She is quite possibly the most popular pop star of all time. She had indeed done things greater than dating a football player.


Isnt she also a recent billionaire from the era tour?

“Dating a football player” is basically the least damaging thing a billionaire has ever done, so that itself is a feat.


yeah normally I’d give two fucks about who some pop star is dating but dude seems legit progressive for a sportsballer and good for her.


Just some friendly info, if you don’t care it’s “I wouldn’t give two fucks”.

“I’d give two fucks” means that you do, in fact, give a fuck.

But then again, maybe you don’t give a fuck.

ivanafterall avatar

Next you're going to tell me Avril Lavigne married a sk8r boi, after all.




Sorry, girl, but you missed out

Well, tough, luck that boy’s mine now

We are more than just good friends

This is how the story ends

The song is about the ballerina girl rejecting the skater boy and she’s the one who gets him.


Well… How many touchdowns did he get in one game?

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