KingThrillgore, avatar

Why don’t these people do what perfectly mentally unhealthy people do and just abuse the super chat of your local vtuber?

Asudox, avatar

At least the VTuber is a real human behind an anime figure.


24 thousand tracker calls in one minute.

That’s impressively gross.


ROFL! There country be a more hilarious headline! I love it!

jabathekek, avatar

this is the title of my next light novel


Yeah. Saw that one coming.

UnderpantsWeevil, avatar

Isn’t this what every app on your phone is already doing? Why would “AI Girlfriend App” be any better than Facebook or Google?


Idk all my apps are open source and most don’t connect to internet except ones that need it like eternity for reddit


It’s even more insidious because these apps ask for the data upfront under the guise of “getting to know you better”

How can your AI girlfriend truly love you back unless you give it your real name, age, photos of your face, mother’s maiden name, social security number, and genetic material? /s


Hey Sugar, which of these pics have traffic lights on them?

bots gotta help each other

Kolanaki, avatar

I’m not sure what kind of use collecting all my most fucked up thoughts can be.


Either advertisers or the cops, possibly both want that information very much


Making a better chat bot AI girlfriend, informing porn directors, leaking it to the Russians,

Kolanaki, avatar

Making a better chat bot AI girlfriend


informing porn directors


leaking it to the Russians

My thoughts aren’t fucked up enough to be useful to them.


When a a NSFWICBM hits Kiev and every ukrainian starts masterbating furiously to our fucked up thoughts, we will know

Kolanaki, avatar

“You see, Ivan, if you make them horny for feet, they will gladly lay down their arms at yours.”


damn someone else besides me figured this out I thought I was a genius or something


The entire internet is a data harvesting horror show. It’s good for the economy though, so we don’t do anything against it.

NegativeLookBehind avatar

You’re just jealous of our love.


People panned the game but this was the whole point of the NG Resonance character in Deus Ex Invisible War. People would basically tell this AI pop star intimate details about their lives and then the data was used against them and their local communities.


I always wondered though, how many of those people were aware that it was an ai and not the real NG Resonance? (Have to admit, she did get me in trouble with the Omar. My bad. 😅)

KingThrillgore, avatar

The shit I do for a discount on non-PiezoChem functionality.


If you not self-host your girlfriend, it is just prostitution. /s

FaceDeer avatar

Indeed. She's not really your girlfriend unless you own her completely and can control everything she thinks.


"AI" is funny anyway because you're basically gaslighting them the whole time to have them behave as they're supposed to.

FaceDeer avatar

And their whole purpose in return is to try to guess exactly what you want to hear from them.

AI is so human!

RobotToaster, avatar

I didn’t realise they are that realistic.

Deceptichum avatar

My what now?

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