The latest mini I painted for my DnD group, it a homebrew creature called a Kipine

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Source for the stats (Not mine)

Source for the model (Also not mine)

I painted it using a some Army Painter Speed paints, some Vallejo Paints, Apple barrel craft paint, and Rust-Oleum primer.

It’s not the best I’ve done but I’m still happy with how it came out.

EDIT: After some digging I was able to find the original art that was used for the stat block. Link

Cris_Color, avatar

That looks fucking incredible my guy. What a dope monster design; you did an incredible job bringing it to life


Probably a stupid question, but how do you pronounce that?

Skua, (edited )

Apparently it's named after the deviantArt profile where the person that first made the statblock saw the art that inspired it. Which I kinda love. The artist in question is Finnish, so assuming that her name is pronounced roughly in line with Finnish standards I'd guess it's something like /'kipiˌne/, or KEE-pee-nay with a strong stress on the first syllable and a secondary stress on the third syllable. Although this comes with a hefty disclaimer that I can't speak Finnish and my knowledge of its pronunciation is basically limited to the influence of watching the WRC when I was young, listening to Finnish metal bands, and being afraid of every name in Noita


I never expected such a complete answer. Thank you.

Gormadt, avatar

Thank you for the pronunciation guide

I was pronouncing it Ki-Pine, the “ki” like “kick” and “pine” like the tree.

I only recently found the source thread for the stat block and I’ll be adding it to the post when I get back to my PC as the OP for the stats should get proper credit for their work.

Edit: I just noticed that the stat link I shared also links back to the OG reddit thread for the creator. I’m happy to see that for sure.


I really want it to have a neck-breaking attack just because of how much it looks like the inhabitants of the Stranger in Outer Wilds

Awesome model and great work painting it


That was my first thought too, “Hey, that looks like an Owlk!”


Wow, that is the coolest creature I have seen in a long time. It looks great.

Gormadt, avatar

Thank you

I can only take credit for the paint job though, the model was made by the amazing designer MZ4250


Love MZ4250, still print quality is great, especially on those wings and the antlers

Gormadt, avatar

You can get crazy details on resin printers for sure, but good models to start with make all the difference


Yeah resin is basically easy mode, although post processing and resin costs certainly compensate. Can’t complain about MZ4250 models, they’re not all necessarily perfectly optimized, but the ones I’ve printed have generally come out well, and I’m on an Ender 3.

Gormadt, (edited ) avatar

This model is actually an example of one that I think could have been a bit better

Specifically by having a version without the base included

But for the price of Free it’s pretty hard to complain

And yeah resin is easy mode for quality but hard mode for post processing, I’ve got both resin and filament printers and I basically use the resin printer for only miniatures due to post processing

Edit: I’ve got about a decade of 3D modeling experience (CAD and Blender) so I could have done it myself but I usually will use people’s presupported files when available because I’d prefer to save the time it takes to properly support a model if I don’t have to. Honestly though I’m probably on a few prints away from starting an effort of removing bases from minis and uploading them as remixes. When licensing allows of course.


MZ4250 is a godsend to the DnD mini printing world. I discovered him a couple years ago. He’s made nearly, if not every, monster in the 5e monster manual and other sources. He’s even made some of the unique one off characters from specific adventures and a plethora of random, homebrew creatures. He just keeps pumping them out like the boss he is. His early stuff was really really rough, but he’s improved dramatically over time and he’s since gone back and made revisions to his early models. Everything he makes now is high poly, good detail, and prints incredibly well on a resin printer. And he gives them away completely free. Most of prints for my take are his models. Bless you, sir

Gormadt, avatar

The amount of their models that hit my table is astounding

Literally most of them are their models due to how consistent the quality is, especially when the models are presupported.

I hope that they keep up the good work for a long long time

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