This thread is peak Lemmy and I’m here for it.

onion, (edited )
samus12345, avatar

Remember when


Wasn’t that one guy that made and posted in it, and everyone jumped on it? Dude was drowned within minutes


De Nile is a river in africa and I hear it is lovely.

Elgenzay, avatar

Neon Tetras are lame. Cardinal Tetras are where it’s at

Vampire, avatar

I respect the Thin Blue Line quite a bit, I mean it most certainly is amongst the top British comedies. Not just Rowan Atkinson’s role, everyone involved smashed it.

Why are people so against it today baffles me. I still watch reruns!

Deceptichum avatar

Don't go supporting “lawfuls”
Please stick to the rivers and the estuaries that you're used to

OpenStars, avatar

I can’t believe that this pivotal video is nearly a decade old now - and nothing in this respect has changed, except the parts that somehow got worse.:-(


I only respect the thin blue line on my monitor that gets wider every day…

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