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I find “USS Callister” especially funny because early on in Disco’s run, people would point to it as what new Trek should be, but the episode is all about how someone obsessed with an old sci-fi television show is a loser and a creep, and then it ends with the protagonists getting a Kelvin universe-esque upgrade, lens flares and all.

Media literacy!


I like John Scalzi and I love Star Trek, but I couldn’t get into Redshirts. It just felt like “We have Star Trek at home…”


That’s why Willful Child is probably the better Star Trek fanfic, where it’s like “what if we really emphasized how much of a misogynistic asshole Kirk could have been?” Or “what if we merged Kirk with Zapp Brannigan?”

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Did anyone watch Video Game Highschool on YouTube? Am I crazy, or is the dude sitting in the captains chair, the same as the “villian” in vghs?


Not the same guy but he was I the later seasons of breaking bad’ as the guy that killed the kid


nick named “meth damon”

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That's Jesse Plemons. I don't see Video Game Highschool on his list of acting credits in IMDB.

You might be thinking of Bryan Forrest.

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Yep, my memory has faded. They do not look remotely similar, I must be remembering Jesse Plemons from elsewhere. Thank you.

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That's alright. When I first saw the episode USS Calilister I thought he was Matt Damon.

Plemons is actually married to Kirsten Dunst. He's got quite a lot of acting credits under his belt. Friday Night Lights, Varsity Blues, and most recently Killers of the Flower Moon with Leonardo DiCaprio.


Well, as long as it's nothing like that episode, it should be fine.

I remember an episode of CSI years ago where they were investigating the murder of someone who was rebooting a very Star Trek show into something super dark and gritty, with none of the hope and positivity the original show had. That seems to be the trend of a lot of Star Trek properties the last few years, and it makes me think the writer of that episode was quite prescient.


unfortunately it’s kelvin timeline so … ugh

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The timeline didn't split until the Narada showed up. So, if it's before that moment, it is still the original timeline.


The impact to the timeline form the Narada affected the timeline before that point as well because it affected subsequent time travel (allllll the times SNW, TOS, TNG, VOY, DS9, etc. went into the past would have occurred differently)


my expectation is that since they described it as being linked to kelvin it’s going to have jj abrams kelvin vibes instead of new trek vibes


Oh good, another prequel.


I share your dismay w/r/t the ‘origin story’ trope, and started typing a much more cynical comment. But it’s not like you can’t tell a good story within those parameters. Plenty of good prequels exist. And lots of people were not big fans of Picard’s efforts to advance the timeline.

The determining factor for me will be the quality of the writing. I haven’t seen this Black Mirror episode, but I’ll check it out.

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The “I won’t try it because it’s a prequel” argument reminds me of “Deep Space Nine is boring because the station doesn’t move”, as if every episode of TNG or TOS involved the ship being in motion, and if the presence of nacelles was somehow what made the writing good.


Honestly, that aspect of DS9 did put me off when it first aired, but in my defense I was a kid. I don’t think I got around to watching the whole series until sometime in my 30’s. I also think my JLP-lovin’ kid self thought it was total bullshit that Sisko held Picard responsible for the crimes of Locutus.

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@Carlo @startrek I didn’t get into DS9 until I was older. I think its complexity and more morally grey tone would have put me off as a kid, but as an adult I loved it.

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Same. DS9 is not as kid-accessible that’s for sure. Fun fac: DS9 actually has fewer bottle episodes than TNG.

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What do they even want to prequel? Isn’t SNW already doing that?

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it sounds like they want to cover the birth of the Federation, so maybe it’s a bit of an Enterprise follow-up?

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This wasn’t told on ENT?

The_Picard_Maneuver, avatar

Black mirror is a lot like a modern Twilight Zone, which early Star Trek was significantly influenced by, and now a fan who directed an episode inspired by Trek gets to do actual Trek?

I can feel my hopes getting up.


William Shatner also starred in several episodes


Wow so there’s a Trek inspired Black Mirror episode? Will need to check it out.


That episode is pure gold.

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