But does it still watch the ads, or does it use adblocking?


The question to rule them all

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All this will do is piss off creators due to monetization reasons, lead them to complain against YouTube, forcing YouTube to change their monetization process, which will lead to again changing the way videos are made.

And at the end, they will find a way to again shove ads in your face more efficiently.


But can it watch videos with me? 🥺


and if they make it beautiful , make it wear a lot of makeup, skimpy clothes and heels then fuck yeaahhh I am down to netflix and chill


Video Essayists may get destroyed from this.


Anyone can already summarize YouTube videos:


Holy shit, that indeed works. That’s crazy…

Pxtl, avatar

That’s cool and all but they could’ve just made sure the regular-ass search indexer was consistently aware of the video transcripts.

Many times I’ve searched for a video I’d seen using a specific quote I remembered from the vid… And got nothing, and had to painstakingly find the video manually.


This is what pisses me off about the modern internet more than anything else. Most things don’t need to be a video. Written prose works so much better for most information content. This is how the internet used to be before YouTube.


My man. Thank you. I have been screaming at my wife about this for years as if it was her fault. I’m really starting to think it’s because a lot of people are low key border line illiterate.

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This will be handy whenever someone responds to a comment with "this link proves my point!" And a link to an hour-long ramble.


So, first they rewarded YouTubers for wasting ever more of your time, making you watch as many ads as possible, and now they’re building a tool to sort through that whole crap content?


Thankfully… But ads will be interlaced seamlessly into the resulting summary.


You’re not wrong, even the way the YouTube algorithm works pushes video creators to follow certain things to ensure they’re videos get suggested by the algorithm. Shit like, someone’s video is about making some crazy RC helicopter, I’d like to watch the video in chronological order, with discussion, planning, the build, then see the helicopter. But nearly every single YouTube video like this starts with 5-10 second clip of the end product, kinda removes the build up.

So years of that bullshit has forced video makers to do insanely fast jump cuts during dialog, because we can’t have a normal human amount of pauses in speech, and all these other trends which have objectively made videos worse. On top of that, the inclusion of “video sponsors” so we can baked in advertising, and sometimes to the tune of quite a few minutes long. Algorithms seem like they make a lot of difference services objectively worse under the guise of improving the users experience.

FlyingSquid, avatar

I just don’t watch videos with unnecessary jump cuts. They annoy me too much. If you can’t do it all in one take, at least get a second camera.

CleoTheWizard, avatar

To play devils advocate, a lot of what you described is just about the hustle culture of YouTubers and how the platform has evolved aside in its meta. People figured out that using an essay-like format and having a video hook gets more views. And that slow videos with less information get less views. All of that would’ve happened regardless of the company.

There’s also a hustle culture where these fun side projects are now jobs because YouTube pays their creators. That’s led to some good content, but also a mountain of trash. All of that happens regardless as long as YouTube is paying anybody.

The algorithm absolutely does a lot but the algorithm would exist regardless. All of this is inevitable because it’s how humans work. Also a lot of the content you ask for still exists, you just have to sift to find it.

YouTube is an interesting case because most of what they do wrong has little to do with algorithm and all to do with DMCA protections and poor discoverability (separate algorithms).


Just use, and if the transcript is too long, send it to a summarize like Kagi.


Yo dawg… I heard you liked summaries so I summarized your summary.


It’s going to devolve into the ai telling you “good,” “bad,” “very good,” or “very bad” for everything and you won’t even need to watch it.


Holy shit, this is a hilarious idea but also terrifying.


I wonder if Bard can plain watch you. Like you consent to have Bard use your webcam the entirety of the time its open and even if you detoggle or choose to disable and de-permission it explicitly. What a time to be watched and tracked perpetually alive 🧞‍♂️


I think Google and other companies would like that. Particularly to watch your eyes and see what draws your attention on the page. For the ads, obviously. Because we live in the worst timeline.

NOT_RICK, avatar

A boring panopticon


Talk dirty to me, Big Brother

miss_brainfart, avatar

On that note, can phones bring proper borders back? Damn hole-punch cameras make it unnecessearly hard to cover them up


Bezel = Life

morrowind, avatar

android now lets you disable the camera on an OS level. Not quite as good as hardware, but close.

miss_brainfart, avatar

Is this new with Android 14?

morrowind, avatar

No it’s been around for a couple of years

miss_brainfart, avatar

Do you mean the sensors toogle that you can enable from the developer options?

Or is there actually a separate feature for this?

morrowind, avatar

No a seperate feature. It should be in your quick toggles but may depend on your oem

miss_brainfart, avatar

Oooh, I see what you mean, just found it. Would be cool if it allowed for more granular control though, so it would prompt to enable access just for the app you want to use, and not globally

morrowind, avatar

Like camera permissions? We’ve had those for over a decade

miss_brainfart, avatar

Well damn, I bring honour to my username.

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This is why webcams have a little light next to them to indicate that they are active. If it's on when it's not supposed to you know you've got a problem to fix.


I still cover 'em. Just need one for iPhone 🤔


Then it can watch the fucking ads for me.


Soon enough, the AI will be able to kill us and live our lives for us.

anonionfinelyminced avatar

I hope it enjoys its existential despair.


Then it’ll make meat bots to do all the dreadful stuff and the cycle will begin anew


If its really intelligent it will know better and just leave us to suffer


There’s a good chance if it’s really intelligent it will act to enhance our suffering. Like we do to lesser intelligent beings for some reason


If that somehow insures it’s success I suppose. But if it ends up with the kind of intelligence that humans have developed—heavily influenced by survival and evolutionary traits, it’ll do whatever is best for its survival. It might need us to stay happy and keep feeding it data, or decide we’re the most efficient labor for robot repair or power generation or whatever.

Then AI could want to keep us like we keep working dogs, or even just pet dogs if we’re lucky(and cute enough).


You have to remember we evolved as meat sacks full of chemicals. As in we have rich sensory input and chemical signals that give us powerful emotions. An ai is just a neural net made of silicon, it doesn’t get a boost in serotonin or a lift in dopamine to motivate it. You can program it to act like it feels but without the chemicals and pathways to support these feelings who knows what we’ll get. Add on top the ability for it to tweak and write its own code and there’s a lot of possible outcomes other than good ones.


Oh for sure. It won’t have to worry about its gut bacteria making it angry and irrational when it hasn’t had a snack in 7 hours.

Maybe it’ll get tied up constantly fighting competing AIs for survival if they are allowed to interconnect. Then we might get overlooked while it’s busy with its own shit.


I have no mouth and I must scream


No you don’t understand, you watch the ads while the AI is watching the video for you.


Would be great if it can watch a video and generate timestamps for me to skip to specific sections.


From what I remember it kinda does. I searched for something(accidentally on Google. I exclusively use ddg) and it showed a video with a specific timestamp with that exact information. Impressive. Not really worth it since I can read rather than watching some dude making thumbnail crazy face about new Svelte update.

morrowind, avatar

Youtube was already trying autogenerated sections, did they drop this experiment? I bet it lowered watch times

LazaroFilm, avatar

Can it block the ads on YouTube?

FlyingSquid, avatar

No, you have to read a text summary of at least two ads before it gives you a text summary of the video. And the text summary of the video is broken up with other text summaries of ads.

BlinkerFluid, avatar

“Basketball player and genie, Shaquille O’Neil is holding a dominos pizza box and asking if you’d like to Shaqeronni your evening.”


You’re joking but that’s possibly how this is gonna be monitized in the future. In the end it might just look like current day news articles with ads interspliced throughout.


So basically we’re back to banner ads from the 1990s internet? Or even further back, newspaper ads?


Ublock Origin can. It’s available for Firefox on Android. No similar options for iOS or TV apps that I know of, though.

LazaroFilm, avatar

I use UYouPlusExtra on iOS. Side loaded with SideStore (no jailbreak)


If TV uses android (for example fire stick) you can use

Also not on iOS but android you have ReVanced:…/

With Android you also can use Firefox, where you can install uBO.

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