Most people aren’t concerned about privacy outside of places like here and Reddit.


With Chrome killing ad blocking, they’ll quickly care


Honestly, it seems like people have basically created internal adblockers where they seem to not notice ads.


The plan to deprecate Chrome V2 extensions has been constantly postponed again and again for years now. There is NO SCHEDULED DATE for this to happen currently, and when it is announced it will be more than 6 months out.

Source: groups.google.com/a/chromium.org/…/HjaaCIG-BQAJ?p…

If Google really wanted to kill ad blockers, they would have done this years ago.

They don’t. They want to force ad blockers and other similar extensions to use more efficient APIs that don’t slow down the web. Extension developers overall (not just ad blockers) aren’t happy with the changes, so they’re still working on the APIs.

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IIRC the original cutoff date was supposed to be this summer (or possibly winter).

Not surprised you’re being downvoted but definitely disappointed seeing it.


I’m going to use Chrome as long as I can. If they update and break my Adblock extensions (and there isn’t a fix in a day or two from devs), I switch browsers or find some other workaround.

I’m glad people with more ability to avoid the problem are trying to do so proactively (via ad-on updates, alternative browsers, etc)… so I don’t need to worry about an ‘escape route’… because I know there will be one.


They won’t. The vast majority aren’t using any kind of ad-blockers in the first place or Google would go out of business.

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Google’s doing a pretty shitty job on that front since uBlock is already prepared with a new version that will work largely the same after the changeover.


Do you have a post clarifying how uBlock got prepared? I can’t seem to find anything

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I don’t think it’s just one post, but before last month Gorhill would regularly post to Reddit about it. The MV3 extension is already live in the extension store as well.


Except most people don’t use adblock. I don’t even know how they live


I forget that these people exist sometimes. I can’t ever go back to the internet with no ad blockers.


I suspect they spend most of their time in apps and not surfing the internet. Just a guess really since I saw the mobile traffic exceeded desktop. A lot of people don’t spend hours on the “internet” surfing. Tic Tok sure. Hell I’m getting more and more like that. Even when I use chrome I still only go the the same sites for the most part. lol

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I’m conviced those people aren’t real and everyone is in fact secretly using an ad blocker.

I mean, how do you not get annoyed with so much ads? People are probabaly lying in surveys to trick youtube to not blocking adblockers.


You are mostly right. Think about how many people use chrome on corporate office computers that they do not have permission to install anything on or modify. It’s part of the reason Windows is so dominant. Businesses run windows and chrome a shit ton. I work for a Fortune 100 company. It’s Windows and Chrome across the whole company.

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Permissions, you say? Lemme introduce you to Portable Apps.


Yeah the second anything gets stuck into a USB port, IT is on WebEx like “Get what’s that asshole in pod H-12 doing???”


I think lots of boomers and gen-x do care. (At least the ones I know). They just aren’t tech literate enough to do anything about it.

I think we need more privacy oriented devices and software with simple ux, and advertising that isn’t targetted at the tech community.

Run some TV ads for a privacy enabled smartphone, and play up how it works just the same as your current phone but doesn’t spy on you. Shit like that.

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Hmmm, on the bright side, with lemmy going mainstream maybe some of this culture (including privacy and FOSS) becomes more and more openly discussed.

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I mean I love Lemmy but I don’t see it going mainstream :/
It’s too weird for the general user

@Frostwolf@lemmy.world avatar

Not sure why it’s weird, it’s just reddit but open source?


Whole idea is weird and as of now its lacking features. Like no ability to look on the other instance local feed without registrating there (at least not in apps i use). Also needing to type whole adress with instance name if you want some community from other instance is unhandy.

Also, as far as i understand, there can be the same communities on different instances, so you could subscribe to, idk, cat community on lemmy.ml, but not see anything from cat community on lemmy.world. If its true its kinda stupid, i think there should be a way to associate comunities across fedarated instances.

Hell, even registration is kinda messed up. As lemmy.world shown, you easilly can sign up on overpopulated instances which would drop several times a day. Not sure, it probably fixed for now, but that was a problem when i started.

So far i like the idea and want it to succeed and become popular. But with how elitist people here are usually towards users from other platforms and with overall roughness it kinda seems unlikelly. Maybe it will change when current apps get better, or reddit app developers make versions for lemmy, idk.

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If you click the All, you can see that I am able to see posts from lemmy.ml even though I’m on lemmy.world

@Mountaineer@lemmy.world avatar

Yes, but you would be seeing ALL posts from everywhere your instance knows about.

I kind of like the idea of being on lemmy.world, filtering to say aussie.zone and getting it to show me local.
Or being able to simply get a list of every community on another instance.

These are cool ideas.

@Frostwolf@lemmy.world avatar

But it does show feeds from other instances. Tick all rather than local https://i.imgur.com/aNplNkn.jpg


No, i mean not all, but local from other instances. I dont remember why i needed it, probably discussion of more specialised instances out there. Most down to earth example i can imagine now would probably be trying to find instance on your local language (other than english, ofc).

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There are instances dedicated to other languages, but because they are new, and has not a lot of people, they won’t push at the top of your feed. The best thing for now is to help those instances grow by contributing to the instance and communities. As more activity sprouts, more and more specialized communities and instances will get pushed to the top.

As a start, you can select Hot or New rather than active and see if there are specialized regional instances. Or try directly searching for it.

If not start your own community in the language you desire. Bear in mind that lemmy only has 200k users. And most are probably from the US. So you’ll likely see more mainstream communities and in English.

If that’s still not enough, the best I can advise is to wait until it matures. The more mainstream it gets the more lesser known communities and regional instances can develop or start.


Yeah, probably. Still hope it will be an option in the future. I think the biggest jump in popularity gonna heppen when there is gonna be more developed apps for browsing it, considering that some QoL problems could be fixed by those developers.

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I’m optimistic. So many apps are developing at an astonishing rate. Recall that third party apps offer better experience than official reddit. Given time, third party apps will do the same too.


Agreeing that it's not a seamless transition in user experience from Reddit to Lemmy/kbin. But one thing that at least the instance that I'm on (kbin.social) makes easy is subscribing to various communities (or magazines, which is what they are called on kbin):

I go to the Magazines screen in kbin.social, type.in the general topic I'm interested in (in your example, cats). The search results in kbin.social bring me all of the magazines and communities that have cat in the name, and I subscribe to them all. (Meaning, I don't have to type out the full community address.)

Yes, a lot of it will be redundant and if I don't subscribe to specific communities I may miss some stuff. But I can say that now I have a ton pf.contwct that I'm interested in my "Subscribed" feed (similar to the home feed on Reddit).


I think what would help would be a way to create a multilemmy feature like the multireddit one where you can include communities together.





So long as they are all Federated with each other you could have a multilemmy feed for “cat”

@cousinofjah@twit.social avatar

Keep Lemmy Weird


The irony of this comment duplicating 😅 but yeah you’re right, there needs to be a lot of streamlining first

@torres@lemmy.world avatar

jsjajsj yeah, Jerboa froze on me so I had to retype the comment. I didn’t realise it had already gone through.


I had that issue with Jerboa a lot so I switched to Liftoff, it’s much smoother!

@TonyTonyChopper@mander.xyz avatar

I’ve seen this issue hundreds of times on red dot

@ewe@lemmy.world avatar

I dunno. Lemmy isn’t all that weird outside the first little bit of choosing an instance and signing up for communities. Everything since that has felt extremely normal to me. Some more thought about that and a good instance onboarding workflow can be implemented, that seems like a solvable problem.

@torres@lemmy.world avatar

I completely agree, I don’t find it difficult at all. But I have already tried to recommend it to a couple of friends and just having to go through those first steps was enough for them not to want to use Lemmy.

@001100010010@lemmy.dbzer0.com avatar

Lemmy isn’t weird at all. Now P2P platforms like secure scuttlebutt and aether, that’s some weird stuff. I couldn’t get them working at all (or maybe nobody is using these anymore). P2P is very confusing for me. I assume that a federated network is as confusing for many people as p2p social networks are confusing for me. I guess there will be someone out there who reads my comment and be like: “What? P2P networks are so simple, what don’t you understand?” I guess people just have different amount of tolorance to being confused by complexity of something before they just give up. I couldn’t figure out those P2P systems so I just give up.




I wish that was the case. Privacy is barely a thing in the general public’s eye. FOSS is a spec in the wind in comparison.

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As much as I love Lemmy I don’t see it going mainstream :/
It’s too weird for the general user

@Rooki@lemmy.world avatar

Then why are you here “Generic User 1234”?

@torres@lemmy.world avatar

I’m sorry, I don’t know if “general user” means what I think it means. English is not my first language.

What I meant was that most people who use the internet and social media on a regular basis aren’t exactly nerdy/tech-savvy. So as soon as you start talking to them about federated instances and whatnot, they lose interest.



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  • jtk,
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    But your content would go over so much better in those places. Pretty sure you’ve already found that your Musk-loving, antisemitic, anti-lgbtq+, misogynistic, garbage is not going to make it very far here. “cancel culture” back at it again. Guess Musk isn’t the big brain you think he is. I’m sure you’ll be back with your braindead zombie tribe in no time.


    We could have it both, where big instances like LemmyWorld or BeeHaw becomes the well known public interface, while they maintain federation with smaller instances.


    Yeah I agree. Arguably reddit isn’t even mainstream, and it is exponentially larger than Lemmy now and will remain so for the foreseeable future.

    I’m really loving Lemmy, but it is not even remotely a factor if we are having a conversation about things that are mainstream enough to reflect popular opinion.


    Reddit was too weird for most people until they ended up being in their Google search results for most topics. It will take a while but the Fediverse will eventually reach a level of popularity and mainstream utility.

    @ohmyiv@lemmy.world avatar

    Firefox for Android is a blessing with extensions. Most of my favorite desktop privacy extensions are available on mobile. I love it.

    @FunnyUsername@lemmy.world avatar

    The whole Reddit debacle has really made me rethink all my services. I recently installed duck duck go and still getting used to it, so not quite sure if I’m ready to make another drastic change.

    I used to love Firefox in 2006 or so, but got Chrome when it was released and forgot about Firefox. I think I’ll open a tab in my chrome browser for the Firefox page now…this is how I remind myself to delve deeper into stuff later. Thanks for the inspiration, everyone. Google has irked me ever since removing the Don’t Be Evil mantra.


    If you like the chrome feel, you should check out a browser called brave. It’s built off of chromium (read as: looks like chrome) and can run all the extensions you like, but is built to be privacy minded.


    The difference between ddg and Firefox for me is that Firefox is a genuinely good product, whereas ddg is noticeably worse than Google. Still trying to find a good search alternative.

    @peachfaced@lemmy.world avatar

    I recently learned that ddg is a meta search engine which pulls from Bing search, which is probably why it sucks.

    Tried out brave search engine (uses it’s own search algorithm) and the results have been better. Probably slightly weaker than google.


    I do all my personal browsing on Firefox now. I’m still using chrome, but strictly for work stuff. It’s nice to keep those activities separate, especially since many apps I use for work still discriminate against Firefox.

    @Frostwolf@lemmy.world avatar

    True. It takes a big chance to switch browsers for some. And there may be learning curves, but being intentional about our internet and app use goes a long way to saving headaches in the future. The early investment (ie learning a more open source and free, even FOSS software) will help mitigate loss in case a profit driven company changes or “pivots” to a new direction.


    The best time to start with a new browser is when you get a new device. Since you have to re enter your logins or re enable your pw manager anyway, it’s just a convenient time. That’s when I switched, about 1 year ago when I upgraded phones.

    Duckduckgo app tracking blocker is my new jam too. Which I leaned about here on lemmy about 1 weeks ago when I joined

    @Frostwolf@lemmy.world avatar

    If you use a password manager like bitwarden, there’s no need to enter all your logins. I guess that’s why I’m a bit browser agnostic. I use different browsers for different purposes. And I don’t have to worry about remembering my passwords with bitwarden.


    Maybe this is silly but I worry about the security of password managers. Is Bitwarden very secure and reliable (im assuming yes in your estimation)?

    @TonyTonyChopper@mander.xyz avatar

    Firefox has a super simple way to import everything from your Chrome install. And from what I can tell it has every feature plus more. Was very easy for me to switch. I was actually inspired to try it as my daily driver since Chrome hogs an uncomfortable amount of RAM on my laptop


    There was one extension I used in Chrome that I haven’t found a Firefox replacement for, but I stopped trying to look a while ago and just live without it.

    Was a specific kind of cookie manager: you could whitelist a set of websites to keep their cookies. Everything else would be deleted when you told the extension to do so.

    Too many websites need cookies that stick around indefinitely. But I also don’t want to delete everything everytime I close Firefox, because I may want to keep a website around for a few days without wanting to bother adding it to a whitelist.


    You can do that in the browser settings in both FF and chrome


    I think this might be what you are searching for. I’ve used it a few times and it does everything it promises imho: addons.mozilla.org/en-US/…/cookie-autodelete


    You can do that in the browser settings in bOTH FF and chrome


    I want something more complex than a basic whitelist and blacklist. I already use that in Firefox and it helps somewhat but not wholly. I want to manage specifically when it happens and in accordance to said lists. I haven’t found anything that handles that in the settings.


    Most Chrome extensions can easily be run in Firefox. Simply download the CRX and upload an copy to addons.mozilla.org as an unlisted extension and within a few hours the extension should be approved and ready to install in Firefox.

    Firefox has strong support for the extension cookie management APIs: developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/…/cookies

    @001100010010@lemmy.dbzer0.com avatar

    Reddit being enshittified is what motivated me to switch back to Android. I don’t want to continue using a a locked ecosystem only for apple to one day say: “Welp, no more adblocks 😜 Oh you use VLC? Dude that’s for pirates only. Signal? That’s for terrorists. Standard Notes? What evil plans are you hiding? Banned Banned and Banned.”

    I used iPhones because everyone else was using them so I kinds fell for the peer pressure thinking “Hmm… what are the odds that Apple become evil? Probably don’t have to worry about it.” The Reddit shitshow just triggered a fear in me that made me rethink about my life decisions. Apple’s locked ecosystem suddenly looked terrifying to me, and I just wanna nope out. So I got an Android phone and gave the iPhone to someone. I love my apks and don’t need to worry about Google-Play shennanigans.


    Chrome does have a use, namely Selenium and automation.

    I’m guilty of having Chrome on my PC, as I need to nerf over my favourites to Firefox.

    Firefox is my browser of choice on my Google Pixel 7, but then again no doubt it makes little difference.

    I just choose to use a VPN, so any targeted adverts are blocked regardless of the profile built up from my browsing habits.


    i use 5 browsers 3 of them are based on firefox


    I have too use Edge at work. Is Edge also implementing this shit?


    edge is chromium based so yes

    @avater@lemmy.world avatar

    what are some necessary addons besides ublock?


    I recently did the switch, pretty similar in terms of experience. Only thing I can point out about firefox is that chrome’s page translator is faster and more efficient. I’m using the Google translate extension, if someone knows off a better one.


    I would love to and have tried. But I’ve found too many times that Firefox just doesn’t work for some sites. And unfortunately some of those sites are needed for my work.


    Windows 11 requires TPM 2.0 to be enabled. With this, Microsoft and Chrome have built a complete end to end DRM to the BIOS and hardware level.

    This gives the end users nothing but is wonderful for Hollywood.


    Or use linux ?


    Chrome just werks


    Firefox when you want it to work bester


    Thankfully, I’ve been about Firefox since 2006. People can use what they like, but it does ache me inside seeing someone use Chrome, logged in with the yellow “Update” icon at the top right, an unholy trinity.


    Thank you for reminding me of Librewolf, I haven’t brought myself to install it yet. I wanted to move my profile over, too, though I’m unsure how seamless that would be (it’s worked with other forks I’ve tried, so maybe it’s easy).


    No worries. To be honest, I haven’t tried it. I just saved my bookmarks, uBlock filters, NoScript settings, and then imported it all in. I’m definitely going to try to create a profile in the future to, hopefully, make that process a little easier. haha


    Vivaldi > Chrome


    TOR browser is built off of Firefox and is even more private.


    True, but it is insanely slow, and blacklisted by many websites.


    And you shouldn’t use it for anything sensitive. Anonymous browsing is great, but since you don’t control the exit node, the average user isn’t guaranteed absolute security.


    And you really need to trust Tor exit nodes


    librewolf.net and Mull at divestos.org/pages/our_apps are good options as well if you rather not use TOR.


    Yeah I use both


    This kid is a dumb pile of shit. I recommend everyone block him.


    Seems someone forgot their meds.


    What’s wrong with Brave? Does this effect Brave?


    Isn’t brave having its own controversy right now?


    Is it ever not having one? Brave is one of the shittier browser companies out there.


    Lol so true!

    Yeah but there is an Adblock build in and I can covert whatever shit coin they give me each month to bitcoin.

    @HiddenLayer5@lemmy.ml avatar

    Privacy washing. It’s like buying carbon credits from Shell.


    Brave is ass. Use Vivaldi if you want a Chromium browser that’s actually good.

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