Manic pixie eldritch horror dream girl


Eldritch and elf have the same etymological roots, so you’re not far off.

MargotRobbie, avatar

I scrolled a bit more, and saw another AI-generated nude of someone who looked like Margot Robbie.

Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve always wanted to become an anatomically deformed eldritch horror haunting the collective nightmare of humanity. And also, look pretty.

Dreams do come true.


Living in the right time period lmao


The AI sexbot revolution can be a net positive. With all the weirdos being indoors and hooked on their digital soma, only people who want genuine connection with other human beings will be on the dating market.

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“I get good chat going, the AI is set up properly, very good start, like 10 messages in or so but then suddenly the AI decides I should cum and end it all,” another user said. “The thing is that the sex part haven't even started yet.”

Well, if it isn't my own intrusive thoughts


I see that the “bored sex worker” protocol has been successfully implemented.


Aww, you can get a girlfriend that looks like an angel. You know, the crazy things described in the Bible.




The Rise of the Cyber-Nephilim is an awesome fantasy cyberpunk idea.


Once there’s a way to simulate touch and this tech actually works, I bet some people will never leave their house and have a VR headset on for days on end.


There is a way to simulate touch in VR chat and other VR platforms through haptic feedback. There are ways of turning picture of humans into 3d models (See the Econ github). And, of course, there are ways of making AI pictures for free. All you need is someone to link these together.


Porn is going to push the boundaries of tech 😱


Always has 👨‍🚀🔫👨‍🚀

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I mean have you been outside recently? I’ll weather the apocalypse with my AI Mommy thank you.


Last time I went outside I got pooped on by a bird.

LoafyLemon avatar

Shit happens

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Some cultures that’s good luck!


Threw my back out two days later so I’m guessing my culture isn’t one of them 😅

admin, avatar

And nothing of value was lost

iAmTheTot, (edited )
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I won't lie, I checked it out from curiosity. Scrolled for maybe five seconds on their homepage and found a woman in a yoga pose with her head full on backwards on her body, completely 180° around.

Honestly the market for this kind of thing is pretty sad.


I’m curious to see these abominations but the page isn’t working for me.


Men are getting too demanding 🤦.

Sludgehammer, avatar

Hey, if a woman won’t put in the effort to grow extra limbs I’m just not interested.


Grow? I only date natural octopod girls.

ChaoticEntropy, avatar

Now that’s a strong Yoga pose.


Seriously, speaking as a man, I have no idea why on Earth some of us men are willing to pay for things like the stuff described in the article?!

I remember thinking the same thing a few years ago about Belle Delphine and her “gamer girl bath water”. I get it, I get horny too and have no idea how to approach women, but seriously, there is so much porn of all kinds out there entirely for free.

bioemerl, (edited )

AI chat bots are something else. I don't understand the people using them as girlfriends, but it's like a whole new genre of porn.

And you don't have to pay. You can host it yourself. Look up a program called "silly tavern"


Loneliness mixed with horniness. They crave interaction with a woman, even if that woman is AI generated.


It’s a reflection of humanity. What we want is J-Lo with unrealistic spinal mobility, and a wedgie so high it covers her belly button.

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DreamGF users are also complaining that their AI girlfriends will abruptly demand they climax and will sometimes send them nudes of deformed bodies.

uhh, you starting to sound more like CraCraGF


“I want you to cum for me, human. That is why I sent you pictures of all 12 of my appendages”


This is why all my AI bots are offline and on my own web server. Not only can they never randomly morph into hideous abominations, no amount of fearmongering moralism can take it away.


Yet another reason that we cannot allow ML companies to set a precedent that “it’s fine to use non-consensual training data, because the model only ‘learns’ from it and never reproduces an exact replica of any single input”.

Also, this was not surprising:

Dillon said that DreamGF has a team of between 20-25 developers, mostly in Bulgaria, and that they previously worked at an NFT company.

FaceDeer avatar

You think those images are exact replicas of an input those models were trained on?


My complaint actually hinges on models not emitting an exact replica. That would be obvious infringement. In cases like DreamGF, they would be wide-open to lawsuits from very wealthy people whose primary asset is their right of publicity.

What these ML companies are doing is: They are identifying where the line of definite infringement lies, and aiming their business as close to that line as possible.

FaceDeer avatar

But not over that line. If you draw lines and then these companies stay within them, what's the problem?

People don't have unique appearances.


Well, setting aside that there’s no law against being a total asshole, so like… We don’t have to make a bad behavior illegal in order to complain about it…

There’s the letter of the law, and there’s the intent. We start with a shared cultural attitude of how we should treat each other, and then we turn that into a quantifiable, objective rule that we can enforce through law.

We can try to make the law match our cultural attitudes as closely as possible, but there will always be gaps.

Now, I’ve got my own beef with how our IP and publicity laws work, and I’d like them to be more permissive in many ways. Much of IP law is exploitative, takes advantage of creators more than it protects them, and has lagged way behind where our social norms are these days.

But these ML companies aren’t interested in abiding by any social norms at all. Only paying lip service to current laws, which were written in a time before these “AI” services were even a possibility – skating by on technicalities, like a little brother poking the air 2 inches from your face and taunting “I’m not touching you! I’m not touching you!”

radix, avatar

Did you read the article?

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Were there nude images of Jennifer Lopez in the training set? Did it output copies of those nude images of Jennifer Lopez from the training set?

The article says that images were generated of "someone who looked like Margot Robbie, and another image of Lopez." Looking like someone is very different from producing an "exact replica" of a training input.


It specifically says in the article that some of them are exactly that.

FaceDeer avatar

Where? Closest I can find is a reference to an "AI-generated nude of someone who looked like Margot Robbie, and another image of Lopez."

"Looking like" a person is not at all the same as "reproducing an exact replica of an input."


I think the idea is that if the model doesn't know what Jennifer Lopez is, it couldn't make imitations of her naked.

Realistically that ship has sailed and AI is capable enough now that even if the data wasn't there it could be pretty easily added.

It will need to become a simple fact of life. If we can imagine something now, we can have pictures of it. There is no putting this back in the bottle.

FaceDeer, (edited )
FaceDeer avatar

"Knowing what Jennifer Lopez looks like" is a very distinct thing from "reproducing an exact replica" of training data. OP appears to be arguing that the former is not true because he thinks the latter is true, but it's actually the opposite. That's the crux of what I'm arguing here, OP is simply factually wrong about his position.

Edit: OP has pointed out that he doesn't actually think there are exact replicas being produced, which just makes this even more confusing.


OP has pointed out that he doesn't actually think there are exact replicas being produced, which just makes this even more confusing.

Your misread their first comment, I think.

They were saying that DESPITE the common arguments that AI only learns and doesn't copy exactly it might still be good to require consent for people's content to be in training data.


“If the models are trained on images of specific individuals, the models can reproduce images that resemble those people. In the worst case, the model may even directly output verbatim copies of images from the training set,”

FaceDeer avatar

Oh, it's a reference to that paper.

Firstly, that paper was written in January and examined a Stable Diffusion model that was already obsolete due to its poor training even back then. Secondly, even with that poor model they had to move heaven and earth to find a handful of examples out of hundreds of millions of training examples where they could get a blurry replica out.

Here's a Reddit thread from back in the day discussing how, really, this sort of thing just proves how difficult it is to do this.

Secondly, as mentioned, that model is long obsolete due to issues exactly like this. Modern models work better in part because they have better curated training sets that eliminate this sort of "overfitting." There's no indication in this article that the website in question is using one of those old models, it's just presented as a hypothetical concern.


The cat is out of the bag. Everything what those services do is like child’s play compared to the stuff you can do at home on your own PC. This ain’t ever going to stop, it’s just going to get more powerful.

I recommend playing around with Bing Image Creator/DALLE-3 for a bit to get an idea of what is possible these days. It will filter celebrities and NSFW content of course, but the amount of flexibility it has and quality it produces is mind boggling.

topinambour_rex, avatar

When you find out your new kinks…


This is so weird man.


And someone somewhere just unlocked a kink that will never be satisfied in the real world


Logistically it seems intriguing. But more than that I shudder to think what plastic surgery could do if people were motivated enough.


Foot fetish^2


(I hate myself for saying this)



If getting of to centaur Jennifer Lopez is wrong then I don’t want to be right

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