You can only pick 2 games from steam to play for the rest of your life, what games are they?

I have a large library of steam games, but yet always come back to Garry mod and ravensfield. I keep coming back for the modded content and every other game is excellent, don’t get me wrong. But a lot of big games like RD2 and watchdogs 2 just seem like such a long time investment. What 2 games do you infinitely come back to?


Grim Dawn* and Rat Party.


Minecraft and retroarch.


Minecraft is on Steam?




Dota and Baldur’s Gate 3.

I’ve been playing Dota since it was a Warcraft 3 map…

And Baldur’s Gate 3, I don’t know if I’ve ever done a second playthrough of any RPG I’ve ever owned before. Most of them I usually get bored and quit before the end because it’s like… I get it… But Boulder Gate 3 I’ve beaten three times so far currently working on a fourth run which is an honor run. And I’ve been making a list of mods that I want to try to make.

Rinna, (edited ) avatar

Stellaris and Rimworld. Replace Rimworld with Minecraft if including non-Steam games.

ThatWeirdGuy1001, avatar

Killing floor and chivalry. It’d be like Valhalla.


Dwarf Fortress and Factorio.


If I am honest and base it on my actual play patterns it has to be The Binding of Isaac and Slay the Spire. Or maybe Ascension (digital version of the physical deckbuilder) especially if there is ever more content for it.


Dirt Rally 2.0 (with my sim rig and VR headset).

I don’t need a 2nd game.

furycd001, avatar

Team Fortress 2 with either Deathmatch Classic or Ricochet…


Dark Souls 2 SOTFS, Borderlands 2


Skyrim and Minecraft. But we’ll see what happens after the creation kit for starfield comes out, might change one of my games


Valheim and Starfield.

HereIAm, (edited )

Some hard choices. I generally like my RTS and FPS games. I play a wide range of games from story driven like the BG series, to yearly play throughs of 93’s Doom, to mil sims like arma.

I have a hard time to stick to one game for a long time, so whatever I pick would need to be moddable to bring some variety. I’m imagining maybe a stalker game where there’s a wealth of mods, but the world isn’t that large. Arma 3 might be nice, you got decent multi-player bots for when the world has moved on, it’s very moddable and relatively easy to set up new scenarios for yourself.

I do like my sim racing as well, so asetto corsa would definitely be the main contender there.

If I’d have to pick some games off the top of my head they’d be AoE 2, HL 2, Doom 2, asetto corsa, Ms flight sim (but the servers will die at some point), Arma.

So I’m picturing myself in 40 years time, I’ve finished building my new rocking chair with the skills I’ve got from all this free time, I sit down in front of the same computer I have now. I’d say I’m launching up doom to do another play through of Sunlust. Hm or maybe I’ll do a bit more work on my at that point 10 year old OpenTTD save. Just something simple that will stand the test (and already has) of time, a game I can fire up and feel just as home in now, as I did last year, and the year before that.

Oha, (edited ) avatar

Would choose those 2 because it would let me kinda bypass that limit
Source Sdk 2013 Multiplayer


For longevity?

Satisfactory and Elden Ring.

Honestly, something like Call of Duty or fortnite might be nice too. I haven’t played in years but the skill ceiling is very high so it could at least keep me occupied for a very long time.

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