avater, (edited )
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easy fix: don’t use the app on your phone.

instead use youtube via your browser with adblock (for instance safari + adblock pro) and create a shortcut on your homescreen. you can use youtube just like in the app, you won’t have any ads and you also can play videos with your screen turned off


Does that have the address bar taking up space on the top of the screen? That seems like the downside. I prefer revanced, but I can understand that some people don’t want to install anything.

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safaris address bar is at the bottom and also hides automatically…so no.


And on firefox you get to choose whether you want it up top or down below.

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Or just use patches or alternative YouTube clients

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why installing something when you just can use your browser and get basically the same experience?

Also those apps will be useless when they mess around with the api just like reddit did.


these apps do not use any official API. if they used it, they would be obliged to comply with the terms of services that most likely force them to show ads or track the users or some other bullshit.

of course these unofficial viewers break from time to time, but in my experience they have been super quick releasing patches fixing it and the user experience is way way better than the official web or app. Fast UI without bloat, no ads, no algorithms, etc.

avater, (edited )
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ok. im gonna stick with my browser solution, don’t need anything else and it works great.

i’m getting downvoted for this, lol 🤣


They don’t realise that it just looks like the app and behaves like YouTube premium with background play if you use Firefox or similar on your phone.

They probably imagine some clunky browsing experience in desktop mode.

Or they’re personally invested in all those apps that I wouldn’t trust my password to.

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same for me. I wouldn’t trust my password to another unofficial app if I could use just my browser for the same experience.


It’s basically only for YouTube these days, since I got my official mailing away from Google, but still.

avater, (edited )
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yeah same for me. Completely moved away from google and only have the account for youtube, and I use that only with either firefox or safari on my mobile devices with an adblocker.


You can’t cast to Chromecast (non-googleTV if that matters) from Firefox mobile, also pull to refresh doesn’t work in browser, and they dont support push notifications for uploads. Revanced works great so I see no reason to switch, and it’s based off of the official YouTube APK so you’re only logging into Google play services, and you get the same native app experience you’re used to with all the addons you’d get from browser extensions built in (adblock, shorts block, sponsorblock, return dislike, background play, etc.)


With Firefox on mobile I can use my personal uBlock filter list to deshitify the search results. That alone makes it superior to Revanced for me (still use it from time to time, but every time I search for something I feel the urge to puke).

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I recently migrated to NewPipe/SponsorBlock from Libretube and can concur that once you migrate your old subs from the csv google is required to send you, the experience is incredible on either platform.

This plus using invidious with rss feeds and yt-dlp/sponsorblock on desktop, and I’ve kept up with all my favorite creators without having visited the Youtube site, seen an ad, or heard a sponsor or a call to action in years.

Oh, and on Android, iif you view this article using Mull with NoScript and Ublock on, content is visible wuth no ads.

Add in a bypass paywalls filter list to ublock and yeah…internet is usable again, lol.


why installing something

I don’t watch YT a lot on my phone, but Freetube for desktop and Newpipe for android (F-Droid) support offline subscriptions, playlists, history and downloads of video or audio, background playback and you can sync both apps.


How’s sponsor block?

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Seems to be doing fine, I’m having no problems with it.


It’s okay to have alternatives. I use NewPipe, Firefox+uBlock and sometimes a YouTube ReVanced app.

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I hate web apps and electron for performance (incl. memory) reasons and the gestures are simply better in the app, not to mention Haptic Touch and crashing due to out of memory on iOS

On the API, that’s why I use a patched client. YouTube isn’t that aggressive with pushing new versions so you install a patched version of the old version like uYouPlusExtra

Also, even when the address bar is hidden in Safari, there’s a much smaller but still existent bar


Because the browser sucks more

A dedicated app is prettier, more functional, and (feels) faster than Firefox + Ublock or Newpipe, actually plays in the background (seamlessly, I might add… looking at you, Newpipe), and allows for more player options.

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that’s maybe your opinion. I have absolute no problems with the look and feel of youtube in safari and I have all the functionality I need (play videos with screen off and on).

It is nearly identical to the app.

helenslunch, (edited )

why installing something when you just can use your browser and get basically the same experience?

Because it’s absolutely not the same experience?

Also those apps will be useless when they mess around with the api just like reddit did.

They break all the time but they always fix them. LibreTube has been broken for the past few days but they’ll fix it soon enough.

E: LibreTube is fixed temporarily by switching to HLS.

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Because it’s absolutely not the same experience?

It looks pretty much like the app, I get recommendations like in the app, can watch my subscriptions like in the app, can see comments, video or fullscreen mode. Don’t know about you but for me this just feels like the app.

They break all the time but they always fix them. LibreTube has been broken for the past few days but they’ll fix it soon enough

That just sounds awful and would be a reason for me to stay far away from these apps

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I wouldn’t be surprised if in the near future they make it so the only way to watch Youtube on mobile is through their app. It seems like they’re getting desperate, and that seems like the logical conclusion.

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I really hope not. Otherwise that would be the end for me. Same as reddit I simply would delete my account and uninstall everything related to it :)


Every time I think “maybe I’ll buy youtube premium today” I see something like this and decide to insure ublock is updated.

If you go anti consumer I go anti company.



Newpipe, newpipe, newpipe


There are ads on YouTube? 😒

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There are videos on youtube?

Ranger, (edited )

Download an add blocker, it’s not just a better experience but can protect you from some malware exploits.



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Lol, keep making ads longer and unskippable and watch what happens.


This is just petty

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Piss on all google entities.

Zerush, (edited )
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No ads here with adblocker + this. Anyway now I watch YT well with LightTube, or well on Desktop with MotionBox Video Browser or SMplayer. Faster, better quality and without any ad. FYT


more like fuckyoutube amirite yes i am

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I would pay for YouTube Premium, like I had been when I was a student ($7.99/month), but I’m not a student anymore and they want $19 a month. Fuck no.


Subscribing through the iOS YouTube app is $19 because of Apple’s cut. He might mean that?


Apple tacks on another 50%? That seems high.


My place of work requires Microsoft Edge or Google chrome. I’m having trouble with the ad blockers not working. Is there some combination that I should be using that would circumvent this? Or is the only option firefox? Obviously, everything I own at home and personal devices are Firefox :)


Use an alternative fromt end in edge. Piped is a good one and there are a lot of public instances available github.com/TeamPiped/Piped/wiki/Instances


Use work browser for work and firefox for everything else?


Edge with ublock works. Have to clear cache every once in a while.


SponsorBlock still works via Firefox.


Using ublock on Firefox, still working

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That one was never blocked, youtube doesn’t gain money when surfshark pays a youtuber to tell you it’s a good vpn.


It also blocks normal answers well though

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