It appears you just moved to your personal instance. Unfortunately you can’t federate with past posts and comments until there is activity on them.

So subscribe to a bunch of communities here and there, then just wait a day and your feed should start filling up more.

I think there are bot tools that can help with that process.


Self hosting and then asking this on a tech community is kind of ironic.


Hilarious, though 😆


ArE We AlL ThAt StUpId?!?!


@Rentlar pretty much explained the issue.

Would suggest asking these questions in the dedicated community for selfhosters, who’d be able to point you to specific tools and things you can use to populate your instance with new data from across lemmy !selfhosted

Edit: fix community link


… asks someone who created their account 30 minutes before submitting this post about the “good old times”.


I am not sure about this place though some tech communities I have lost interest in because they became less about cool tech and stuff and more about the companies themselves.


Check out some of the communities on, there’s a focus on diy tech and stuff. the technology communities on, and here have generally cast a wide net on topics.


Maybe a bunch of people are getting frustrated with social media and are starting to touch grass.


I rather smoke grass…

Aurelius, avatar

This community in particular or do you feel this toward all of Lemmy?


Right? What are the specifics here?

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