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I'm really going to miss reddit but at this point my foot's already out the door, even if they reverse all the changes Spez and co. have already shown their hand and are clearly only in it for the money


Yea, I'm 100% done.... Cleaned down and removed both my accounts. 10-15yrs worth of comments, posts etc. and hundreds of thousands of Karma points gone in the blink of an eye.

Reddit would do well to remember that they have no business without its users. They would do well to remember this as opposed to "we will do what we want anyway, regardless.of what you think".

Screw you !


Yep. I deleted my main account info then deleted the account. If reddit backs down, I'm only going on Reddit to see where other people are going and spread the word to kbin, lemmy, etc. Hopefully we can get some 3rd party app support.


Unfortunately, that's the only way it was ever going to go. I'm not defending spez whatsoever, and I think he's a huge piece of shit, but at some point, you, me, and everyone else knew the founders et al were going to cash out. It's just that they went about it in probably the single most underhanded, backstabbing manner conceivable.

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let's not forget to give credit to all of reddit admins and higherups, they all suck they rehired spez as CEO

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We did it reddit

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reddit was

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I have to break my habits now of popping open RIF and looking through the subreddits. Now I have to come up with new habits here. Sad days around, and the fact Spez is doubling down despite the protest, yep I am fully done with Reddit.

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I came here and created an account. Then I deleted Apollo. Then I deleted my Reddit accounts.
I wasn't a hard habit to break to be honest, but I've been on the fence ever since the new UI redesign. After the AMA I just figured it was time to go.


I added kbin as a shortcut on my home screen where Reddit Sync used to be. It'll have to do for now as an alternative habit while I try to learn to diversify my web browsing again.


Same! Honestly it’ll probably be pretty good for me if I spend a little less time on this site than I did on Reddit. This protest has been a good break on the habit.

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A silver lining, perhaps, is that works extremely well on Firefox for Android. I've been browsing since yesterday afternoon, and a significant portion of it has been on my android.

While there's not much content here for now, and sure, things may look a bit tedious, I'd rather this than Reddit's absolutely pathetic video player.

I do feel sad, though. I honestly thought Reddit would be the one to stick. Perhaps not. Oh well.


This is not the first reddit migration attempt though. Last one that failed i remember was to site callee something like "voat"?


I think Voat originated out of protest due to Reddit censorship. So a lot of the userbase existed out of people whose opinions or interests were censored on Reddit. In practice, this meant that Voat quickly became an alt-right board.

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It's different from when Voat - or Ruqqus, later on - were formed. For both you had a half dozen free speech idealists and a zillion Nazi. Almost nobody cared about the former, and almost everyone was glad to see the later gone.

Now the ones leaving are the experienced users. They were the ones keeping the place interesting.


reddit is deddit

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I don't think Reddit dies here. It will lose a lot of content moving forward, but it still has all that information. And talent leaving will create a power vacuum; people will be crawling to make the next big subreddits and there will always be people desperate to moderate.


I tried to create a Digg/Reddit alternative and got absolutely zero interest. You have to have the numbers to get the numbers apparently.

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From a business perspective this probably won't hurt Reddit much if at all in the short/mid term. Enough power users will stay, meaning that content will still get posted, meaning that regular accounts (lurkers+dispassionate users) would be happy enough, meaning traffic won't nosedive.

Plus, there won't be as many people pointing out bots, so reposts and stolen comments will keep engagement numbers up as well.

From the perspective of people who actually care about the Reddit community, though, things may get really ugly. The quality of content and interaction will be hurt, possibly (hopefully?🤞) irreparably.

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Either way we have brand new communities popping up on these new sites which is always exciting to see :)


I'd love to see what happens to When that goes, I'd be willing to bet a small chunk of change that most of whatever power users were left after the change are out. The re-design was so utterly disastrous I'd be shocked if many of the more prolific contributors to the site stick around.

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They got dugg


My headcannon is a rando commenter owned spez's alt so hard that he wanted to take the company down. Otherwise, that was one of the worst decisions ever

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As much as a lot are hoping Reddit goes the way of Digg (myself included), I'm not entirely confident much more than some additional sensationalism will come of this.

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I think that trust and reputation is essential to growing a community or social network. This isn't what's going to kill Reddit, but it will erode that trust a little bit more. Some people will leave to other communities, while others will be more willing to check out and interact with new networks that come up. Eventually, a new network will be both better than reddit and have a critical mass community on it, and that day was pushed forward by this move.

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I've admittedly grown quite cynical, especially in recent years. However I suspect you are right to some degree and trust will continue to erode and Reddit's corporate's tone deafness will see their market share continue to shrink while new communities grow. The cynical part of me also suspects this to be a continuing cycle.

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I don't think that success here means that you'll be able to completely avoid reddit. Frankly, for niche hobbies, many of us might still end up finding our way back there. But between Twitter, Reddit, StackOverflow, and maybe now Twitch, I do think 2022/2023 has been a bit of a shock to social media and reveals structural issues in online communities. If people regularly checking in on Federated social media for some things, even if it doesn't completely replace the big sites, then I think the fact that an alternative space exists can still be a net win. It will at least signal to the corporate landlords that they don't have unlimited power.


I'm out of the loop here. What happened to StackOverflow?


Question marked as duplicate. Please see this completely unrelated question.


I think you're right - though I think Federated social media poses a much larger 'threat' to Reddit than it does any of the other big names.

For something like Twitter or Facebook federation really gunks some things up. Twitter's whole 'thing' was being a giant global conversation, the details of the fediverse interfere with that a bit - but Reddit has always been about breaking things down into smaller subreddits. This maps to the fediverse really well.

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Eh, I actually don't think you'll need Reddit all that much besides googling niche problems. I'm in quite a few hobbies and yet I found subs for all of them. Whether it's keyboards, a 20 year old game, coffee, espresso, box office or reading. Sure, they're not that niche but still, things have just begun here and so many magazines have been made already and the sub count keeps going up.

Don't forget that the people migrating the most aren't the lurkers but the most involved of us. Those who engaged on Reddit and were participating in those niche subs.


I am also a keyboard enjoyer. What is the magazine called for them?

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Most likely my time dead scrolling on Reddit is dead like it the Twitter changes have killed the time I've spend there these days, though it's still probably the best place I've found to network. Regardless, I will most likely found myself on Reddit not too infrequent for things like answers to certain questions related to tech and a couple of smaller hobbies I have.

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Even if Reddit dies, I don't think any one thing will immediately take its place. But that doesn't mean other sites won't benefit from this fiasco.
It's like Mastodon: it didn't replace Twitter, but it's a pleasantly active medium on its own.



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  • Dadifer,

    I think this is the core of it. What really made reddit special is that you could go to a community of specialists in any area, especially tech, and get specific, quality answers. If enough of those people find a platform that caters to them, then they will lose that content creation.


    Yeah. I feel the same way. Reddit felt stale.

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    I never had a reddit account, I was actually about to make one until I heard about the Reddit API drama, glad I made one here instead

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    you are the first of an entirely new generation.. raise your banner high and wave it for all to see youngblood.. RAAAAAHHHHH!!!


    Rid it

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    Can you Digg it?

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    As the great Joe Dirt said, "Life's a garden."

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    Is there an app for this place ?

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    In the works apparently


    I think one is in the works but at this time, no.

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    If you access it through firefox you can "install" it from the menu. I have it on my home screen and it acts just like an app, which has left me impressed.


    That's brilliant. Thank you.

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