Stardom Cinderella Tournament 2024 Finals - Spoilers and Highlights!

Another year, another of Stardom’s Cinderella tournaments in the bag!

Here’s your recap for the more important matches in the finals!

Singles matches:

Yuzuki vs Mayu Iwatani - Ending

Giulia vs Tam Nakano’s final match - Ending

World of Stardom Championship match:

Maika vs Utami Hayashisita - Ending

Tournament Semi-finals:

Ruaka vs Hanan - Ending

Ami Sohrei vs AZM - Ending

Tournament Finals!:

Last few minutes of match

Gown walk and presentation of trophy/confetti/etc


Jesus! I’ve only watched the Utami/Maika clip and Tam/Giulia, but my scalp hurts.


Right? lmao


Post world title matchMaika mentioned she has a match/wants to have a match in America on April 4 (on the American Dream 2024 show) and she picked her next challenger for the title. Former partner and former Stardom wrestler Megan Bayne. THE MEGASUS RETURNS.


A tweet from from AEW-ville.Mariah May: the prettiest princess at the ball ✨🤍my little sister is Cinderella. I am so proud 🥹 #STARDOM

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