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Heart disease is a major killer, this is excellent news! If you are effected by heart disease or know somebody who has been (or if you’re just enthusiastic about medicine), consider donating some of your computer’s idle time to DENIS@Home. You can set it to only run when your computer is idle, and it helps researchers who are working to refine electrical models of the heart. Fair warning: They don’t always have workunits available, I encourage you to check out the many other !boinc projects if you are interested. World Community Grid is another great health one, as is SiDock.


Looks like meat is back on the menu, boys!

Seriously, though, this is really cool. But maybe some biologist can fill me in, what are the side-effects of this? Would it also reduce the useful stores of cholesterol? Or are we just fixing a mutation that causes heart problems?


Ldl isn’t really good in any quantity in the blood.


The first patient was treated just six months ago, and researchers are still following all of the participants.

Probably won’t find out what the side effects are for awhile yet.

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