A) Labour is much cheaper in Russia than the US.

B) What foreign languages do you speak relatively fluently?

C) Do those foreign languages match to countries where elections have consequences AND the US has a vested interest in destabilizing them?

D) If the answer to C was yes, really? Where?


OP thinks you should be scrolling on Indeed and see

Do you enjoy shitposting on the internet all day? Join the CIA and you can get paid to shitpost in our many psychological warfare operations. From attacking leftist causes and amplifying corporate shills in political races, to discrediting climate science and the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians in the Middle East, there is no limit to what you could accomplish with the CIA.


Ahaha, that’s great! Only thing missing is a specific list of countries they CIA intends to destabilize.


You can find that list here:


Ahaha, I legit laughed pretty hard at that one.


Canada better watch out!

Enkers, (edited )

Haha, you’d think so, but this is why my link doesn’t paint the full picture: The majority of our reserves up here are in the oil sands which are lot a lot more expensive to extract which makes them considerably less desirable.


Nice try professional military troll!


Manpower in ‘developed’ countries is too expensive.

The little anecdotal data we have points to something in the range of 50 cents per “state” approved comment.


You need to join the military and go to this school.


I think OSINT, Open-source intelligence, would be more akin to trolling on social media. They’re the ones who crawl through Instagram and shit to ID Russian soldiers locations when they post selfies and the likes.


Because NIPRNET sucks to do OSINT.

You don’t want to be in the military for anything PSYOPS.

You’d be better off as a contractor.


To be fair, NIPR sucks at everything.


Wenn ist das Nunstück git und Slotermeyer? Ja! Beiherhund das Oder die Flipperwaldt gersput!


Is that supposed to be German?

Did you have a Stroke? Do you need help?


Wait… You were able to read this and you didn’t die of laughter? Did Monty Pyhton lie to us?

Neato avatar

Not foreign operations. But it's relatively easy to get a us military tech job that is low impact. Application process is 3-6mo long but once you're in your golden.

sxan, avatar

Do you speak Russian, or Chinese? B/c you won’t be very effective doing it in English or high-school level Spanish.


I speak Russian natively, where to enlist? :D


You have expertise in the culture of your country. They need expertise in the culture of China/Russia/Iran/etc.

ivanafterall avatar

If we ever go to war with Japan again, we should be set.


Weeb should be set…


Not for the US military but that’s literally political advertising. Have you seen what the Lincoln project does?


The military like doesn't do it, but the almost certainly CIA does...


I mean, the military definitely has a PR division.


I also doubt they do much in the way of shitpost psyops when they already have a long history of just using movies and video games instead.


They absolutely do fund tik tok egirls.…/us-army-e-girl-lunchbaglujan


You could always join NAFO

The_Picard_Maneuver, avatar

The US is almost certainly doing it too. I don’t think they’re going to post them on Indeed though.


Looks at Infographics Show content from the past 2 years


They are also probably giving the contract to a defense contractor who is turning around and outsourcing it, so there are no US based jobs to troll for the US.


So, to the Russians?


You don’t need to look to the military either.

Coca-cola experimented with subliminal advertising to see if they could mind control people into buying their products but for some reason we think they wouldn’t stoop to manipulating social media, the Clockwork Orange reprogramming system that we pin our own eyelids open for.

mysoulishome, avatar

Well they definitely can’t hire you now, this post will have blown your cover


Your cover is now blown too. Boom!


Because thats a important position that is probably obfuscated from the general public

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