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I'll have to check this out but I've been starting to prefer Kbin over Lemmy. Anybody know of some good Kbin clients?


Do you know what would prevent sync from simply adding kbin account support?


Same boat. There aren’t any yet. Hopefully soon.


You’ll have to wait until kbin actually have stable API for 3rd party apps first. AFAIK it’s still in the work.


Why can’t I make any posts with this app? Whenever I try it just says “coming soon”

Did you seriously release an app without the ability to make posts!?


No, he made a beta publicly available. There’s a difference. Anyway, this was already pushed out. Update your app.


According to the dev, on Discord, the Beta 29 update just got approved by the Google Play store, this update includes the feature to create a post. I’m sure you’ll be getting the update very soon.


Why isn’t it availabe on F-Droid?


F-droid is click an install - with ads. You don’t have choices that way.



So much more costs now? With a free platform and a app that’s alredy been made, just modified?. 32dollars for lifetime… hmmmm…

cmat273, (edited )


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  • Qvisten,

    The old version for reddit was 32dollars. Picture is from sync for reddit. It was fair, But he new prices are greedy


    Oh, thought it was for Sync for Lemmy but in a different currency and was really tempted to try a VPN. But yeah, the new pricing is just way overboard. I’d love to support creators and developers, but that is too much for me personally.


    Excuse me? 32$ is a steal, in Germany lifetime costs 110€ and as a former Sync user who loved it and paid for the DEV version, I’m not gonna use it for Lemmy.https://lemmy.world/pictrs/image/16076f67-8538-4498-ab84-77d64d3b0eac.jpeg


    HUGE improvement over the web platform. Keep up the good work!

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    Yeah this is what I ment. Thanks for the solution.

    delirium, (edited )
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    contains adds

    contains in-app purchases

    collects data

    shares data with 3d party orgs

    Nothing against sync, but this is not what I’d expect from lemmy app tbh. There’s a lot of free open source options that don’t sell your data.

    Asking to be paid for your job is OK, but injecting ads in ad-free opensource service, selling user data? This is just reddit-app-moment in my opinion


    Asking to be paid for your job is OK, but injecting ads in ad-free opensource service, selling user data? This is just reddit-app-moment in my opinion

    Tell me you’ve never paid for a service, without telling me you’ve never paid for a service

    Sync does not sell user data. It uses only the basic prerequisites for an ad service Settings shortcut: Privacy > Privacy policy

    If an independent developer, who has worked on an app for 10 years, and has had their work ruined by a greedy company, turns around and makes an app for an entirely new community, within a month of losing his main source of revenue, and it’s as polished, smooth, and user-friendly as can be, doesn’t deserve to put food on the table, then quite simply, you’re incredibly misinformed.

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    Is there an easier way to post to different groups from the main page instead of manually search for it first? Also, why are the fonts so small?

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    You can change font sizes individually in post & comment settings. But i would recommend changing the “base font size” in general settings.

    Mine was set to “small” by default. Setting it to “large” did the trick.


    I’m not sure what you mean but I know there are several ways to change font sizes, this one changes base font.

    Settings shortcut: General > Base font size


    We that have supported Sync before should at least get pro version with no ads.


    Oh dear watch out you are gonna be called cheapskate or even worse entitled brat for that.




    Let’s Go!!!


    this is fantastic! just gave it an install and a play. definitly will push me to use lemmy a lot more. great job


    Anyone know what it’s built with? Jetpack compose?


    Why can’t I comment from sync app?


    Works fine for me.


    Didn’t work for me too. Uninstalled.


    So stoked, thank you LJ!


    fuck yeah we back

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