetooth connection on win 11 is an awful drop in quality


Okay it’s not just me


Not at all. I couldn’t go for more than a couple hours on win 11 without an issue with BT. Whereas I basically don’t have issues with BT on Win 10. Maybe once every few months with a controller, but that’s just a quick re-pairing to sort.

TheLowestStone, avatar

I just went out of my way to buy a refurbished laptop with Win10 instead of a brand new one with Win11.

DacoTaco, avatar

The only thing windows 11 had that windows 10 didnt is wslg ( the integrated x server in windows substystem for linux, aka the linux vm inside windows ), but they ported that to win10 last year. Fuck windows 11…

linearchaos, avatar

Win+d, I wasn’t even aware there was an icon for it. If it’s not the date, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or VPN, I’m all keys


You can add it back in taskbar settings if you use it (and remove the copilot button if you hate it).

Kolanaki, avatar

It’s not really an icon so much as a tiny sliver of empty space at the far right of the start bar.


THANK YOU. I’ve been losing my goddamn mind in this thread, trying to figure out what everyone was talking about.

I’m over here just mashing Win+M (manager/boss key) wondering what that had to do with AI.


What’s volume up/down?

linearchaos, avatar

All my keyboards have Media keys for up, down and mute. The only reason I going to the tray volume if I need to turn the volume down on a single application that doesn’t support volume up and down.


My mechanical keyboard doesn’t have volume :(

linearchaos, avatar

You could do a pi pico project and make yourself a little three keyboard. :)


Jesus Christ I already don’t give a fuck about 11 because they’re just moving shit to move it, getting rid of useful features is infuriating.

ZMonster, avatar

It’s the closest to rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic they’ve ever been. But I’m sure they’ll outdo themselves tomorrow.


Oh no, they’ve added things too. Just not things anyone should want.

The worst part these days is “de-cloud-ifying” a fresh Windows install. The post-install setup wizard is… aggressive, about shoving Azure services in the user’s face. It does about everything it can to make these optional things look mandatory. Cleaning that mess up is practically an assumed part of the process now, IMO.

In the end, it was kind of a trek to find all the things to disable or turn off. It also does not bode well for the concept of private data and “opt in” of cloud services.


I’m going to build a really good win10 PC to get the most out of it for as long as I can…


Is that a default-ish tray these days? It looks like a complete mess.

AnActOfCreation, avatar

The ENG US is only shown if the user has multiple languages. As for the icons to the left of that, the user has manually chosen to always show them instead of having them in the overflow area. So it is a bit cleaner by default.


It’s windows security center, Everything search, locales, sound settings, time, copilot, surely not that bad.

Everything is installed by the user, not sure why the locales are there, but maybe he swaps keyboard layouts?

PreciousPig, avatar

Locales are basically impossible to permanently remove. It always keeps popping back after disabling it and the option to hide it is always buried deeper and deeper with every Windows update. I have Windows set to another language than my kb and never swap kb-layout. Doesn’t mean i want to waste taskbar space with the locale-icon 🤬


Linux. You’ll be glad you did.

Free. Easy to install. Never gets viruses. Never crashes. Rock solid.

Runs good on old machines. Runs like lightning on new machines.

I’ve installed it for 3 old ladies (3 separate installs). They like its simplicity and low-bullshit.

I personally use Debian with a Mate desktop.


My issue with Linux at the minute is all the different app stores and package managers.

Rootiest, avatar

It doesn’t really bother me tbh.

KDE’s Discover app pulls from the distro package manager, snap, and flat hub. AppImages to me are like “portable” executables and don’t really need an app store. However you can use Gear Lever to update them.


I mean, I agree. But sometimes you’re kinda forced by damn app compatibility. Although, if you have the choice I’d say make the jump. If you’ve no experience there’s a learning curve but it’s worth it.


Worth it how? I feel like every post that claims about how much better Linux is after handling a bunch of tweaks and hacks and workarounds to get into baseline functional doesn’t really get into what actually makes it better. After all of that heavy lifting, you’re already at a disadvantage and I still hear nothing of the benefits. I start to wonder if the “better” is justification for all the effort that goes into tricking it to work rather than being meaningfully superior.


The good news is, it’s easy to try and see for yourself ;)

Head over to an easy distro (like Linux Mint or Ubuntu for example) and create a live USB. Boot your computer on that USB, try the live environment.

You’ll see if your hardware works as expected. If it does, you’re golden, you can proceed to install and have zero problem down the road.

If it doesn’t, and you don’t feel like troubleshooting to make it work, you can just remove the USB stick, reboot your computer and continue using Windows.

Mileage varies a lot while using Linux. It’s really great these days, but there are always some edge cases. I use Linux on my gaming desktop, and it crashes often because part of my pleasure is trying out stuff, breaking my install and do it all over again.
I also use Linux on my work laptop, and it has not crashed once in 4 years.
I wanted to install Linux on my SO’s laptop because they liked the idea. I tried the live environment, never managed to get the wifi card to work, gave up, and they still use windows. When the laptop dies, the replacement will probably be a refurbished thinkpad where everything usually works out of the box.

All in all, it’s always been worth it to me: my laptop is faster and more stable than those of my colleagues, I don’t have to deal with Microsoft’s bullshit, I don’t come late to meetings because my computer was updating…
My gaming desktop is my fun machine, I’ve learned a lot on it and when I just want to game I roll back to a stable snapshot.

Also, don’t underestimate the representation issues. I think that people who have trouble with a Linux install have the reflex to ask online on Lemmy, Reddit or forums, while people who have trouble with their Windows install just live with it or bring it back to the shop.


I just installed arch on a friend PC that is just one of those old intel dual core without integrated graphics and I am just surprised it ran as good as on my ryzen 3400g


I use Fedora with Gnome Desktop and it runs so well you will not be disappointed


“Never Crashes”, “Runs like Lightning on new machines” Am I doing this wrong? I tried Ubuntu, Zorin OS, Linux Mint- I get crashes and errors which doesn’t explain what the error is, instead shows some code lines. Runs like Lightning on new machines- In my 13600K build, Windows 11 feels noticeably faster, and I’m able to use all my onboard stuff like Optical Audio Out, WiFI 6 connects to 5GHz properly, unlike Linuxmint. I think I lack the technical expertise to run linux. I have been building PCs for like 20 years now.


Wild guess, Nvidia GPU?


6750 XT.


This is my experience.

It’s fine, but always glitchy niggly things.


Linux is tough man


you probably are doing it wrong ;)

the problem is cutting edge devices where vendors only publish windows drivers - often friendly hackers have to develop their own drivers to make your stuff work. for users with such hardware the free software experience is often sub-par and they probably won’t try it anytime soon. but for everyone else, casual i-only-browse-text-and-watch-videos-on-my-rather-standard-build-users will usually find ad-free, smoothly running no-bullshit (or depending on the distro maybe little-bullshit) computing experience. it’s a shame hardware vendors are allowed to only publish drivers for windows.

it’s one of the few cases where people with more expertise (i.e. you who builds your own machibe) get a less satisfying result. i’d suggest you try again with spare parts from your last build ;)


“Rock solid, never crashes, runs like lightening on new hardware!*”

    • some exceptions apply

top-level commenter says new machines, not all hardware you could possibly attach to whichever bus your mobo offers, but yeah

downvote me again for pointing out that it’s hardware vendors duty to offer drivers for the OS of your choice not your duty to shit on some kernel for not supporting hardware you bought from (excuse my french) shitty vendors


Dude, chill. It was a joke dunking on the idea that Linux is perfect that the top level was complaining about and which you weren’t defending, it was not a slam on you.

And I was almost exactly quoting their quote, including “new hardware”, so I have no clue where you’re pulling that from.

I didn’t downvote your first comment, but I would your reply if I could for being so off the rails

Rootiest, avatar

I know this will usually draw the ire of more experienced users (yes I use Arch btw) but if you really want an install that is as hands-off and foolproof as possible you are generally gonna be better off with an Ubuntu distro.

I put Kubuntu on PCs for beginners/noobs because it gives them access to more advanced options if they need them in the future while also typically being fully functional out of the box.

Ubuntu distros typically have extensive hardware support and a lot of testing. Yeah it’s not going to be the most cutting-edge but you don’t want that, you want it to “just work”


Ya but I need to use Adobe software


I can see MS paying Adobe to NOT release Linux versions of their software.


Probably. Doesn’t change the fact that it renders linux useless on my workstation.

I have fedora on my laptop tho.

emmie, (edited )

macOS here yay, the ui is sooo good

Windows is seriously worst mix out of the three options. The only thing it has is legacy programs support and it’s not even a pro just a feature someone may need

And VR gaming yeah unfortunately I am not sure anything will replace my gaming 4090 7800x3d rig soon. Unless I will just get bored with it.

Worst thing is windows isn’t even better for gaming. It’s just better because it’s what devs release for because everyone uses it. It would be so much better on Mac or Linux, you know actual modern systems instead of the convoluted windows frankenstein one has to go back to to run the latest drivers.

I am almost ready to sell the rig and finally say goodbye if not for VR


I’ve tried Mac a few times, even had to use it in a job. I can’t make myself like the UI. It’s unintuitive and obtuse. And I can’t stand the walled garden.


I will never understand how anyone can take the osx dock and menubar seriously. They’re both just objectively awful uz


The stupid icons just bouncing like mad used to annoy the shit out of me.


Listen, the only reason I hate the Mac OS interface is the only reason you think it’s sooo good – we’re both used to what we use most frequently. The mac OS interface is, to me, borderline unusable. The stunning amount of wasted space when a window isn’t maximized and that godawful minimizing/maximizing start bar bullshit are impossible.

Mac is just as bad as windows, but trades being even more restricted and uncustomizable for increased privacy and hardware optimization.


I’m so glad I switched to linux

bigMouthCommie, avatar

i'm glad i did too, but i do not like the trend toward immutability and flatpacks


just don’t use them like the vast silent majority, they are not going to become a universal standard


For every distro that’s immutable and using flat packs you’ve got 2 distros that rail against this. There’s plenty of Linux people who can’t do with immutability so there’ll be plenty of distributions that don’t use these concepts.

Personally, for a computer for your non-techie family member I think these concepts rock.


I still don’t even see copilot on my win11 machine. I’m up to date as far as I know. Am I supposed to have it by now?


They’re still rolling it out. It’s only in preview builds for now, you have to register to basically participate in beta to have it by now, and that’s no guarantee.


I disabled it immediately so I don’t have these issues as well.


A decision that also lightly favors business as the “hide desktop” button has a general reputation as the “uh oh, the boss is coming!” button. Definitely not their first purpose here, but a “nice” side benefit for the pro-enshittification crowd.


Does it? My boss is like 70 and he would know something was up instantly if I was just staring at the desktop.

Firipu, avatar

Anyone worth their salt knows win+D tbh. The button is unnecessary

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