cupcakezealot, avatar

what could go wrong with training your ai based on the posts of the most racist and misogynistic people on the internet?

dylanTheDeveloper, avatar

My god they’ll create a super redditor


That varies by subreddit, which might actually help in training LLMs to recognize the difference.


Damn Facebook is owned by Reddit now?


It’s not 4chan… but someone did train one of those once.

queermunist, avatar

Just think, in 1000 years your body will be long dead but you’ll be forced to live on as a poster! Death is not an option. 😌


I wouldn’t like having my Shitposts harvested.


You know how artists can poison their images for AI… We need a way to poison content on Reddit

FaceDeer avatar

If you're talking about Glaze or Nightshade, those techniques are not proven to be particularly effective. Lots of people want them to work but that doesn't make it so.

cupcakezealot, avatar

i think that’s just called posting on reddit

dylanTheDeveloper, avatar

Shit posts would do it. That’ll turn the AIs into morons who spurt out “rizz” and “skibidi” instead of anything useful


I would say most of the content is already poison.

GnuLinuxDude, avatar

I stopped posting there the moment they pulled the trigger on the API change. I used to like cruising LinuxQuestions and answering people, too.


Yup, I provided a bit of good content, but I left as soon as the API change was announced.


This is going to produce the saltiest AI the world has ever seen.

“Hey reddit ai , give me an idea how to balance my budget and pay my student debt, mate”. “here ya go, I got a noose for you. Also I’m not your mate, dude”.

" Hey reddit ai, draw for me a house with a genz family". Here ya go. " Hey reddit ai, why did you show me a pic of a highway ramp with homeless people?"

KingThrillgore, avatar

This is why I deleted my posts. Also, 60 million is a jokingly lowball figure.

I wonder how reddit users feel about this. I wouldn’t know, I DNS blocked the site months ago.


That’s cute that you think your posts are actually deleted.


I left my posts up because they will actually cause the website to be worth less.

dylanTheDeveloper, avatar

Same, let him cook

ulkesh, avatar

I so want to see Reddit die. I browsed the site for the first time in 2007. I adored it. Now it is nothing but a cesspool of morons trying to find an echo chamber for their idiocy, led by king of the morons, Spez.

It’s time for better competition in this space and the Fediverse is one step toward that goal.

BmeBenji, (edited )

Alt title: Reddit looking to steal value from their millions of free users

mihor, avatar

Fuck /u/spez


FYI: reddit orphans content. In other words your posts/comments are undeletable.

I found instances of such late last year by way of search results. I clicked a username to see more posts by that account. The only content on their profile page was a final deletion message about the API changes.

Their post history was discoverable by using “<username>” on Google. All of their posts/comments still show up under their username instead of the normal [deleted]. Clicking the username takes you to their empty profile page.

So what we know from this now is that reddit has been saving original submissions. Whereas before their claim was that only the last edits are stored. Which is why the deletion scipts became a thing. People took it on good faith that we could delete our posts. At some point they stopped doing that. Or perhaps it was all a lie the whole time. Who knows.

Corkyskog, (edited )

What happens if you edit every other post with absolute nonsense sentences? I doubt they have a way to go through that?


Finally a good use for LLMs


I think in theory simple check such as edits to the majority of a profile would be enough to detect it.


Are you saying the original answers are not nonsense already?


Lol no. I just really want to invent some insane words, forget about them and then see them years later in some media publication that wasn’t properly reviewed and edited.


Chaotic evil! Where do I sign up?


They would probably notice and roll them back. Bulk edits raise some red flags.


No, that’s Google keeping the content of the pages they scraped at the time they scraped them.


It’s a power grab. They’ll justify control over the training data with intellectual property which keeps it out of the hands of everyday people but they stole the “intellectual property” from us in the first place. Then they’ll control the “means of generation”.

Tak, avatar

I’m just wondering what the hell they’re expecting to teach this AI off Reddit user data. Reddit has been scraped for years and most of what could have been learned has already been used I’d assume.

Reddit has been more and more video based lately and it feels to me like it is becoming a less algorithmic version of TikTok.


Pretend your Spez. You know that, but will your investors? Investors now a days just toss money at anything with the word AI.


To have better bots so they can advertise via posts and make it seem like a human recommended it. That’s why a lot of people started using Reddit in the first place. Myself included. Only time I use it now it’s when a search result takes me there. Can’t remember the last time it was a useful result though.


Spez has spent his entire time as CEO chasing the latest tech shiny - reddit crypto, reddit NFTs, reddit video a la TikTok. And he's always managed to do it after the craze has started to peak. So now he's chasing the latest shiny, reddit AI, starting a full year after everyone else already released their products.

He's late yet again, and he's proven repeatedly that's he's failed to understand reddit's greatest strengths and value. This "reddit AI content" and the IPO is his last chance to get some value out of reddit, and his last chance to make money for nothing because no one is going to hire him in a leadership role ever again. I just wonder if he's smart enough to understand that, or whether he's just hoping to get enough money to fully build out and stock his personal doomsday bunker.


So they’re cashing in by selling other people’s conversations.


cosmicrookie, avatar

Imagine AI mods trained by reddit mod models.


“Trained by the sweaty armpit of humanity”

ajsadauskas, avatar

@cosmicrookie @ardi60 "Why does this bloody thing keep asking 'a/s/l' and 'Do you want a NSFW roleplay?' even when I tell it no?!?!"


I would love a GPT model that just replies to every prompt with “Ya’ll can’t behave.”


Y’all need Jesus


There’s nothing stopping anyone doing the same with lemmy posts though is there?


NO! There isn’t, lemmy is one giant honeypot.

Gonkulator, avatar


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  • Custoslibera,

    Could you post your social security number, please?


    Nah, lemmy censors that, but only if it’s your Social Security number. Here, I’ll post mine as proof.

    With dashes:


    And here’s a different SSN that’s not mine:


    Pretty cool!

    KingThrillgore, avatar

    It shows my password as hunter2 on my end how about yours


    then call me winnie the pooh


    I am waiting for an LLM that trained on 4chan it would be pure gold.

    wagesj45 avatar

    Not good enough it only trained on /pol/ it seems

    wagesj45 avatar

    Fair. The rest of the site is a lot more normal. More being a relative term, of course.


    Uh i don’t think anypart of 4chan is normal they are the kind of people who you will hate IRL

    wagesj45 avatar

    What makes you think that?


    Take a guess

    TacoButtPlug, avatar

    Oh no.


    Fuck 4chan


    I don’t want STDs.


    She got the sprit

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