The Bustling Valley

“The Bustling Valley is a curated modlist designed for a bigger Stardew Valley experience. It includes new villages, new NPCs, and of course a farming expansion.”

This is a huge modlist, installed near hands free using wabbajack. If you are fidgeting while waiting for the new update, this will give you a whole new world to play in the meantime.

It is an enormous extension of nearly every element. Enjoy!

Quills, avatar

No linux support, sad

I wonder if this works with wine, i’ve spend a bunch of time trying to run Vortex on it and it never worked so i ended up just downloading all mods manually on the little pack i’ve put together to play


^download this, then find the mod and click install, then let it do its magic.

A nexus account is required, and a single month sub makes the process entirely hands free, but is not required <3

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