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No, no, there’s an explanation. The owner.


"Self-described free speech advocate censors dissenting views"

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More news at 11.

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Elon is psychologically compromised. Not sure if it’s rampant drug abuse, mental illness unrelated to drugs, a brain tumour, or what. But the man is not on planet earth, and not in the way he would prefer. If he weren’t a billionaire, he’d be sectioned/committed. Same with Kanye; that dude would be in care in no time flat if he were a regular Joe. This is one of the few ways that being rich and famous is a net negative; when you need help the most, you get enablers and yes men instead fermenting your insanity for their own purposes or out of fear for their own livelihoods.


My money's on kompromat.


Given his general dumbassery that's been on display for years, or is it decades now, it is not hard to see at all that he'd be easy to compromise.

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If he weren’t a billionaire, he’d be sectioned/committed.

I mean, I think everyone has "that uncle" who they have to put up with for the holidays, and those guys are all walking around existing in non-sectioned/committed society. He'd just be another crank who is drinking the Kool-Aid instead of this rich fuck who everyone listens to despite their being whack-a-doo.


Someone needs to hack the mainframe of xitter and put this as the default logo.


Wait, do we pronounce xitter and "zitter" or "shitter"?

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I pronounce it ‘Twitter.’ Because since he’s decided to remove the rule on Twitter against deadnaming trans people, I’m going to deadname his precious website.


Why do i get the feeling he cares more about that than about deadnaming trans people…

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It's not deadnaming since Apartheid Andy didn't have the moral authority to rename twitter.

Continuing to correctly call the platform people tweet on twitter is nothing at all like referring to a person with a name that threats a person as though they haven't authority to assert own identity.

Conflating the two is not ideal.




Any explanation they’d try to give would be an obvious lie anyway. It’s already clear what the real explanation is.


"X" permanently banned me when I posted a comment saying that education and progress are good for people. Now I'm banned for life. That was just wayyyyyyy to "leftist" a thing for me to say I guess. Which is why I see my ban from X as a big accomplishment - you know you've told the truth when it makes people angry enough to ban you.

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I don’t trust any of them, all of them seem opposed to federation. Useful idiots.


I don’t like that, “leftist”, has become a word used outside conservative circles. It sounds shitty and is as meaningless as, “rightist”.


They used to use liberal like it was something to be ashamed of. And I think they thought we were ashamed of it too. They finally figured out we don’t have a problem with calling ourselves liberal, so they came up with a new word.


From a casual outside (the US) observer it just seems like it’s the price that gets paid in a two party state where there are apparently no centrists. Americans give me the impression that it’s either team Red or team Blue. Does anybody ever say: “I like a bit of this… but I also like a bit of that.”?


Also doesn’t help that the USA political spectrum consists of “right” and “far right” so while they may call it “left” it’s only left compared to the far right.


This is something I wish that more people understood. In almost any other democracy in the world, Bernie Sanders is only slightly left of center. On a global scale, US Democrats are a center-right party and US Republicans are a far-right party. There are no successful left-wing politicians in the United States.


Good point. The idea that Bernie Sanders (?) is seen as ultra left wing is incredible to me. Americans would probably spontaneously combust if they got to read some of the left of centre manifestos from relatively normal European parties.


There are plenty of us. The problem is the two party state. Any independent or centrist candidate is going to get drowned out.


For as long as people like you exist there’s some hope… but I do fear ‘24 won’t be a year of political reconciliation. Perhaps things must get even worse before they improve? Good luck whatever happens.


Yes, there are some who say that. They get agreed with in person, ignored at the local party/voting level, scoffed at by media, screamed at in general on the internet, and scolded on places like lemmy or reddit (if not screamed at). There are policies that I like that for some reason have to be lumped in with policies I detest no matter which party I look at. One party (fucking GOP) is way worse than the other, but try to have a rational discussion with anonymous or outside-of-your-social-circle people, and any criticisms of a party are like blaspheming their god.


Yeah. Succinctly put. I hope things improve, or at least change, at some stage; but as I said in another reply I don’t think the short term prognosis looks too healthy. Best of luck to you.


try to have a rational discussion with anonymous or outside-of-your-social-circle people, and any criticisms of a party are like blaspheming their god.

That’s because of the nature of anonymous communication. It is literally pointless to try to convince individual people online. They rarely tell you their underlying motivations, and many times reveal that they know nothing about the subject.


No, the RiNOs were intentionally and specifically hunted to extinction through shame and exclusion. That’s why the name, “Republican in Name Only,” is applied those who don’t embrace the party’s wildest platforms.


Does that mean Log Cabin Republicans are RiNOs? Or just idiots?


Damn. I knew about elephants and donkeys but now I’ve got to read up on rhinos… all jokes aside it looks like polarisation is the problem - which is the two party problem. It must be so frustrating to have views you can’t sensibly talk about objectively with the majority of your peers.


It is wildly annoying. If you want to get the details, check out the book “What’s the matter with Kansas” for a quick history.


Thanks, my friend. I shall take a look at that.

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I think the cops are useless at best and evil at worst and im pro gun/pro CC, I find that our model of capitalism has failed but I’d rather we revert to the political economic ideas of Henry George rather than Karl Marx. Not that either is possible without violent overhaul most likely. Even just a reframing of capitalism to correct for John Adams era economic fallacies would face nigh impossible resistance from those who have already taken most of the pie.

So yeah, we exist. It’s just that we tend to get crowded out due to not falling in line with either ideology. I’ve been called everything from RINO to fascist.


Would you call yourself an Enlightened Centrist?

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No, Im not some “hurr durr both sides are equal” moron. Both sides do have issues, but they’re not equal. The left is on the correct side socially but they often have an incredibly naive view of how the world functions, often operating on “why can’t we all just get along and be rich together?” Levels of fantasy.

However, the US right is socially authoritarian and wants to oppress anyone who doesn’t fit a christo-fascist perspective, and their economic viewpoint is messed up due to conflation of where wages are derived from. So they fail both sides of the coin whereas progressives only fail on economics.

If I HAD to take one of two sides I’m going left, because I refuse to abide by people who hate those that are different, and I have a lot of gay and trans friends. However I don’t agree with the lemming philosophy of Auth-Left being the solution to our problems.


Sounds like Socialist Libertarianism.

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Is it really “socialism” if I think the tax burden should fall on the land owners exclusively and the laborers should derive the larger portion of their labor value than the capitalist that simply made their work more efficient with their capital? Due to wages driving from labor value increasing capital?

We likely wouldn’t even need social safety nets if the capitalists weren’t taking the largest cut on the pretense that wages derive from capital, and the market wasn’t being driven by those with excess wealth.


I understand someone’s economic views would necessarily push them to one side or the other but what I’ve never understood is why gun ownership is so political in the US. From where I am it just seems sad that there’s people in a first world democracy that “need” to be armed just to go out and buy an ice cream. It blows my mind that more isn’t done by all sides (political, manufacturing and citizens) to lower the body count. Any society where members of the public are indiscriminately gunning each other down surely has a big problem. I have zero problems with fire arms - just their application in the US seems a bit fucked. But, like you said about the police, if your biggest gun-toting gang are that trigger happy and indiscriminate then I can’t really blame everyone else packing as a result. Kind of a chicken and egg situation. Hope it works out for you all one day.


Leftist is an appropriate description. What word do you prefer?


The platform whose CEO openly endorses antisemitic “Hitler was right” Tweets would censor left-wing views? What a shocker!

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Musk is showing his other rich kid friends that he is got access to some buttons

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a shitlib isn’t a leftist.


These people need to get off Twitter anyways. This is a nonstory to me


Purging specific ideologies from a massively popular social media platform should probably be a story to you, regardless your opinion of the platform


Yeah i dont know why i click into twitter stories anymore.


T…. Time to leave?


“But… my followers!”


Get out of here Richers!

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If people would just use Mastodon instead of Xwitter this sort of thing would not happen.



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  • CosmicCleric,
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    If people would just use Mastodon instead of Xwitter this sort of thing would not happen.

    Is that what we really want? The moronic masses flooding Mastodon?

    We want ALL people using Mastodon, and not Xwitter.

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    But most people suck

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    No human being is perfect.


    Yes. Obviously, unquestionably, clearly, yes.


    Yes it is, Mastodon isnt a single instance, its a many many instances. If you’re not happy with the moderating/quality on one, move to another instance.


    I think it’s fine as long as their’s no central corporate interest controlling the show. Which is a strength of FOSS, at least those projects with a robust and diverse community.


    Anyone who expects the bourgeoisie to platform those whose politics are a threat to capitalist interests is a fool.


    it’s funny because even Elon’s ego is a threat to capitalist interests, look how much he’s tanked their company value! Honestly I’m cheering for his self-destructive downward spiral to continue - tw*tter was always a cesspool, decent people should have left years ago.


    Any day a venture capitalist fails spectacularly at screwing people over is a good day.


    Musk can do whatever he wants, keeping Twitter (sorry, X, yuck) alive with billions that are peanuts to him. This news isn’t a surprise to me. He talked big about free speech, but it was just talk.


    Musk’s “free speech” is a lot like the Lost Cause’s “states rights”: a fig leaf that intentionally tries to distract from the fact that the only speech/right of concern was that of the most repugnant behavior.


    You can call it Xitter.


    Pronounced “shitter”


    Elon says preferred names and pronouns are dumb.

    Thus I will only refer to twttr by twttr’s original name.


    Or Xitler.

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