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Maybe now that traditional memes are well on the way to being drowned in a sea of low-quality propaganda made by idiots, the cool kids will move on to text posts.


Demotivational posters and rage comics


it’s called microblogging

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At some point in your childhood you and your friends went outside to play one last time, but you never knew it. /credit to @showerthoughts


Actually, I knew. We were immature and playing for longer than other kids but there was a feeling the last time. I can picture it now, running around in the dark giggling and as our Make Believe characters. It was harder to assume our roles that time. We promised to play again at the next sleepover but somehow, I knew. There was a crisp winter feeling of finality and I felt that we were leaving the world of pretend behind. The next time we hung out we did other things that were fun. Dance to Whitney Houston, read books, sneak into their mom’s room to try on all of her random hats, general pre-teen shenanigans.

I think we knew we were behind. At least I was aware of it. For a while we didn’t care but the horrors of puberty come for us all I suppose.

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@showerthoughts You should be able to post on lemmy while on mastodon.


Yep, I’ve done it accidentally before. I replied to what I thought was a mastodon account but it was a Lemmy sub. All the comments on that thread come to me on mastodon as replies.

Since I did it by accident, and they also didn’t know it, we were all very confused for a while.


I’ll sometimes tag Lemmy communities in my mastodon posts. The only thing I dislike about it is how Lemmy displays tags in the post title. There’s got to be some way to fix it so it’s not so off-putting.


Somewhere out there there's a prompt engineer who works in the Metaverse and takes their salary in Ethereum.


Usernameblankface, (edited )
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One of several secondary reasons why making a Fediverse reference on Place is so hard to maintain is that the Fediverse is built for far less uniformity and tribe mindset.

Edit, I did say one of several secondary reasons. I have no illusion that I've spotted the #1 main reason.

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Agreed. The tribe mindset on display shows me how users who love reddit as it is are not a good fit for the Fediverse. Maybe less advertising to that crowd is a good thing.


to grow the fediverse communities, i guess… and also because gatekeeping is dumb

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The metaverse was to be for businesses what the fediverse is for people.


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@showerthoughts Thank goodness the metaverse never took off, but still gotta be on guard against moves towards that BS.


Something like that, but most people probably don’t realise the scope Zuckerberg had in mind for the Metaverse.

Mostly because it’s ridiculous, but Zuckerberg imagined everything could be Metaverse. Work, but not just office and meetings, but also production both design and factories.

For home use shopping was pretty obvious, but even that seemingly low hanging fruit doesn’t work. I bet he thought dating and holidays could be a thing too, somewhat like Total Recall.

It’s kind of hilarious to try to imagine Zuckerberg lying awake at night, and think: “HEY! This crazy thing could work too, man this is going to be big.”


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Algorithm-based social media "recommendations" has normalized us putting up with blatant SPAM

Imagine if gmail or outlook were to place emails by 'creators and brands you might like' in your inbox!?

Following the process of enshittification, the algorithm on many social media platforms is becoming an excuse to push blatant amounts of SPAM to users. It starts as a feature that is genuinely useful, but becomes a tool to show you ads, content from paying users or to keep you hooked with rage-bait content as social media platforms seek to extract more value out of its users.

Algorithm-based social media has its benefits, but looking forward it is becoming increasingly necessary that such an algorithm runs client-side and is owned by the user.

cc: @showerthoughts


You are right, I realised this when I completely moved to the Fediverse. The non-existence of the ads is a breath of fresh air.

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God that made it so hard to use Twitter. I just wanted to follow people I know but it was so difficult to sift through all the other noise they kept adding. I thought I could do the third party app to help out with that, but Twitter basically dropped third party apps years ago.


@showerthoughts A casket is technically a carrying case for humans.

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