SomeGadgetGuy, avatar

The OnePlus Watch 2 is here!
This is maybe the most stunning turn around I've seen from a tech brand. Where the first OP watch was... Not great... Their follow up is one of the nicest wearables I've reviewed recently. Hit the video for the full scoop and give it a share!

#tech #technology #oneplus #onepluswatch2 #smartwatch #android #wearos#geek #bbtg

natejung, avatar

@SomeGadgetGuy can you put third party complications on any of the OnePlus watch faces?

SomeGadgetGuy, avatar

@natejung Good support for apps that properly report complications, if that makes sense.
I haven't installed a lot on the watch, but apps like Keep, Google Calendar, fit, wallet, and Outlook all offer up options that work with the OP watch faces.

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