“Ex-Twitter” So now he’s a “Twas”


I guess you could say he’s Ex-X


If they rehire him, he’s be ex-ex-X


Can twitter just please die. Please

With all these advertisers pulling out, I do not know how we are still talking about it


I feel like that’s the plan. And I’m glad it’s happening.

Twitter has always been a cesspool.

Patches, (edited )

You gotta understand the Saudis are pumping in just enough money to keep the desecrated bones of Twitter alive.

It doesn’t need to be worth Billions to function. It just needs to influence a bunch of deplorables morons. Particularly just in time for the (potentially) last election of our lives.


Elon as always

TheBat, avatar

Classic Elon


Classic idiot CEO


What? Our Elon? Disregards security? I don’t believe it.

Infynis, avatar

To which everyone replies, “Oh, yeah, that makes sense.”

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