don’t they teach about the biological use of hair in science class to kids?


Please tell me the purpose of pubes.


Op did you think of this while losing hair in the shower ?


It’s actually a great heat exchanger or retainer depending on whether it’s up or down. It all comes down to thermodynamics.

Aurelius, avatar

That makes a lot of sense!


It helps a lot with your sense of touch, too. Whenever I shave anything it feels numb.

Aurelius, avatar

I’ve never thought about that. Like a cat’s whiskers for humans


Nails too. Whenever i trim my nails, I feel a loss of sensitivity in my hands or feets. Also, both nails and hair are made up of the same body protein, Keratin.


For women it’s an attraction tool I guess?

I guess also for men


Sue Johanson taught me hair is for retaining and spreading your scent to sexual mates.


Why is everyone on Lemmy at least as old as I am?


Because “works just like email” sounds like a good thing to us.


Apparently most of Gen Z are fine using centralized, for-profit social media. 😔

krimsonbun, avatar

We’re not all indoctrinated by zuckyberg don’t worry ;)


My 15-year-old stepdaughter went on a 10-minute-long explosive rant about how conservative politicians are retarded and seem incapable of doing math at a basic high-school level which ended with her storming off to write a “book on how they can do better that she will send to the governments”. I could not have been more proud. She has even started expressing frustration with the amount of advertising that is going on and is coming to understand just how much information is taken from us every day.


If it’s true that younger folks are more tech illiterate then Lemmy would be a non starter for them because it’s more complicated to understand and use compared to centralized services.

Prismo, avatar

I appreciate the usefulness of my eyebrows to divert rain away from my eyes. I do not appreciate my moustache’s water gathering properties when walking in humid environments.


Same with sweat; I used to be in a band and shaved my eyebrows for a bit. Sucked under hot stage lights.


aw man, walking on a humid day, get a free lil drink of rainwater from my mustache every few minutes, it’s great

Prismo, avatar

I guess I’ve been looking at it wrong the whole time! Although, living in the countryside would be preferable for moustache-rainwater


Oh man I feel like a chump… I’ve just been using mine to sort soup into “drinkable” and “chewable”


Funny to suggest its cosmetic function isn’t important.

wesker, avatar

Yeah but why my ear hair started growing in so aggressively?


Habitual lack of earmuffs. Your ears have been cold your whole life, so your body has finally adapted to your negligence.


Can’t look cool wearing warm clothes at the bus stop. 🤪

squid_slime, avatar

Plucked the equivalent of a pube from my ear lobe yesterday… Age has cometh

cheesymoonshadow, avatar

My husband says he used to have “a swimmer’s body,” smooth and hairless. But he’s 55 now so…

He’s got hair in his chest, belly, back, and shoulders, and it’s spreading.

Every few months, I pluck the hairs out of his ears. It used to be just one or two but now it’s a couple long thick ones and a few small curly ones from each ear.

About a month ago, I noticed he’s also got a couple of long wild strands growing out of the peak of each eyebrow.

MrJameGumb, avatar

As a bald man I can tell you that the hair on your head does A LOT to keep you warm. I have to wear hats all year round except in the hottest part of summer.


Also do you bump your head a lot?

Badeendje, avatar

And in the hottest day you run higher risk of sunburn as the hair is not there to protect :(


That’s part of why I prefer spray-on sunscreen.

randint, avatar

smh just color your head with a marker. you know, maybe use a black marker and draw some fake hair on there


MrJameGumb, avatar
Kolanaki, avatar

It keeps you warm and that’s still working.


It’s pretty decent at stopping mosquitoes from getting to your skin, sun burn is lessened, but our technology definitely can overcome that. It just takes a little more effort than existing, like hair does.


It still are there to protect our scalp and skin from sun burn.

Aurelius, avatar

I considered that too. I suppose it could help on top of the head. But how about body hair?

empireOfLove2, avatar

Body hair is vestigial fur that used to help with thermal regulation (insulation against both hot and cold) when dense enough.


In some spots, it prevents skin getting sore, when there is friction against other skin or objects.


I have quite thick body hair, especially on my back, there have been times when I have had to wear a shirt that was just in the washing machine, so it was spinn dried, but still damp,!it restes on my back hair and I never felt it against my back skin, works brilliantly in an emergency.

This also means that I have another layer of insulation as soon as I put on a shirt, which is quite handy.

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