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This week I've been mainly reading, no. 153.

Each of Emma Newman's Planetfall quartet explores a different aspect of the same overarching story of religious driven intergalactic migration. In Atlas Alone (2019), the fourth story centres on an elite gamer & their attempt to uncover & then take revenge for a crime against humanity. To say much more would ruin the plot for you, but as with the others, this is great, fascinating sci-fi, which has a great payoff at the end.


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@firefly @fskornia @TimWardCam @ChrisMayLA6 @bookstodon Interesting you quote the very thing you denounce.

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@fskornia @TimWardCam @ChrisMayLA6 @bookstodon

What thing is being denounced? Specifically, and exactly, what is being denounced?

Are you conflating the Bible with Christianity? The twain shall never meet.

More than half of the Bible was written and in circulation 900-1500 years before the existence of Christianity.

If you read the Bible without Christian blinders on, it is plain that the Bible condemns Christianity and all other religions as idolatry. Rather the Bible authors call men to worship God in spirit and truth without regard to a priesthood or place.

This dramatization shows a recorded event from the Bible demonstrating what Jesus taught about the end of religion:

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Do you know Stanislaw Lem, the fabulous Polish #SciFi author?

He wrote several stories about #robots and artificial intelligence (real one, not #ai).

Among many others, I love the hilarious "The Washing Machine Tragedy", as it highlights the relationship between #technology, #capitalism and #law.

Written in 1963, it foreshadows prophetically many of current developments.

In the story, two corporations begin to "enhance" their washing machines with all kind of "smart" tech to the point,


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Ja, Polnisch lesen zu können, wäre schon klasse.

Da beneide ich dich ein bisschen.

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This is one I didn't know of. Will put it on my reading list.

Thanks for the tip.

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Sci-Friday – The Making of Tron – Scifi Movies - This homage to imagination and innovation is nothing short of remarkable - enjoy! -

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@inkican There's a special place in my heart for Tron and will always be.

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Scrapper Ship. Work in progress.

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@thisnorthernboy kind of looks like Lego to me, I think because of the grating on top and the glowy antenna things on the sides

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Artist Bob Blanchard (1914-1993) was born on this day. List of covers:

L, 1961; R, 1960
#scifi #art #artist #sciencefiction


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"Magic Moon" - Der 14. Captain-Future-Roman gehört zu denjenigen Erzählungen, die bislang nicht ins Deutsche übersetzt worden sind - dafür aber wurde er als Animé-Episode verfilmt (Titel: "Die Rolle seines Lebens")...

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Want 12 amazing SF Adventure books? Including several that are exclusive to this bundle?

Of course you do!

Helping curate this bundle was a blast, these folks rock! StoryBundles are awesome because they widen everyone's audience and give readers a chance to scoop up some GREAT books for an awesome price! And support a valuable non-profit at the same time!


Boosts appreciated.

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Started a new SDF modeling project in MagicaCSG.

It's going to be a sci-fi drone. More updates will follow tomorrow.

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@metin Soul machine now you have me thinking Disco Bot, there's an idea for you Glitter Ball and all 😂

metin, avatar

@mbt3d 🤘😎

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:perfect: The Making of Tron 1982 Full Documentary

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24 hour SALE!
.99 for my novella, Silence of the Song Trees.

💫Sentient trees
💫Inter-dimensional aliens
💫 An unlikely friendship that could save a planet.
💫The power of plantonic love
💫Ancient aliens theme

When everyone he loved died, he became the Ghost to save his planet.

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"Space Station" von Pierre Mion

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I’m watching and reading EE Doc Smith’s Skylark at the same time. And the similarities are striking, even if the timescales are a less realistic in the century old books. @bookstodon

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Who has watched the Three Body Problem on Netflix? I think I'm going to start it this weekend. I was extremely skeptical about it because of how badly the producers screwed up Game of Thrones, but heard it's good. Probably because they didn't have to write any original content 😂 I tried the Chinese version, and it's great, but I had a really hard time keeping up with the subtitles.

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@Jennifer I enjoyed it, but I'm not telling you anything more, because spoilers lol.

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Building a sci-fi asset library.

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@nyrath What? I need more than one? FFS.

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You technically do not need more than one part library.

But practically if the single library has a gazillion parts, it will take a long time to find the parts you need. At some point it will take a shorter time to make the part from scratch, which kind of defeats the purpose.

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Any sci-fi trying to do something different gets my attention. Francis Ford Coppola self-financing his story for sure gets my attention.

I'm intrigued.

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@virtualbri That trailer looks wild. It's one of those movies that will either magically work or fail in a spectacular and extremely colorful way.

virtualbri, avatar

@tsturm Yes, absolutely.

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