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#Streaming #Video #AMC #Surveillance #Privacy #DataProtection: "According to subscribers suing, AMC allegedly installed tracking technologies—including the Meta Pixel, the X Tracking Pixel, and Google Tracking Technology—on its website, allowing their personally identifying information to be connected with their viewing history.

Some trackers, like the Meta Pixel, required AMC to choose what kind of activity can be tracked, and subscribers claimed that AMC had willingly opted into sharing video names and URLs with Meta, along with a Facebook ID. "Anyone" could use the Facebook ID, subscribers said, to identify the AMC subscribers "simply by entering [ FID]/" into a browser.

X's ID could similarly be de-anonymized, subscribers alleged, by using

AMC "could easily program its AMC Services websites so that this information is not disclosed" to tech companies, subscribers alleged.

Denying wrongdoing, AMC has defended its use of tracking technologies but is proposing to settle with subscribers to avoid uncertain outcomes from litigation, the proposed settlement said."

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