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BornVolcano, in July first really finna be the end of the net huh

Image Transcription: Twitter Post

@nelson, @nelson

Lol the Twitter webapp is trying to load something from its internal graphql API and getting a 429 Too Many Requests response. Twitter’s JavaScript ignores the error and tries again, hundreds of times a second.

Twitter is DDOSing itself.

[An image taken from the sci-fi television series “The Mandalorian” that shows the protagonist “The Mandalorian” in their characteristic metal suit. Their face is obscured by their helmet. The subtitles underneath the image read the text “[sighs]”]

^I’m a human volunteer transcribing posts in a format compatible with screen readers, for blind and visually impaired users!^


Good hooman.


I like that the volunteer transcribers are already making the switch. Keep up the good work 👍

zalack avatar

Do you all have a home community? This was something I always wanted to look into doing on Reddit but never made the time.


Nice work! Thanks for helping visually impaired users :)

Dr_Cog, avatar

I’m glad this volunteer community is back. How do I volunteer as well?


Right now, I’m just operating freelance. But I’d recommend checking out the ToR subreddit and accessing the docs and discord from there.

(We don’t have a central document put together yet that isn’t reddit based, but if you go from reddit to discord it should be okay)


What does ToR stand for? Might be easier to find the subreddit that way.


I believe it’s TranscribersOfReddit. The stickied thread is here:…/new_here_for_info_on_what_we_do_and_…


Hey, I’m not much of a transcriber, but if you guys need any kind of infrastructure or tool hosting, I’d gladly donate my resources.


I’ll ask the (unofficial) Lemmy branch of the ToR group on discord. Personally, I have no idea how to do anything aside from the transcribing part, but that also means I don’t know what kind of infrastructure we’d need to get this off the ground haha.

I’ll reach out to them and get back to you with results!

CodyCannoli, in Weekend caption contest. Do your thing

I am altering the water. Pray I don't alter it any further.

rtxn, in "Federation causes too many duplicate communities"

200,000 Star Wars Memes communities so far, with another 1,000,000 well on its way.

(p.s. sorry about the inaccurate quote, it's been a while since I watched all six Star Wars movies in one sitting.)

JerkyIsSuperior, in Redditors after deleting their accounts with tons of karma:

I had over 10k karma on my old account, it is a meaningless feature and a sign that you need to touch grass.


This and the waves of thirst bots "following" you every day pretty much makes this a non issue.

sirico, in When I see kids doing the Fortnite dance avatar

Is it 2019? I need to warn you about an update coming that to humanity! Fidget spinners are a fad there no money in them!

Telodzrum, in Absolutely not

Death in Star Wars is like death in a comicbook. It’s only permanent when it’s necessary for the story and sometimes not even then.


Star Wars follows Game of Thrones rules, if the head don’t come off then they aren’t dead necessarily.


Nobody in Star Wars has ever lost a shoe. Ergo


Well. Anakin lost two shoes. Kept that head tho!


Dooku had his head cut off at the neck. Darth Maul had his head and torso cut off at the waist. So the Star Wars permadeath threshold is somewhere lower than the neck and higher than the waist.


anakin was decapitated at the legs then?

teft, in This haircut avatar

Clockwise from top left:

Arnold Schwarzenegger - Predator

Arnold Schwarzenegger - Terminator


Jamie Lee Curtis



HobbitFoot, in Tried Andor after taking a break from Star Wars and realized that the galaxy where politics is determined by magic laser sword people now wants to be serious.

It is just more a function of having to explain more because there is more to explain. The original trilogy feels lived in, but they only explain a small part of it because they don’t have to. Eventually, you get enough world building that you have to start explaining the smaller bits.

And since the Star Wars universe has more stories including those with non-Jedi, it means having to create smaller enemies that the heroes can fight against.


I dig world building my specific gripe was trying to make a “gritty” or “real” Star Wars. It’s a silly, fun adventure trilogy with dwarf bears fighting evil soldiers etc. Making it gritty and real feels very off. I think because sin a silly adventure movie, we understand the suspension of disbelief but in a gritty/real series, a lot of the sillier aspects/choices are much more noticeable.

To each their own, I just find the juxtaposition of silly/fun setting and gritty/real thriller to be too jarring for me personally.

wolfshadowheart avatar

It can be both. It's also a world with armored bounty hunters and political stakes, so saying it's only for dwarf space bears is a little disingenuous.

Star Wars is able to encapsulate the inane with themes that struggle with in the real world, only limiting it to just one or the other is antithetical to the very inspirations that it draws from.

With the context of Andor, to make it lighthearted would be a disservice to the deaths of the rebels who made the events of Episode IV possible. Moreover the events and themes from Andor and Rogue One are tonally aligned (would be weird if they weren't). It's one of the few pieces of SW that actually did a strong job connecting three sequential events of a story over 40 years later (coming from someone who enjoys 98% of what we've gotten), I personally think the reason it was able to work was due to the efforts to remove that halo filter of the force. By Andor not having that tonally lighter feeling to it the measure of success has a different sense. There's also the morally grey side of rebellion, which tons of SW games cover but rarely done in canon.

I think for all those reasons it's more than Andor just "trying" to grittify something lighthearted. Rather it's the highlight of a necessary ruthlessness that it can take to bring about rebellion and that successes aren't always light.

That's how I feel anyway, there's a strong tonal theme for each faction of Star Wars and I think rebels not having the same extent of cushioning from the force that the Jedi do makes for a more compelling piece :)


It can be both. It’s also a world with armored bounty hunters and political stakes, so saying it’s only for dwarf space bears is a little disingenuous.

I mean, it has political stakes in the same way that Indiana Jones has political stakes.

Star Wars is able to encapsulate the inane with themes that struggle with in the real world

Like, I feel this is just mythologizing our childhood movie. The theme is the same as pretty so many other children’s action adventure movie, a small band of rebels vs a bad tyrannical emperor/overlord/dictator. That doesn’t make these political or statements unless you want to go incredibly broad with a “fight against the odds” story which is pretty much every movie.

With the context of Andor, to make it lighthearted would be a disservice to the deaths of the rebels who made the events of Episode IV possible.

I mean, episodes 1 - 6 are pretty lighthearted stuff and a lot of rebels, jedi and Nabooians etc die to make those happen.

I’m not saying Andor can’t accomplish certain goals, highlight something different or show another side of the story. All I’m saying is that to me, personally, it’s Star Wars minus the joy. What’s left is an attempt to be serious in a very unserious galaxy. Nothing wrong with enjoying it, it’s just not for me! To consider the opposite, I would also have trouble if the Wire also had wisecracking aliens or something.


I feel like you’re the one mythologizing your childhood, and the original movies only seem ‘lighthearted’ when viewed through a lens of nostalgia and time passed. The original movies really aren’t that lighthearted if you really think about them, stuff filmed in the 70s just has that Patina of age that makes it hard to take seriously.


I think I’ve mostly said silly and fun rather than lighthearted.

But the basic idea is that they are at the same level of adventure, stakes and seriousness as most children’s movies. You wouldn’t call the Lion King a serious film would you? Even though it’s probably not light-hearted if you think about it. (Same is true for most children’s movies, think Land Before Time, most big Disney/Pixar classics etc.)

A more serious film, for example, probably grapples with Alderaan’s destruction and mentions it outside of two immediate reactions.


This is quite the take you have laid out in this thread.


Yeah, honestly I’m a little surprised. In the wider community (or at least, my highly non scientific polling of a soccer team, volleyball group and movie friends) it seems pretty understood that Star Wars is a great kids movie that mostly works for all ages.

Heck, even George Lucas has said they were for kids "I wasn’t supposed to say this then, or now, but it’s a film for 12-year-olds,” he says. “In the real world … critics … certain fans. They’re not very nice.”

But damn are people riled up about that and instead insisting it’s a very serious series and definitely not for kids.

It’s kinda wild.


The magic of a good kids movie is that it engages the adults too. So I mean yeah, star wars is at least on some level pretty serious.

Luke did see his adoptive aunt and uncle roasted by the government. I mean that’s pretty serious. So is genocide and torture. Three things we witness in the first hour if the first move.


I mean, on the same level of seriousness as most Disney films. Think 101 Dalmatians which is a bunch of puppies trying not to be skinned alive. Or Shrek which has torture, family separation/imprisonment (one of whom is later skinned and turned into a rug), floating eyeballs, a tyrannical monarchy etc.

And just like Star Wars, it would feel a little odd to put a gritty/serious movie in either of those universes without a dramatic retooling a la Cruella, which even then wasn’t wildly serious. In my opinion at least.

(Also, I don’t think we see any genocide in New Hope. Are you thinking the Jawas? Because that struck me as standard killing, not a “kill all Jawas.”)




Ahhhhh. I’d never figured they were their own race but I getchya. We don’t really have a good word for “murder a whole planet.” At least, not until GRR Martin starts writing sci fi.


Do you remember how Indiana Jones had actual Nazis in it? I’d say that’s about on par with the empire who were also inspired by the Nazi regime. Sure, there’s a lot else going on but Star Wars has always clearly been political.


If you really want to call Indiana Jones a political movie, that’s uhhh, your call. That seems a pretty silly reading of it but to each their own.


But I’m saying that the world becomes more gritty because it is getting explored more and it isn’t resetting to the status quo.

Star Wars has the journey of a farm kid becoming a laser sword wizard by way of being a fighter pilot.

To explain the MacGuffin of the plans, you now have to explain rebel spies, how the Empire does R&D, and why that flaw exists.

To explain why one of the characters in the prequel became a rebel spy, you know how have to explain how he got radicalized.

There is no way you can keep it a jaunty adventure by drilling that deep.


To explain the MacGuffin of the plans, you now have to explain rebel spies, how the Empire does R&D, and why that flaw exists.

Ehhh, I don’t think so. You could have a pretty similar jaunty caper to episode 4 to get the plans and then just have some wiz kid engineer see a potential flaw.

You can expand the world without making it gritty, see the Mandalorian.

If you want detailed explanations behind everything, then that’s closer? But it really doesn’t seem a requirement. Scientist puts in flaw because they understand the film’s logic which is Emperor = bad, rebels = good. Spies become rebel spies for the same reason all the fighter pilots and soldiers are on the rebels side, because they understand the logic, again, emperor = bad, rebels = good.


Star Wars is one of those situations where it gets worse the more you learn about it. The original trilogy set off a trend but we see where it’s now at. Kind of like watching Lost.

downpunxx, in I liked them all!
downpunxx avatar

Star Wars, Empire Strikes Back, Rogue One, Solo, The Mandalorian, and Andor, everything else is garbage and so bad it's hurtful, and I like Star Wars too


Wow, that’s a lot of the franchise to dislike. You don’t even like episode 6?

ReadyUser31, in Mark Hamill casually out memeing everyone since before the internet was a thing.

Interestingly, these used to be called ‘jokes’ before memes existed.


It’s like calling every photo of you a fucking selfie. It’s only a selfie if you did it yourself of yourself. The end.

And yeah, I’m with you. Now every funny picture is a meme. No, it’s just a funny picture.

Now get off my lawn!

dezmd, avatar

My old manual Minolta SR-7 camera had a timer button for selfies. I was cool before it was cool to be cool.

Listen up boomer, if you didn’t want people on your lawn, you shouldn’t have moved into a NIMBY WASPspsps HOA neighborhood.

/issues fines for grass over 1.12 inches high

thallamabond, I don’t know how old your Minolta is, but this link describes the SECOND patent for a camera timer in 1902.


You got my meme response now you get my academic reply.

A meme is a remix of an existing idea/joke/image. Unless you are creating something new whole cloth it could be considered a meme. Even though the term hadn’t been coined, what Mark was doing with 3/4 of those autographs was altering the context of the card image, thus he did create memes.

Now get off my lawn.


This feels like a slippery slope towards defining motivation posters as the original memes. I don’t like it.

z500, avatar

Look into your heart, you know it to be true.


Actually the term was coined all the way back in the 70s, by Richard Dawkins in his book The Selfish Gene.

It means a cultural gene. It’s a piece of culture that is so pervasive it can be said to be a part of the genetic code of the society. Examples are the smiley face, tic tac toe or other simple common games, that S thing we all drew as kids, etc.

Not all jokes are memes, and not all memes are jokes.


This is the only well articulated rebuttal I have gotten so thank you for that. I still disagree on the usage of pervasive in the definition especially in the context of internet memes. A meme is culture spread person to person and while traditional memes such as the ones you listed are defined by their longevity, internet memes are often flash in the pan or incredibly niche.

Is it a meme now?


It bugs me when people call any stupid little picture or comic a meme. It also bugs me when people say they are making a meme. One does not simply “make” a meme. It must become a meme on its own. Now if you’ll excuse me I’ve got some clouds to yell at.


The Selfish Gene was first published in 1976, a year before Star Wars.


I’ve even seen recent writers struggle to describe self-replicating ideas as “mind-viruses” and the like. I dunno, if only there was already a word for that guys!





SCP introduced me to the concept of memetic viruses and attacks. Cool concept


ok grandpa let’s get you back inside


I was going to ask what people mean when they say “meme” now, because they do not seem to be using the word the way that I use it.


A meme is an idea, behavior, or style that spreads by means of imitation from person to person within a culture and often carries symbolic meaning representing a particular phenomenon or theme. A meme acts as a unit for carrying cultural ideas, symbols, or practices, that can be transmitted from one mind to another through writing, speech, gestures, rituals, or other imitable phenomena with a mimicked theme. Supporters of the concept regard memes as cultural analogues to genes in that they self-replicate, mutate, and respond to selective pressures. In popular language, a meme may refer to an Internet meme, typically an image, that is remixed, copied, and circulated in a shared cultural experience online.

Per Wikipedia, emphasis on what I consider the relevant bits. What way do you use it?


For it to be a meme, other people should also be doing something similar optimally in different variations - either before or after he signed these. For example to burn a funny message + signature in wood.

If this happened, idk. Potentially, this was/became a meme


These are really bad. Please stop.


Says someone that never makes OC.

You also replied to the weakest one of the bunch.


I am pretty sure you still fail to understand the difference between the original meaning of the word and the meaning that you are using.

By the original definition, no, it’s not a meme. By the definition that you appear to be using, an image that has been modified, then sure, it’s a meme.


I think you’re getting really tunnel visioned on a single definition and not taking into account the context to which we are interacting, which is on the internet. An internet meme is not the same exact concept as what Dawkins originally was conveying when he coined the term meme. I’m not out here in academia so you’ll have to forgive my shorthand of internet meme to just meme. In my defense before all you meme Scholars got on my case, the internet was included in my thesis title. Are the card signatures memes in a generational sense? No, but yet here we are discussing them four decades later, so maybe?

An internet meme has two defining characteristics in reproduction and intertextuality. Were they reproduced? Before today not to my knowledge, they could have been as I have demonstrated. However not every gene strain reproduces, are they less of a gene than others that do? If memes are the cultural analogues to genes then the capability to reproduce is what is needed. If the original image is a template then do his jokes count as a single reproduction? As for intertextuality well Mark did that by changing the context of the original image.

Is it a meme now?


I use the first definition. To use the word simply to mean a picture that is shared doesn’t really match the original usage of this word. The act of sharing pictures is a meme. Some pictures that get shared a lot are memes. Mark Hamill writing on a picture is something obviously some people call a meme, but I think those people are using a new, and as far as I can tell, pointless, meaning of the word.


By your own highlighted parts, the cards in the OP are not memes. People don’t alter pictures of those signed cards and they don’t mutate. They don’t change via selective pressures as we don’t see new versions where people change the image or the text. Additionally, those pictures of the trading cards are not remixed. They’re shared unaltered. The OP is missing key traits of being a meme. The OP is a picture of some funny jokes that Mark Hamil wrote on some trading cards he autographed. They’re certainly entertaining, but they’re not memes.


I don’t think you understand what the concept of mutation/remix is then. “A horrified Luke sees his family killed” and then writing over it something cheeky about newfound freedom vastly alters (mutates) how the image is interpreted. “Selectice Pressures” could be something like a topical joke based on current events, in this case it’s the fact that he was signing cards at a convention, so the fan boy joke was informed by that situation.

A meme doesn’t need a multitude of variations to be considered a meme, that’s just going viral. It also doesn’t need to be a photoshopped image, changing the text is creation of a new meme, think advice animals. Simply changing how the image is received by a viewer is enough to be a meme, it’s nothing more complicated than that.


So, just so I understand, you are using the word meme to mean images that are altered?

Yewb, in Weekend caption contest. Do your thing

Im afraid the Britta is quite operational!

saxysammyp, in When they were your brother and you loved them

I was disappointed to see how much hate the mods were getting for taking a stand. Most of it was from people posting. The comment sections were mostly rebuking OP. Most people were saying things like “yeah, lord of the rings is TOTALY about bending the knee to fa face less power /s”.

bradinutah, in Seeing the car you sold out in the wild

Hoo Tee Dee!

Dasnap, avatar

I always heard it as ‘woo-teenie’.


I may be making this up, but I thought it was Utinni?

prettybunnys, (edited )

100% Utinni

HEXN3T, (edited ) avatar

Absolutely and definitely Utini

EDIT: Looked it up. It’s Utini/Utinni.

RootBeerGuy, avatar

Egg? What egg?

prowess2956, in New Lego set just dropped

I really appreciate these attempts to help visualize fabulous sums of money. It reminds me of


This reminds me of my giant turd analogy.

Basically, there is this giant turd, its enormous, biggest thing you’ve ever seen Everyone is fighting and climbing over each other to touch thia turd. The more of your body that touches the turd the more you own.

At the bottom, people are barely getting a tip of their finger through the crowds to touch the turd, some cant touch it at all. They are poor or homeless.

As you move up the turd there are people with a whole hand on the turd, they are coping, they get by, pretty average amount of turd to be touching.

Some people have two hands on the turd and they do pretty well, quite well off.

Then theres those who are whole bodies in the turd, they are rolling in it, they have some put away that others can’t touch. They are set for life.

But then, you look up, and its jeff bezos, elon musk et al. Sitting on the rim of a giant toilet seat in the sky all taking a massive dump…

Its a shit analogy but its accurate.

I guess it would be more concise to say the mega rich are eating chicken whilst the rest of us fight for the scraps that fall off the table.


Horse and sparrow economics is what they used to call trickle down. The more I learn about “economics,” the more it looks like they are just lying to themselves ever since Keynes, so they can continue to be horrible people until we slap the shit out of them, and make them change.

MisterFrog, avatar

Thanks for this. Something about having to scroll, and it being zoomed in to almost everyday scale makes this hit so much harder than graphs with a tiny dot next to the wealth of the billionaires.

It’s insanity.


Wow that’s disgusting


I’ve been thinking: if we’re a nice kind of government, couldn’t we just print the money we’re going to use to for example, give americans in poverty 10000$ ? This would “just devalue the money the rich people have”, so something about international exchange rates is propably the thing that stops me from mentally circumventing the freedom-based value that we can’t just take money people have earned. really gross food for thought

starman2112, avatar

The biggest problem with that is that rich people don’t actually have massive piles of cash, they have massive piles of stocks. Devalue the currency, and their stocks are worth a lot more actual cash


Well actually…


Think of it like a ratio. It devalues the savings of every day people more significantly than it devalues the massive piles rich people have. Rich people have this insane buffer and always have the means to play the rigged system to their favour and win.

The_Picard_Maneuver, in Star Wars is to woke - That's why I'm a Trekkie avatar
7heo, avatar

I saw the image first. But as I checked the username, I already knew it was you.

Quality meme, as always. 👌

The_Picard_Maneuver, avatar

Thanks! This was one that I made back whenever this was in the news, so I’m shamelessly posting it again.

ummthatguy, avatar
The_Picard_Maneuver, avatar

You must have quite the trove of created memes by now. It’s honestly impressive!

ummthatguy, avatar

Coming up on a year… averaging 1+ memes per day… yeah, I should probably organize them a bit more, but shit, it’s been a helluva time.

teft, avatar

In honor of today’s date:

Your clones memes are very impressive. You must be very proud.

ummthatguy, avatar
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