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JWST: NIRCam - Chameleon I (

[Image Description: A large, dark cloud is contained within the frame. In its top half it is textured like smoke and has wispy gaps, while at the bottom and at the sides it fades gradually out of view. On the left are several orange stars: three each with six large spikes, and one behind the cloud which colours it pale blue and...

JWST - NIRCam + MIRI + NIRSpec(?): IC 1623 (

[Image description: The two galaxies swirl into a single chaotic object in the centre. Long, blue spiral arms stretch vertically, faint at the edges. Hot gas spreads horizontally over that, mainly bright red with many small gold spots of star formation. The core of the merging galaxies is very bright and radiates eight large,...

JWST - NIRCam + MIRI: M83 (

[Image Description: A close-up view of a barred spiral galaxy. Two spiral arms reach horizontally away from the core in the centre, merging into a broad network of gas and dust which fills the image. This material glows brightest orange along the path of the arms, and is darker red across the rest of the galaxy. Through many...

JWST - NIRCam: NGC 6822 [ESA Original?] (

[Image Description: A huge, dense field completely filled with tiny stars. A few of the star images are a bit larger than the rest, with visible diffraction spikes; two foreground stars are large and bright on the right side. Many small galaxies within various shapes and sizes can be seen hiding behind the stars. In the centre...

JWST - NIRCam + MIRI: M51 (

[Image Description: A large spiral galaxy takes up the entirety of the image. The core is mostly bright white, but there are also swirling, detailed structures that resemble water circling a drain. There is white and pale blue light that emanates from stars and dust at the core’s centre, but it is tightly limited to the core....

JWST - NIRCam + MIRI: NGC 5068 (

[Image description: A close-in image of a spiral galaxy, showing its core and part of a spiral arm. Thousands upon thousands of tiny stars that make it up can be seen, most dense in a whitish bar that forms its core. Clumps and filaments of dust form an almost skeletal structure that follows the twist of the galaxy and its...

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