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dumples, in Taylor Swift made her Eras Tour movie mid-strike by doing everything Hollywood won’t: actually meeting unions’ demands
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So basically she met all of their demands for a self-funded film which will likely get a profit within a weekend. Seems like the demands aren't real profit killers like movie studios are saying. Who would have guessed.

Way go go Taylor. Really showing how being a good person can work while still making money

Santiago, in Taylor releases surprise double album "The Anthology"

Funny thing about being in Europe, is that the album was released at 6 am. So when I woke up I could listen to the first album for a few minutes before she released the double album, and I spent most of the day listening to it, so by the time the US woke up to listen to it, I had already gone through most of it. I love this album. I haven’t found a song I dislike yet. My advice is to listen to it as it is, not in shuffle mode. Some songs altogether make the mood of the album greater.

Latuga17, in Taylor releases surprise double album "The Anthology"

I’m really liking the anthology part of the album. The first part I’m mostly not in love with, but it will probably grow on me!

hollyberries, in Taylor releases surprise double album "The Anthology"

What does everyone think of it? My favourite tracks (going down the list) are:

Track list, opinion- TTPD - Guilty as Sin? - The Smallest Man Who Ever Lived - Clara Bow - Cassandra - The Bolter Disclaimer: I am Deaf and can’t understand the lyrics without reading/memorising them. I also lack the ability to hear most of the high-end without cranking my hearing aids up to a painful level. Musically, its a bit mid compared to the other albums, especially Midnights (my favourite), likely due to the hearing issue. I do think it will grow on me over time the way that 1989 did. I added The Bolter while typing this, for example xD Lyrically, I love all of the ones I’ve cared enough to look up. 💖 Remember, this is an opinion! 🙈

CatZoomies, in Taylor releases surprise double album "The Anthology"
@CatZoomies@lemmy.world avatar

Very excited about this release - the double album was a surprise. My spouse similarly also went to bed around 5 AM after it launched.

I’m gonna find some time to immerse myself and listen to it this weekend.

@scrubbles@poptalk.scrubbles.tech avatar

Definitely should! I haven’t listened yet because I have a flight tomorrow and this will be perfect

@CatZoomies@lemmy.world avatar

Oh yeah definitely do. I have to run a bunch of errands this weekend so good to blast this in the car for the first couple of listens. 31 tracks - so much music!

notnotmike, in Taylor releases surprise double album "The Anthology"
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My wife stayed up to listen to the first release, then came to bed before the second set released. It’s bow 5am and I’m debating whether or not to wake her up…

@scrubbles@poptalk.scrubbles.tech avatar

Probably should play the album quietly so she can wake up to it!

andrew_s, in Taylor releases surprise double album "The Anthology"

From Rolling Stone:

With the addition of the bonus songs, The Tortured Poets Department now clocks in at 31 tracks (that’s 13 backwards)

well, of course.

Looking forward to getting a chance to listen to this.

hollyberries, in The Tortured Poets Department - APRIL 19

Its tomorrow! AAAaaaaaaa~

dumples, in All collector's edition CDs are back in stock
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So many options. Already pre ordered the vinyl. Don't remember what version now. Just got to wait and see

@scrubbles@poptalk.scrubbles.tech avatar

Yeah I did the same with the first version, didn’t realize it was one of 4, but figured eh, that’s the one I’m getting I guess. I bought like 6 versions of midnights because of hype and new songs and whatnot. Never again I decided


My rule is that she gets my money for one edition, and the others are “procured” elsewhere. The white vinyl is going to look great in a frame and I have the Target edition of Lover coming from the US at the same time for the same reason lol

@scrubbles@poptalk.scrubbles.tech avatar

that’s a good rule. Midnights proved that we can have upwards of 8 different versions and none of them have all of the songs. At this point I’ll buy the one that I think looks the nicest, but yes uh, procure the rest of the songs elsewhere. I use Plex so I then just made a “Complete” edition with all of them stitched together.

@pootriarch@poptalk.scrubbles.tech avatar

aye, sailors, i see. are the bonus tracks purchasable loose, or do they try to make you buy the whole album?

@scrubbles@poptalk.scrubbles.tech avatar

Usually to get the whole album, which j think is why she broke so many records with midnights, which I really don’t like

TheMinions, in Jail for Swift concert cheat who claimed he was a fan but did not know any of her songs

I’m glad he was caught and punished. 6 weeks doesn’t seem that unreasonable of a jail time. Hopefully he’s actually remorseful.


In the US, he would have gotten 10 years for this and only like 3 years if he had murdered them. That is, of course, an exaggeration, but our justice system definitely hands out long punishments.

BoisZoi, in Me every time I watch the Eras Tour Movie
@BoisZoi@lemmy.ml avatar
charles, (edited )

Taylor Swift gives out her hat to a person in the front row during “22” of every Eras concert. One of the shows recorded for the Eras Movie the hat was given to Kobe Bryant’s daughter, which is what’s shown. Edit: Kobe Bryant died suddenly in a helicopter crash in January 2020.


Why is that a tragedy?


Because Kobe Bryant died. Guess I should have included that in my explanation.


I see now,

In 2020, Bryant, along with his daughter Gianna and seven others, died in a helicopter crash in Calabasas, California.

That was a tragedy, indeed 😞

scrubbles, in Taylor Swift The Eras Tour on Disney plus
@scrubbles@poptalk.scrubbles.tech avatar

I’m disappointed too that it’s not the “Full” concert, and it’s made me a bit disappointed at the release. First the concert in theaters wasn’t the full thing, then the rental wasn’t, and still the streaming version isn’t. Really bums me out.

Listen to it on repeat though! Who cares?!


I agree. I thought we would get the interludes but we didn’t. It’s better than nothing tho. I found an audio online which is the concert with all the tracks separated but it is not loud enough so it makes me cringe a bit, but I’m still happy to have it. She really should release just the audio. I would pay for it. 😜

@scrubbles@poptalk.scrubbles.tech avatar

that’s the whole thing that bothers me, that I would gladly pay money for a full copy of the concert. Hell, if she released a sweet 4K UHD copy with one disc of the audio and another of the concert itself - I would pay… too much money for that! But I have a feeling this is going to be the best we get


I agree too. It’s the same with TTPD. I only bought one version and I prefer to keep the money for things like the Live concert or tickets, as you never know. Rumors say she will extend the tour in 2025 more eras 😎 I suspect she may release another version of the actual concert. It could be the extended Taylor Version.

@scrubbles@poptalk.scrubbles.tech avatar

Exactly the same, I bought way too many copies of Midnights, TPD I bought the first one and I’m holding on to my money. If I see a signed one I’ll try for that, but otherwise that’s my money spent.

I think a lot of other people are agreeing with that, as I’m seeing more and more still for sale, I don’t think I’ve seen any version except the first sell out.


I couldn’t get the first one so I went for the regular version. She may end up releasing a fifth version with all the bonus songs in it like she did with Midnights. Then you have YouTube and Spotify to listen to all of them. Here in Spain I don’t think we can get the signed ones. We don’t even get the Target edition. And the Eras vas available this morning and not at midnight… Anyway I’m still happy with anything from her.

@scrubbles@poptalk.scrubbles.tech avatar

Trust me, don’t beat yourself up about the target versions. They are not very special, even if social media tells you they are. I have the lavender edition of Midnights which had the extra song, but other than that it’s just a regular CD. I’ve seen some posts saying it’s a game changer getting the target edition, and… meh.


I’m not, I will just buy what I can afford, it’s not a game changer for her whether I buy all the different versions of her albums or just one. I have been there with Madonna and it gets absurd in the end. Now I only buy what I feel is worth the money. Tickets for concerts and some memorabilia, but that’s all. I’m happy I found this place. I follow more swifties on Meta but I was told the fediverse is more friendly.

@scrubbles@poptalk.scrubbles.tech avatar

Of course, and we’re happy to have you! We’re small, but we’re here. It comes in waves from what I see, I try to post the major news I see and give my opinions. Not everyone on the fediverse likes us… as I see we have a nice downvote troll here that I’m going to go investigate, but I like our group

Edit: There, apparently the troll didn’t realize I’m an instance admin and can just blow away their votes lol.


I understand. I have a guy I follow on Facebook that is having issues with people telling him that he’s not a real swiftie because they know better. It’s really annoying to see the level of trolling on the Internet. Some people seem to have a lot of spare time on their own. Fortunately the fediverse is better, it reminds me of how it was years ago. But it is nice here.

@scrubbles@poptalk.scrubbles.tech avatar

That’s actually something I wanted to start this community off with, no notions of toxic behavior like that. I don’t like swifties or other fandoms gatekeeping their fandoms, that’s not fun for anyone but the gatekeeper. I also don’t like celebrity worship, Taylor is just as fallible as any of us, so I encourage honest discourse, but I have banned people for just being outright jerks as well. Discourse fine, but namecalling will get a removal.

Hope you like it here!


I know it was a bumpy start as I don’t know how this works really. I came here as the owner of our instance on mastodon told me about this, I don’t even know how reddit works. 🤣 I agree with you about the idolising of pop stars, I have seen it many times before. Fortunately swifties are more sane. Although some may be rotten apples as usual.

pootriarch, in Watch Taylor Swift | The Eras Tour (Taylor's Version) | Disney+
@pootriarch@poptalk.scrubbles.tech avatar

wth ‘taylor’s version’? like there was an o.g. eras tour that made money for scooter?

@scrubbles@poptalk.scrubbles.tech avatar

Yeah, the marketing is real weird to me on this one. It implies the last versions weren’t her versions, but they were… Idk the whole movie release has been slimy to me. Why have separate versions at all? Why do the weird releases? Of course the answer is money though.

CatZoomies, in Do Fediverse Swifties have any plans when Eras hits D+?
@CatZoomies@lemmy.world avatar

Is there any difference in the content for the Eras Tour on Disney Plus? My spouse and I went to the Eras concert, then saw it at AMC (so we could get those darn metal popcorn buckets), and then I also archived my own local copy of the Eras Tour. If there’s another version, not only would I not be surprised, but it’d also give me something to seek out!

@scrubbles@poptalk.scrubbles.tech avatar

There are 4 additional songs coming for the D+ version. I’ll hold off on my opinions about how she does her rollout for now (because I have a lot of them), but yes I’ll be in the same boat as you, seeking out the new version as soon as it drops! I believe Cardigan is one of the new songs that will be in there

OneMansTrash, in Taylor (and I) are asking you to get out and vote today

As important as voting is, I don’t care what Taylor has to say about it. She and I are in vastly different economic, social, and professional circumstances, and her opinion means nothing to me.

Bo7a, (edited )

As an old man I have basically no opinion on her. But this post doesn’t give you an opinion of hers. It states that you should go vote for who best represents you.

[Edited to remove snark]

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