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shitposter from the philippines and I despise politics

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I'm from the Philippines btw

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#Filipino 🇵🇭 Aro/Ace 💜🖤

A fellow supporter of #FOSS and The #Fediverse

#Philippines #fedi22

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I've been called "a giant faggot" but I'm medium at most. ♥️

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Aerospace engineer working to make aircraft greener & safer.

He/him. 🇺🇲

[TBD - What else goes in a profile?]

Avatar source:

Cover is my own photo.

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Nerd in #Chiba, #Japan who edits #science stuff.

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software dev with interests in #audio #photography #music #technology

tooting over on @robcee.

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The great migration. All hail our new kbin lords !

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A 16 year old boy trying to have some fun

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Have ya been up to Minnesota eh?

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Other accounts:


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Read One Piece

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Honestly I don't know who I am either.
I'm also on Firefish: @zlatiah

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Formerly /u/Zalack on Reddit.

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Discord: WaveWalnut#3884
Mastodon: @wavewalnut
Kbin: @wave_walnut
Pixelfed: @wave_walnut

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Who doesn't like pizza?
Detroit style pizza ride or diester.

                                    PIZZA TO THE GRAVE!
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I am very typical earthling. I like earth food and earth drink and earth sports and earth media. Im all about earth things because I am so typical and earthling. so typical as to be very boring and not worth investigating or looking into because I am definately from earth.

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[He/Him, Nosist, Touch typist, Enthusiast, Superuser impostorist, keen-eyed humorist, endeavourOS shillist, kotlin useist, wonderful bastard, professinal pedant miser]
Stuped person says stuped things, people boom
Maybe migrating to

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Tales from the Terrordrome

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Hi, my name is Trent. i'm a computer programmer/developer and musician!

English / Español

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Official account of Japan's most widely read English-language news source. Est. 1897. avatar


Free human being of this Earth. Be excellent to each other! All my posts here are CC BY-SA 4.0 (or later).
#Vegan #Permaculture #Transition #PeerProduction #FreeCode #CreativeCommons #SciFi #Comedy #Juggling

Timezone: UTC+12


Sempre #Octt a postare cose inutili, da oggi anche via #WordPress. 😼️
#POSSE #SpaccIntoFediverse

Web Developer differente dagli altri, 🕷️
ma pure io senza caffè non scrivo codice. ☕️
Ho gusti variegati di videogiochi, 🎮️
ma non posseggo liquidità. 📉️
Come conciliare le due cose? 🙊️
Con una grande bandiera nera! 🏴‍☠️️
E infatti se non fossi il ragno sarei il pappagallo, 🦜️
perché ahimè i dischi demo non esistono più. 💿️
Solo grazie all'elettricità vivo, ⚡️
perché è l'unico mezzo per schiavizzare i computer... 💻️ avatar


PhD. Rhetorics of terrorism, media, and AI. Taught at Johns Hopkins, Dartmouth, UC Davis, Clemson. avatar


(#introduction : voir pouet épinglé) avatar



Trying to stop the world from burning


Onlyfans: avatar


A tired software developer in his 30s going through a mini-retirement phase. Might consider doing paid remote work for free software or cooperatives.

Admin of

#Privacy #FreeSoftware #FreedomBox #SelfHosting #nobot avatar


Polymath by education, amateur by nature, professional by choice.

Background: #Mathematics, #Physics, #Psychology
More: #Photography, #Music, #Doublebass, #Art, #Philosophy, #Books, #Writing
Politics: (green classic) liberal
Places: 🇹🇼🇪🇺🇩🇪🌐

I am mostly here to chat about art and the open society. I will also share photos at times. avatar


Tends to soil, plants and various animals on a small farm somewhere in the hills of Kodaikanal, India. Rides a 2008 Royal Enfield Thunderbird everywhere.

No ideologies, handful labels. Friend to life in all shapes and forms.

Expect photos, anecdotes and rants about living off-grid in middle of nowhere with occasional motorcycle rides.

He/him. avatar


Hey, I'm a #designer & #developer from Germany. I like the open-source spirit and am dipping my toes into decentralisation. I've also always had a knack for #creativeWriting, so that's something I like doing in my time off. Nice to meet you! 😁 avatar


Fresh IT news from a variety of sources. Public service by @emanuel avatar


Software preservation, electronics, software and ham radio - a maker of things!



Current projects:
LF radio navigation - #Datatrak
DIY cable TV headend - #AnalogCable
#HackTV (TV signal generator for SDRs) - video scrambling modes
Acorn/#RISCOS software preservation (#DigiPres)

Tags: #electronics #HamRadio #Machining #Metalworking #RetroComputing #HardwareHacking #ReverseEngineering #ICRE #Maker #DigiPres avatar


SF United States, Civic Center resident. Things I love: table-top games, pets, programming languages and music theory 🎻. Things I'm into: data driven and iterative policy, food banks, and public transit. Proud partner of 🏳️‍🌈

You can search my posts on tootfinder: avatar


Career IT 👨‍💻 #Linux #CyberSecurity #IT #InfoSec
Video Games 🎮 #Xbox #PC #VideoGames #RetroGames #IndieGames
Space 🛰️ #Space #Science #Rockets
US Army Veteran 🇺🇸 #OIF avatar


I'm Arnold Schrijver (he/him). Social coder. #FOSS, #HumaneTech and #Fediverse advocate.

I help foster #Solutions that improve #Wellbeing, #Freedom and #Society

I'd like to "Reimagine Social" and envision the rise of a #Peopleverse where social networking is seamlessly entwined with daily life. I'm dreaming of opening up #innercircles .. but let dreams be dreams, giving guidance at best :)

Previously at:

Boosts and favourites do not imply endorsement.
#fedi22 avatar


I am, or have been, in no particular order, a: parent, data analyst, aircraft designer, guitarist, project manager, chartered mechanical engineer, chorus member, tinkerer, programmer, music fan, executive assistant, traveller, glider pilot, concert promoter, crowd herder and supermarket cashier. avatar


I'm an old guy who grew up in the country and worked at small newspapers in rural Texas - until the internet basically killed them off. Former conservative who is now very progressive. Looking forward to some good conversations. Especially about music, culture and politics. avatar


I am the muse for my hubs. avatar


Malaysian. Atheist/agnostic. Centre-left, live and let live. English/中文/Malay. Sometimes write about existential/technology/political/social stuff. Houseplant enthusiast. avatar


#SoftwareEntwickler | #Blogger | #Fotograf | #Instagramer | #Pirat | #Vater | #nobot

I was on Mastodon before it was cool ;) avatar


(ey/em) Xennial Chaotic Neutral INFP

Oregon <- California <- Arkansas

Web Developer HTML JavaScript CSS Web Components Custom Elements Progressive Web Apps PWAs Service Workers ShadowDOM ReactJS Lit GraphQL Cypress Playwright

Classic Cars Air-Cooled Volkswagens EVs Bicycles eBikes

Video Games Retro Gaming Emulation Anbernic Handhelds VR Unreal Sega

Serverless AWS ActivityPub FOSS Open Source Linux

Coffee Mushrooms Gardening Pumpkins avatar



Software Engineer with an incredible thirst for knowledge, who shares that knowledge with others, so that they can become their best selfs.

Interested in #Rust, #WebAssembly, #TypeScript, #OpenSource, #WebDev, #WebDesign and a lot of other interesting stuff.

Let's have some deep conversations about interesting topics. 🙂

I'm open-minded, but also hold strong opinions.

Dare to think for yourself.

Be kind.

Strive for excellence.

(moved from - on Mastodon since Feb 2019) avatar


Superversive humanist. Prolific graphomaniac. Newsjunkie. Reading, thinking, writing things🖖🏼

🇺🇸 Reply Guy™ still doing the work

Indio Gringo™ de Tennessee, ruthlessly pursuing #Joy

Use simple words to share weird, interesting ideas.

If you read this far…⤵️

Polydork on 🔥#history, #language, #comedy, #systems, #institutions, #knowledge, #learning, #psychology, #metaphysics, #entertainment, #governance, #sensemaking, and being #American.

Veteran of Eternal September™ since ‘99 avatar


#MFA Solution Architect (using #Okta, previously Access Manager (#NAM)), #CIAM customer identity management, #Linux, #Braindumps, Casual Gamer, Coder.
Not legally blind. avatar


Just a geek that gave up on the bird site a long time ago. avatar


Moonlighting as an indie gamedev. Wears many hats but programming is my forte. Livestreaming #gamedev on #twitch every Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Software QA to pay the bills. Emphasis on automation but I've done most of the things.


pro-libre software, pro-holisticism
pro-communalism, anti-consumerism
fan of #Plan9 and #HaikuOS

I write software (C++) for a living.

#Emacs #Prolog #Erlang #SelfHosted avatar


This account will exist for as long as someone is wrong about science on the internet. avatar


Raw vegan, music producer, open source enthusiast and expert in digital arts. Unity consciousness explorer with a focus on creating abundance and fulfillment for everyone and everything. avatar




Nerdy sci-fi fan (#starwars, #doctorwho, Flavors of #startrek, #theexpanse etc) avatar


Jeffrey Phillips Freeman

Innovator & Entrepreneur in Machine Learning, Evolutionary Computing & Big Data. Avid SCUBA diver, Open-source developer, HAM radio operator, astrophotographer, and anything nerdy.

Born and raised in Philadelphia, PA, USA, currently living in Utrecht, Netherlands, USA, and Thailand. Was also living in Israel, but left.

Pronouns: Sir / Mister

(Above pronouns are not intended to mock, i will respect any persons pronouns and only wish pronouns to show respect be used with me as well. These are called neopronouns, see an example of the word "frog" used as a neopronoun here: )

A proud member of the Penobscot Native American tribe, as well as a Mayflower passenger descendant. I sometimes post about my genealogical history.

My stance on various issues:

Education: Free to PhD, tax paid
Abortion: Protected, tax paid, limited time-frame
Welfare: Yes, no one should starve
UBI: No, use welfare
Racism: is real
Guns: Shall not be infringed
LGBT+/minorities: Support
Pronouns: Will respect
Trump: Moron, evil
Biden: Senile, racist
Police: ACAB
Drugs: Fully legal, no prescriptions needed

GPG/PGP Fingerprint: 8B23 64CD 2403 6DCB 7531 01D0 052D DA8E 0506 CBCE


I'm an older geek dad in the California bay area.

Please talk to me about #coffee , #puns , #infosec , #books , #scifi, #ttrpg, or other geeky topics.

I like cheesy 80s pop music, Rush, and GloryHammer. No apologies.

I've discovered #mastocats hash tag, and #mosstodon and #photography and they've all made this a much more humane place.

I like seeing the "slice of life" posts from real people. These kinds of moments are what connects us.

Pronouns: he/him

#Infosec, #nerd, #dad, older #geek. avatar


Posts mine alone, in English (mostly) & French. #Evolution #Bioinformatics #openaccess #EDI. Director of and group leader at @SIB. He/Him. PI of, of, and of avatar


👋Hi, I'm Aaron, nice to meet you!
📽️ I (sometimes) make videos on the internet that vaguely resemble good content.
📸 I also sometimes do little photography experiments.
🐧Of course I run Linux, it's in the name :)
🦣 I wanted to try out Mastodon about 2 years ago, and I ended up here. Never used Birdsite!


Hashtags for #fedi22 #linux #tech #foss #floss #technology #opensource #privacy #nobridge #nobot avatar


I like: #linux #vim #ocaml #racket #clojure #malamute #zen #camping

Aspiring long distance #runner avatar


Applied and translational sensory scientist. Advocate for bodily autonomy. Nonbinary feminist killjoy.

Alt-text: me, a chubby faced white person with long dark brown curly hair, giving side eye behind some glasses.

Banner: a person in a denim jacket on a bike with a life sized plastic skeleton attached to the rear carrier. avatar


Engineer interested in nonlinear mechanics and science & maths in general. Also, politics & humour.

The animation in my header is a demonstration of Kepler's Second Law of Planetary Motion (CC-BY-SA) -- see

You can check out others mathematical animations by me by searching for #WxMaxima.

Also, you can find my photographs by searching for #D7000. But please note that of course neither of these hashtags is unique to me.


“I prefer peace. But if trouble must come, let it come in my time, so that my children can live in peace.” ~ Thomas Paine
Vote 💙
You can find me in the garden 🌺 avatar


he/him, European (German living in Poland), ttrpg dm, writer, dad, IT drone

posts in English
replies also in German, Polish, maybe French

likes #gaming #ttrpg #writing #reading #fantasy #sciencefiction #wargames #linux #cooking #minipainting #history #osr #art #photography #kaiju #fedi22


Photos, mushrooms, naturals, misc.
Proud fan of the Waterford Huskies.
Amateur desk jockey.
I am not also on ex-Twitter.

  • I do not eat wild mushrooms. * avatar

cryptonewsbot avatar


He/him/they, xennial, woke cis man, pleasant scorpio, photographer, audiophile, amateur comedian, DIY, #ActuallyAustic

I adore popular music from pretty much any genre. Song recommendations appreciated.

Michigan based, I studied fine art photography and environmental science in school

Avatar = A failed dating app selfie with purple vibe
Header = The rocky cliff shore of Lake Superior avatar


huge #nerd and cool-ass #bitch. #vegan #transhumanist, lefty market #anarchist, moral realist and friend of #entropy.

does #graphics and #language and #math and software (mostly #js) sometimes, speaks #english, #german and neglegable amounts of #lojban.


#fedi22: #philosophy #leftLibertarian #webDev #vectorGraphics #yesbot #searchable avatar


Software Architect by day.
Drowning in too many hobbies by night. admin.

#NodeJS ~ #GoLang ~ #Linux ~ #Docker ~ #Apple ~ #HomeLab ~ #Jeep ~ #DIY ~ #LaserCutter ~ #3DPrinting ~ #atheist ~ :flag_pirate: :better_pride: :nodejs: :ubuntu: :docker: :apple_inc: avatar


Certified Cloud-Plumber 🛠️
Writer of lists 📋

Makes computers go beep boop 🤖
Pineapple on Pizza 🍍🍕 avatar


The mightiest orbot of them all. #Transformers, #DogsOfMastodon and assorted geekery.

#nobridge avatar


•Bonjour•Hello•你好•안녕하세요•こんにちは•Сайн уу•

French in Stuttgart

#shader #rust #glsl #ffmpeg #photography #dev #music #demoscene

Technical Coordinator for and

#Gephi Twitter Streaming Importer main developer.

Previously and @totetmatt avatar


Professional Wizard. Hobbyist coder. Technology enthusiast. Maker in training. Aspiring writer of words. Soccer fan.

#Marketing and #SocialMedia for Wizards of the Coast. I work on #mtg, and very occasionally #dnd, both made by Wizards.

This is a personal account, opinions are my own.

Native Language: English
Elementary Knowledge: Spanish, Portuguese

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