I wonder if it’s one of those AI that can’t see darker skin colors…


“our Pig AI System searched all of the videos. No cop did anything wrong. Ever. The End” ~cop fucks

(Fuck this shit. As usual. Abolish police)


So funny thing, Seattle Police Department did a pilot for AI that did sentiment analysis on police audio and looked for things like racial slurs. They pretty quickly disbanded the project and destroyed the evidence.


(IIRC some folks requested info from the pilot and they claimed to have deleted it.)


That sounds like a big investment to find no wrongdoing by officers.

themurphy, (edited )

ITT: People who are scared of things they don’t understand, which in this case is AI.

In this case, the “AI” program is nothing more than pattern recognition software setting a timestamp where it believes there’s something to be looked at. Then an officer can take a look.

It saves so much time, and it filters out anything irrelevant. But be careful because it’s labelled “AI”. Scarry.

EDIT: Comments to this comment confirms that you don’t understand AI, because if you did, you’d know that this system who scans video is not a LLM (large language model). It’s not even the same system in its core.


It’s also potentially skipping some of the parts that should be looked at. It depends on the training set.


This is an astonishingly bad take.

Almost every AI system is a black box. Even if you open source the code and the training data, it’s almost impossible to know anything about the current state of a machine learning model.

So the entire premise here is that a completely unaccountable system - whose decisions are basically impossible to understand or scrutinize - gets to decide what data is or isn’t relevant.

When an AI says “No crime spotted here”, who gets to even know that it did that? If a human is reviewing all of the footage, then why have the AI? You’re doing the same amount of human work anyway. So as soon as you introduce this system, you remove a huge amount of human oversight, and replace it with decisions that dramatically affect human lives - that could potentially be life or death if it’s the difference between a bad cop being taken off the street or not - being made by a completely unaccountable system.

Whose to say if the training data fed into this system results in it, say, becoming effectively blind to police violence against black people?

And if that doesn’t scare you, it absolutely should.


It’s not impossible to understand or scrutinize. They give it specific things to look for. It does what it’s told. You can make the argument that ANY tool used by the police will be misused in their favor. AI isn’t special for that by any means. It’s not like we bother to hold anyone accountable for anything else now anyway. Maybe the AI will be less biased

It’s definitely not doing the same work as a human if humans are spared sifting through hours upon hours of less useful footage. I’m sure they’re testing it etc. Nobody goes all in on this stuff. Really, you guys can be so very dramatic lol


It’s not that AI is scary, it’s that AI is dumb as fuck.


Body camera video equivalent to 25 million copies of “Barbie”

Literally anything but the metric system

@a1studmuffin@aussie.zone avatar

We don’t even need to choose! Just use hours, months, years, decades! But no, Barbie movies.


it’s called SEO and it’s an art


SEO os the bane of the internet. SEO is why i have to scroll through a novella every time i want to check out a recipe


Oh that’s so fucking annoying, but I also think it’s part of the culture among those who typically submit recipes online.


it may have started that way, but now it’s all SEO

Everythingispenguins, (edited )

There is no common metric measure of time.

Edit -common


I’m sorry, can you restate that in terms of the number of ground state transitions of a Cs-136 atom?

@TonyTonyChopper@mander.xyz avatar

The second is one of the 7 fundamental units



Yes it is, but SI is not all metric. Metric is fundamentally a base 10 system. Time is base 60 you can probably thank the ancient Sumerians for that but there’s some debate.

At one point the French tried to make metric time a thing but it didn’t stick.


@TonyTonyChopper@mander.xyz avatar

Short times are always given in scales of 10 for seconds (ms, μs, ns). And long ones can be too.

Everythingispenguins, (edited )

And machinists in America use decimal inches, but I don’t think anyone would say that inches is metric.



Ah, good. I had “racist profiling AILLM” on my 2024 bingo card

@Evkob@lemmy.ca avatar

Body camera video equivalent of 25 million copies of “Barbie”

Is this a typical unit of measurement in journalism? Like what even is this? Crappy in-article advertising? Some weird SEO shit? An odd attempt to be cool and hip?

@Darkassassin07@lemmy.ca avatar

It’s America; anything but metric.


Ah yes, the metric measurement of time. My favorite.

@Darkassassin07@lemmy.ca avatar

Your point? It’s still not really a valid comment. Just a braindead joke that’s played out even when it’s actually relevant lol


And which “metric” unit of time measurement do you prefer?

@Darkassassin07@lemmy.ca avatar

Well, metric time, obviously:



I prefer seconds since 00:00:00 on Jan 1st, 1970

@drbluefall@toast.ooo avatar



It’s the kind of phrasing you use when you’re paid for how long an article is, but not how good it is.


What if all the cam footage was just uploaded to something like YouTube. Publicly visible by ya know, the very citizens that pay for it and work for…


Wouldn’t that be a huge privacy issue?


The police are already a huge rights issue when they’re acting without oversight


That feels like it would be a logistics and a just in general nightmare. Does every single individual have an account where they’re forced to stream their footage? If not and it’s all being uploaded to a single channel for a department, who’s in charge of the task of uploading the footage? Who’d even be willing to spend their days doing nothing but uploading footage when your departments internal internet connection comes to a crawl speed because of the person(s) who has/have to upload the footage (because you just know they certainly ain’t paying for them to have their own private network for this in most areas)?

In theory it sounds great but in practice it just sounds like a nightmare. Not defending the police but it just doesn’t seem like a task they’d be willing to take up because of all the work they’d have to put in to make sure it works.

That, and the money they spend doing something like this could obviously be used on something more pressing, like shooting a black man because he didn’t get down on the ground and worship the boots of the officer that killed him after being pulled over on suspicion of absolutely nothing (/s on this part)


If they ain’t up to the task, then they could just quit. I don’t see the problem.

@Darkassassin07@lemmy.ca avatar

Yes, because AI has a firm grasp on nuanced topics like law enforcement and civilian/human rights…

You may as well play the video to an empty room.


And I’m sure the criminal acts by police will get filtered out.


Would you rather these things never be reviewed? Isn't something better than nothing?

You'll literally never be able to afford (or hire) enough people to review the data they are taking in...

I mean unless we start killing billionaires and taking their shit.

@Darkassassin07@lemmy.ca avatar

Make it publicly accessible. It’ll most certainly get watched and problems will be reported to be investigated further.


Corporations would be delighted to analyze all this footage.


Yea I share the same concerns about the “AI”, but this sounds like a good thing. It’s going through footage that wasn’t going to be looked at (because there wasn’t a complaint / investigation), and it’s flagging things that should be reviewed. It’s a positive step

What we should look into for this program is

  • how the flags are being set, and what kind of interaction will warrant a flag
  • what changes are made to training as a result of this data
  • how the privacy is being handled, and where the data is going (ex. Don’t use this footage to train some model, especially because not every interaction is out in the public)

File a complaint, and you get to view the video. If nobody files a complaint, there is no need to view the video.

Indeed, nobody should be looking at the video unless a complaint is filed.


Well I mean you could rig the cameras to turn on when the cop gets out of their car to break the footage into specific encounters where the cop had to interact with someone. Identify the files by the date, time, and badge number of the cop the camera is assigned to, and now you’ve got an easy to search database of footage whenever an incident is reported either by the cop because they had to issue paperwork for it or by whoever they were interacting with because they want to lodge a complaint.

While randomly selecting files not involved in ongoing investigation as potential training material could be helpful, we don’t actually HAVE to have an assigned review resource to scan for bad behaviour or relevant material to investigations since in both cases someone is incentivized to start the process that will pull the relevant footage anyways.


WE should be able to review it/see it ALL.

We pay these fucks to torture and kill with our tax $.

They should have nothing to hide from us.

@Quetzlcoatl@sh.itjust.works avatar


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  • Mamertine,

    Is it really any different than when the formula did it?

    When Apple launched their credit card it was super biased against applicants with female names. They blamed it on the formula.

    Ai is just the newest fancy word for programming.


    By formula do you mean algorithm


    Is an algorithm not a formula?


    Some algorithms might be able to be written as formulas but generally no. An algorithm is a repetition of steps to achieve a desired result and does not have a fixed way of representing itself because it could make different decisions along the way in different situations.

    A sorting algorithm is not a formula, for example. Formulas are mathematical or logical expressions that can be evaluated.


    The AI has denied your cancer treatment claim. you insurance based on your genetic history for cancer, thanks to buying your genome from [insert company that bought out 23andMe/Ancestry.com]



    So, really not any different than now


    oh great I’m sure the training for this will not result in a bunch of things getting “reviewed” and no one being responsible for mistakes at all…

    @1984@lemmy.today avatar

    Sounds like humans, so I guess it’s AI progress? :p

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