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Removed threads should still be reachable and interactive (

I posted an apparently off-topic post to !foss. The moderator removed it from the timeline because discussion about software that should be FOSS was considered irrelevant to FOSS. Perhaps fair enough, but it’s an injustice that people in a discussion were cut off. The thread should continue even if it’s not linked in the...

On the behavior of moderators (

A couple days ago, a thing transpired between two users, namely Axolotling and DroneRights on this website. They were having a thing over intentions and empathy, but the important thing is that DroneRights expressed the fact not everyone should speculate on someone’s intentions, which I’d say is a fair thing to say. The...

I was banned on my other account?

I recently made an account on Beehaw because I’ve been having pleasant interactions with the instance from my account. Some good threads, seemed like a progressive space. So I went back to the philosophy documents and read them again, liked most of what I saw (again) and signed up for an account today. Decided to break...

Bots? OH MY (

On Beehaw there are a few tldr bots from other instances. I present Beehaws own summarizing bot developed by yours truly. Based on feedback from moderators and community leaders, I don’t just want to let this loose on the entire site. Might cause confusion and spam for a community instead of being useful. If you do like what...

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