SoleInvictus, avatar

Translation: look into my eyes.


aaah the floof I can’t

anon6789, avatar

This one’s neat. I didn’t know Boreal Owls were black as babies.


He’s a little cutie isn’t he?

anon6789, avatar

It’s like night and day lol

anon6789, avatar

I like this, who’s the artist?

anon6789, avatar

I don’t think I could trace it back. I found it by searching “owl yin yang” and it’s got a million Pinterest copies and Etsy store links, etc. Some guy even has a tattoo of it, so it’s pretty ubiquitous at this point. Some are direct copies, others are redraws, so there’s quite a few variations of the same theme.

Fudoshin, avatar

He got caught doing something he shouldn’t.

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